Zhuhai Rossini Takes The Lead In The Industry And Won The Provincial Government Quality Award

How does Guangdong Creation cultivate core competitiveness and seize the opportunity to sing and perform? Through the implementation of superior performance management, promoting quality innovation and upgrading, that is, ‘achieve brand business cards with quality,’ it has become a practical exploration of the effects of enterprises in our province in accelerating the transformation and upgrading process.

Zhuhai Rossini Watch Industry Co., Ltd. insists on the development driven by quality innovation and continuously pursues excellence. Embracing the dream of becoming a model for the creation of the watch industry in Guangdong and even in China, after 29 years of hard work and welcoming the year, Rossini won the 2013 Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award and became the domestic watch industry’s provincial government quality field. The first company with the highest award.

‘Building a foundation with quality management and promoting leap with brand building’, Shang Jianguang, president of China Haidian Group and general manager of Zhuhai Rossini Watch Industry Co., Ltd., analyzed the strategic functions of quality and brand. Focusing on the long-term goal of integrating internationally, Rossini adhered to the concept of ‘market-oriented, economic efficiency-centric, and sustainable development’, and began to promote the high-performance performance management model from the end of 2011, and achieved great results. Obtained the title of ‘National Industrial Brand Cultivation Demonstration Enterprise’ and ‘AAAA-level Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise’.

The high performance model is an effective method and tool for comprehensive performance management that is widely recognized internationally. Many world-class companies such as Microsoft have used this model and achieved excellent business results. During the on-site consistency review meeting of the Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Awards held at Rossini Watch Industry Park from September 3rd to 6th last year, Rossini relied on corporate culture, market, technology, management, infrastructure investment, etc. The five major advantages were well received by the review expert group, and passed the review of the Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award.

The introduction of the high performance model made Rossini successful. At present, Rossini’s product sales and comprehensive market share have ranked first in the industry for 11 consecutive years, ranking first in the most valuable brands in China’s watch industry with a brand value of 5.206 billion yuan, and the only one among the ‘Top 500 Asian Brands’ for 5 consecutive years. China’s watch brand, product quality, operating quality, independent innovation ability, market competitiveness are all domestically leading.

罗 This year Rossini will usher in the brand building year. Shang Jianguang said that Rossini will continue to improve and innovate in quality management, further improve the company’s management level, core competitiveness and long-term development ability. In order to achieve the corporate vision of “opening a century-old store and creating a world-renowned brand”, Develop national brands and revitalize Guangdong’s economy to make greater contributions!

The following is an interview with Shang Jianguang, president of China Haidian Group and general manager of Zhuhai Rossini Watch Industry Co., Ltd.

Excellent performance management model is an effective way to become a world-class enterprise

Q: What efforts has Rossini made to introduce the high performance management model? What are the main benefits of the enterprise?

Shangjianguang: The excellent performance management model is an effective way to inspire and guide enterprises to pursue excellence and become a world-class enterprise. We are a full staff member, and we start with the most basic work. We have successively carried out a series of work such as the company’s mid- and long-term strategy formulation, corporate culture refinement, management process optimization, new product development tool QFD introduction, and performance evaluation system establishment. It also integrates the ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO14001 international environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system and the secondary measurement guarantee system of Guangdong enterprises in combination with the enterprise standard system, establishes and improves internal management systems, and completes technical standards and management standards. There were more than 400 work standards and working standards. In the last year’s Zhuhai Mayor Quality Award and Guangdong Provincial Governor’s Quality Award on-site consistency review meeting, they won unanimous praise from the review expert group and observers.

Summary of the gains, enterprises have indeed achieved great improvements in enhancing execution, improving product quality and service quality, and improving company management improvements and management innovation, which directly promoted overall performance and execution. For Rossini, this is a process of constantly discovering problems, solving problems, and improving oneself, and it is far from reaching the end.

I hope Rossini becomes an excellent ‘quality business card’

Q: What do you think of the phenomenon of high output, low output value, and limited international brand influence in the domestic watch industry? As the first company in the country’s watch industry to win the provincial government quality award, how does Rossini plan to enhance brand value through the practice of strengthening high performance management?

