Vacheron Constantin Maître Cabinotier Master Loft Craftsman Series Flying Back To The Heavenly Ceremony Tourbillon

After presenting Vacheron Constantin as the most sophisticated timepiece in the history of watchmaking, with 57 complex functions reference number 57260, it once again launches a Maître Cabinotier master series of loft craftsman flying back to the sky . This timepiece is certified by the Geneva Seal, and was re-produced by the three watchmakers who created reference number 57260, and uses two complications of this outstanding timepiece: the ceremonial tourbillon and dual flyback instructions. A glimpse into the stunning 1990 movement through its contemporary design. This highly accurate manual-winding mechanical movement rests in a platinum case with a diameter of 45.7 mm. Four patents are applied to this unique watch.

Inspired by reference number 57260
 On September 17, 2015, Vacheron Constantin presented a timepiece with 57 complications-hailed as the most sophisticated timepiece in the history of watchmaking. This mechanical miracle was developed by three watchmakers in the brand’s attic workshop and took eight years to develop and produce. It was launched on the occasion of Vacheron Constantin’s 260th anniversary celebration. This unique timepiece is specially commissioned to use the most advanced technology while retaining the traditional watchmaking concept and certified by the Geneva Seal. The research and development and technology used to create this super complicated timepiece have become the development resources and source of inspiration for these three watchmakers, and are committed to the independent use of some of these complex functions.

 The Maître Cabinotier Master Craftsman Series Flying Back Ceremony Ceremony Tourbillon is the debut of this project. Not only does it have a contemporary design, it also carries two complex functions with reference number 57260: dual flyback instructions and a ceremonial tourbillon. The flyback function governs hours and minutes, while the dual-axis tourbillon is equipped with a spherical balance spring. The movement is covered with NAC (a special metal alloy), which can be seen through the magnificent side window of the case. As part of the Maître Cabinotier master craftsman series, this timepiece fully demonstrates Vacheron Constantin’s outstanding watchmaking achievements, customized services and overall superiority.

Double flyback system
 The 1990 manual-winding mechanical movement, developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, is equipped with a retrograde hour and minute indicator that instantly returns. The technology of the dual flyback display is amazing and the visual effects are stunning. The speed at which the hands fly back to zero instantly requires special skills to ensure their accurate indication. For this purpose, the hands are made of ultra-lightweight and durable titanium.
Ceremonial Tourbillon

 The light jumping of the retrograde hand is in sharp contrast to the solemn operation of the ceremonial tourbillon with a spherical balance spring. At 9 o’clock, there is a sapphire crystal glass arch window. You can see the elegant structure of the tourbillon continuously rotating around the double axis. The Armament Ceremony Tourbillon is named after an 18th century French watchmaker Antide Janvier, which is an astronomical clock with a Armillary Ceremony device. The intertwined appearance of the tourbillon ring is similar to the ancient ‘celestial globe’. In addition, the spherical balance spring invented by Jacques-Frédéric Houriet for the first time in 1814 is extremely rare in today’s watchmaking world. Its appearance can ensure the coaxial operation of the hairspring and always ensure the isochronism of the balance wheel. The tourbillon frame is made of ultra-light aluminum alloy. The tourbillon presents the Vacheron Constantin Malta Cross logo every 15 seconds. In addition, you can enjoy this device every 30 seconds through the sapphire crystal on the side of the case.
High-precision movement

 Apart from its fascinating mechanical operation and structure, the ceremonial tourbillon has breathtaking timing accuracy. Equipped with a new escapement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, it consists of a silicon escape wheel and escapement lever and a durable diamond escapement. The escapement uses many high-tech materials to reduce weight as much as possible to ensure the excellent performance of this watch, and its performance far exceeds the standard of the Swiss Official Observatory Testing Agency (COSC). It is worth noting that to achieve this level of precision, the device must take into account the huge energy consumed by the dual flyback instructions.
Contemporary design and refinement
 Another original feature of the Maître Cabinotier Master Craftsman Series Flying Back Ceremony Tourbillon is its modern-style movement structure and polished finish. The 1990 movement uses a deep anthracite NAC plating coating to create a mirror-polished effect. The front face of the dial shows the modern structure of the movement, and the sharply cut bridges are decorated with brushed and polished sunbursts and Geneva ripples. The design on the back follows the traditional style. The elegant Geneva ripples contrast with the overall contemporary style of the watch, making it an unparalleled unique piece in the Vacheron Constantin product line. As a symbol of superior craftsmanship, chamfering and grinding, which requires great patience, has taken more than 130 hours. The time indications are displayed on the double-layered dial, while the cut-outs just show the outline of the movement and its contemporary polished finish. On the right, the flyback minute and hour hands mark a semicircle on the brushed sunburst dial, highlighting the inlaid white gold hour markers and black minute scale. For perfect balance, the second hand of the tourbillon frame on the other side rotates around the silver-plated graduated ring. The ‘Armillary Tourbillon’ on the dial is engraved with the Geneva Seal, which fully reflects the ultimate quality of the timepiece.
Technical specifications
Maître Cabinotier Master Loft Craftsman Series Flyback Ceremony Tourbillon

Model 91990 / 000G-9882
  Certified by the Geneva Seal

Movement 1990
  Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
  Manual winding mechanical movement
  35mm diameter (15’’’¾ francs), 10mm thick
  Power reserve approximately 65 hours
  Vibration frequency 2.5 Hz (18,000 times per hour)
  299 parts
  45 gems
  NAC plating

Display Instant Flyback Hour
  Instant flyback minutes
  Small seconds on the tourbillon frame at 9 o’clock
  Biaxial Armament Ceremony Tourbillon

Case 18K White Gold
  Diameter 45.7 mm, thickness 20.06 mm
  Case back with transparent sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 3 bar atmospheric pressure test (about 30 meters)

Dial Hour / Minute Dial: Silver, sunburst brushed and polished,
  18K white gold hour scale, black flat minute scale
  Second dial: silver, sunburst brushed and polished, black flat minute scale
  Hands: Titanium

Strap Black large checkered hand-stitched Mississippi alligator leather strap,
  With leather inner layer
Buckle 18K white gold three-fold folding buckle,
  Polished Half Maltese Cross Design
Unique timepiece
The case back is engraved with ‘Pièce Unique’