This Kind Of Jewelry Is Too Magical Chopard Fleurs D’ Opales Series

In our impression, the flowers have always been soft and bright, and the posture of flowers in high jewelry is also elegant and moving with diamonds and gems, swaying. The Chopard Fleurs d’ Opales series breaks through people’s original impression of flowers, colliding with titanium, zirconium, black opal, and multi-colored gemstones to create a magic flower in another world.

The legendary magical opal stone
   As early as Roman times, Opal was considered a magic stone. It is believed that this kind of stone with deep flame-like color contains powerful energy. It can carry emotions and desires, release stress, bring luck, and even have the power to predict the future.
To this day, the legend about Opal has become a legend, and the fascinating and uncapable light still fascinates people. Whether it is the mobility of opal spots, the color variability, or the elusive phenomenon of light diffraction, it has made it a mysterious existence.
   Among the natural opal stones, black opal is the most noble. Chopard Fleurs d’Opales high-end jewellery series is featured with charming and colorful black opal inlaid in the titanium gold flower core. It is combined with the color of titanium and multi-color gems to emit Demon scent.
Titanium adds magic
   Titanium has not only become an innovative material for high-end watches, but also has become a new favorite in the field of fine jewelry because of its high hardness, light texture, and unique colors. The Chopard Fleurs d’ Opales high-end jewelry series makes full use of the uniqueness of this material to open up a new creative space for jewelry creation.

   This blue flower ring is full of enchanting colors. A 20-carat oval black opal presents a glamorous blue, while the blue petals around the flower core are titanium metal plated to give a magical gradient blue, and The middle blue opal echoes the magic flower with strong magic effect. The ring is set with tsavorite, sky blue and brown diamonds.
Flowers of a different world
   This flower ring is dominated by purple, full of noble and mysterious colors. A rare 24.3 carat black opal is used, set in carefully carved titanium gold, the petals are inlaid with purple sapphires and amethysts, and the ring part is 18k white gold inlaid with tsavorite.

   Among the most expensive black opal, red is the most respected. This red flower consists of a 9-carat oval black opal as the main stone, set in a fiery red petal, surrounded by black rhodium-plated white gold inlaid with ruby ​​and Purple sapphire, petals made of black zirconium inlaid with pink spinel, ring made of white and rose gold together, set with black diamonds. Each petal can swing, and its realistic and dynamic effect makes it even more magical.
    Such magical flower rings are rare in the creation of high jewelry. Bold, enchanting and psychedelic, bring different auras and styles to those who love it, and the world of high jewelry should have different flowers.