Ultimate Pioneer Strong And Strong Together This Is Richard Mill

Competition and time often go hand in hand. When people are chasing a sport, they always hope that they can complete it faster and better, so that they can truly compete with time and become the true of this competition. The winner. For many years, Richard Mille, a Swiss independent high-end watchmaking brand, is just like this. Adhering to the never-ending creative impetus, it constantly refreshes the height of watchmaking and has repeatedly created brilliant achievements in the pursuit of the ultimate precision timepiece. Most of its pioneering watchmaking concepts coincide with the competitive pursuit of the top elites in various competitions, so the brand watchmaking design draws inspiration from professional sports elites. At the same time, the elites also use their own uniqueness to display accurate timepieces of time. Charm, creating an extreme classic timepiece that attracted everyone to stop and watch.

Although he is so overwhelmed, how he deserves

   Most of Richard Mille’s watches we know are limited editions, and their prices are too expensive, which makes many watch friends look forward to it. In fact, as the saying goes, with a hard work, there will be a gain. Under its bright and beautiful appearance, it contains the extraordinary creativity and unparalleled watchmaking methods used by the brand in creating new watches. Take the lightest two-second chase hand tourbillon chronograph in the history of the SIHH watch exhibition to you, the weight of the whole watch is less than 40 grams, and it is incredible only as the case of the watch. .

   The composite case of the watch not only combines titanium alloy and carbon fiber, but also introduces another new material, graphene (GRAPH TPT ™), into the special case of the watch. As an innovative nano material, it is 6 times lighter than steel, but its strength is 200 times that of steel. The addition of it makes the carbon fiber watch case’s physical characteristics greatly enhanced under the premise of ensuring ultra-light weight. , The reliability of the timepiece has also been greatly improved, so extraordinary watch materials, you can imagine the difficulty and huge time investment when making.

Richard Mill and McLaren F1

   The seemingly simple case is full of infinite technological charm. Not to mention the complex-function dial, 5-level titanium alloy and carbon fiber ultralight tourbillon two-second chronograph movement and graphene-infused rubber strap. Each watch is a demonstration of the brand’s scientific and technological achievements in the development of timepieces, and is full of sincerity and hard work. Therefore, although it is so arrogant, it is quite reasonable to think about it carefully.
Support for competitive sports has created its vanguard status in watchmaking today
   It is the demand from top people that drives one of the driving forces of this brand full of legend and technology color. Over the years, Richard Mill has established a ‘10,000-ton giant wheel’ of friendship with well-known athletes from all walks of life. It is not only a requirement in each field, but also a resonance of the goal and the philosophy. Next, let’s take a look at some of Richard Mille’s friends.

   As a world-class tennis player, Rafael Nadal is undoubtedly a very distinctive one. From the cold water bath before he came on the court, he brought another tennis racket when he went out, and then placed the specific direction of the water bottle label. Every ‘ritual’ action added luster to the evergreen tree. With constant victory (especially the victory of Grand Slam events) as his most cherished and valuable ‘routine’, for every tit-for-tat match is his wealth, he must show his best performance to get more good grade. In the 2017 season, Nadal showed clear signs of recovery, and is expected to return to the Grand Slam Hall of Honor in future games.

  As early as 2015, this RM 27-02 RAFAEL NADAL watch named after Raphael was ready to come out. As the 114th French Open is approaching, Richard Mill’s partner Nadal is only one step away from the French Open’s “Ten Crowns”, and the brand is taking advantage of a new manual designed specifically for tennis events Chain tourbillon movement.

   It is worth mentioning that the case made of the excellent all-in-one high-tech new material NTPT® (thin layer composite technology) carbon fiber material combined with TPT® quartz is not only sturdy but also light and convenient, making Raphael easy to participate in the competition Master the timing of the game. In addition, special materials will produce random textures during processing, presenting different case patterns, showing unique characteristics. As a limited edition of 50 RM 27-02 RAFAEL NADAL watches, according to custom, Nadal will be responsible for the ultimate test of this watch, this tailor-made watch will also accompany Rafael to witness his glorious moment.

   In 2016, with a little fragrance of dirt on the racetrack, Richard Mille announced that German figure riding master Jessica von Bredow-Werndl has officially become the brand’s new partner. This lady who has thorns in horse riding chose Richard Mille The RM 007 watch is her timing partner in the fierce competition. She won three first prizes in this year’s Amsterdam World Cup qualifiers, the Neumünster World Cup qualifiers and the Doha (Qatar) CDI 5 stars Achieved the second place, and won the third place in the CDI 5 stars in Stockholm (Sweden). Her enthusiasm and excellent results for equestrian make her decisive and indomitable. She is destined to become an excellent brand new partner.

   In the third leg of the 2016/17 International Formula Electric Championship (FE) just passed, Richard Mille’s other partner, Sebastian Bou, from two drivers in the Renault E. Dams team Amy and Nicholas Prost participated in the event. Continuing the impeccable performance, Sebastian Buemi was on the podium for the third time in a row and made a great start in 2017. As a staunch supporter of Renault E.Dams. Like the Renault E.Dams team, Richard Mills takes the revolutionary concept of the electric formula as an innovative idea and is committed to helping it develop successfully. This partnership is a perfect example of the shared spirit of both parties. I believe that in the next race, Renault E.Dams team will have even better results and performance!

Fanny Keck

Summary: Richard Mill has always been at the forefront of watch development as a pioneer in watch design. Always keeping fresh blood and full of energy, creating more unique top plans for more like-minded athletes in the sports field, so that they can enjoy every minute and second on the arena in the fierce competition. Taking demanding requirements as our duty, constantly breaking through, and constantly improving the creation of the ultimate timekeeping, we can’t help but sigh the magic of mechanical watches.