Shang Jianguang: More than 85% of the world’s timepieces come from China, while 80% of the timepieces produced in China are produced in Guangdong. Since the early 1980s, a large number of Hong Kong and Taiwan-funded enterprises have set up clock processing factories in the Pearl River Delta to promote the development and prosperity of the industry. However, until now, most of the existing enterprises have stayed in the OEM stage with low profits and no own brands. Many original old watch brands in the mainland have also gradually declined. It may be that many Chinese people still wear Swiss watches as a glory now, but I believe that this phenomenon will gradually change with the rise of national watch brands like Rossini.

At present, Rossini’s brand value continues to increase every year, which is reflected in the estimated sales volume this year will increase by about 10% compared to last year, but the sales growth will exceed 30%. The key reason lies in a deep understanding and practice of watches and clocks as a substitute. The cultural products passed down from generation to generation, the concept of ‘quality is life’, through strengthening excellent performance management, improving brand reputation and being accepted by the market. We hope that in the future Rossini can become a perfect ‘quality business card’ in Zhuhai, Guangdong and even China in the international market.

Quality innovation and brand connotation are closely linked

Q: How does Rossini combine quality and innovation, especially technological innovation, into the brand connotation?

建 Shangjianguang: Rossini’s innovation in quality is reflected in five comprehensive areas: management, technology, marketing, corporate culture and brand. In terms of technological innovation that enhances the company’s core competitiveness, Rossini attaches great importance to investment in basic equipment and personnel training, and has set up innovation platforms and central laboratories at provincial-level technology centers, and introduced advanced international products from Japan and Switzerland. Developed and inspected test instruments and equipment, and successfully completed a series of innovative achievements such as photoelectric energy wave watches and tourbillon watches. At the same time, we have 65 technical personnel who have obtained professional qualifications and 7 senior talents evaluated by Zhuhai City. We have formulated management and incentive mechanisms such as regulations on technological innovation awards, and actively carry out industry-university-research cooperation. On the 13th of this month, the ‘Guangdong Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base’ was officially unveiled in the Rossini Watch Industry Park, which will play an important role in accelerating the transformation of scientific research results and promoting the development of the watch industry.

At present, we are carrying out application research on the frontiers of new watch materials, relying on the acquisition of two watch brands in Guangzhou Watch Factory and Switzerland, engaged in the research and development of watch core technology movements, and gradually narrowing the technological gap with major international brands, and Preparation of a national-level clock research and development technology center. I hope to realize my dream of setting up a watch design institute in Rossini and gather the highest quality innovative talents for the development of this industry in China.

It can be said that quality innovations that can be traced back to the source of the product will always be closely linked to the connotation of Rossini. From last year’s quality management year to this year’s brand building year, Rossini, who is about to celebrate his 30th birthday, will always regard quality and brand as the fundamental strategy to accelerate transformation and upgrade and achieve long-term foundation.

Sprint to win the national quality award goal within three years

Q: Can you talk about the first experience of winning the provincial government quality award and Rossini’s next development plan around high performance management?

Shangjianguang: The value of winning the quality award is not only the award itself, but also the opportunity to seize the opportunity to maintain the advantages of the enterprise, achieve continuous improvement, sort out and integrate the management system and methods of the enterprise, and enhance the ability of independent innovation and international competitiveness. We will take this as a new beginning for Rossini’s development of an international watch and clock enterprise group. Depending on the parent company China Haidian Group, we will continue to meet the challenges, deepen the advancement of high performance models, and further consolidate the industry leader. At the same time, we will give full play to the role of benchmarking demonstration, strengthen communication with friends in the business community and colleagues in Guangdong Province, and share wisdom and experience.

Excellence is not a standard, but a state of continuous pursuit of transcendence. In the next three years, Rossini will surely sprint towards the goal of winning the national quality award, becoming a model of the watch industry ‘Guangdong creation’ and even ‘CHINA BRAND’.