Simplicity Between Square Inches Nomos Tetra Neomatik Watch Tasting

Simplicity and fashion have always been the characteristics of NOMOS. Although the hands always follow a circular trajectory, sometimes a square watch is more attractive. In view of this, NOMOS Glashütte has produced the new Tetra automatic watches. Slim, elegant and highly accurate are their usual manifestations, and the simplicity and elegance are perfectly interpreted. Larger and thinner are their driving forces. The TETRA NEOMATIK watch is one of the more classic watches, showing a minimalist style between the square inches, and implied by the atmosphere. (Model: 421)

All fashion comes from German simplicity

NEOMATIK422 and NEOMATIK421 watches

   German watches have always been synonymous with precision and simplicity, and one of the most popular watchmaking countries, second only to Switzerland. And the Chinese people have a mysterious admiration for German products, from car to steel ball parts. Although it won’t be too stunning at first glance, it wins in classics. Most German products are of good quality and durable. The same is true of NOMOS watches.It is particularly worth mentioning that this series of watches has three major advantages in the market: very thin, with the accuracy of the observatory certification level, and NOMOS has not increased the price of these watches, The face value is as good as the price / performance ratio.

‘less is more’

‘Less is more’

   ‘Less is more’ was put forward by architect Master Mies van der Rohe: ‘Less is more.’ But it is by no means as simple as a blank piece of paper, making you feel empty and empty, there is no design at all. The details of his design works have been reduced to the absolute realm of simplification. Many of the works’ structures are almost completely exposed, but their nobleness and elegance have elevated the structure itself to architectural art. In fact, watches are no exception. The impression of ‘less’ is that they are simple, without a trace of redundancy. Most of the watches with simple designs are usually delicate and easy to accept. Just like this TETRA NEOMATIK watch.

Case display
   The watch case is made of stainless steel and adopts a two-piece structure. Its dimensions are 33 mm x 33 mm, and its thickness is 7.2 mm. The crown is also made of stainless steel, with avant-garde non-slip texture design, making the watch more convenient to operate. The crown and case are polished to give a good texture.

Dial display
   The white electroplated silver dial is embellished with cyan blue minute indexes, and the Arabic numeral hour indexes with a unique design are distributed among them, which is clear and accurate when viewed. The central hour and minute hands are treated with oxidized carbon black, and the new gold neomatik logo is decorated below the 12 o’clock position of the dial. Classic atmosphere, more beautiful.

Second hand display

   The hands of the watch are small three-handed, with a sub-dial above 6 o’clock and a red painted second hand. The dial is simple and atmospheric, full of Bauhaus style.

Lug display
   The steel lugs have sharp edges and corners. The watch has been polished in place, with smooth lines and very beautiful.

Watch movement display
   Equipped with the tenth self-winding DUW3001 movement independently developed by NOMOS, this movement is only 3.2 mm thick and equipped with a high temperature fired blue hairspring, which is not only extremely slim, but also extremely accurate. The movement achieved outstanding results in the observatory test. Power savings are approximately 42 hours.

Watch movement display

Watch strap display

   Paired with a black Holvin high-grade Cordova horse leather strap, and processed by bezel processing, hand sewing and other processes, making wearing more comfortable and durable. The stainless steel pin buckle is used as the buckle of the watch, which is easy to wear and not easy to fall off.

Watch overall display

To sum up: the simple fashion style will not be out of date for a long time, they often use the ‘less’ aspect to explain the ‘more’ inherent in the world. This German NOMOS minimalist watch introduced today is exquisite, delicate and intriguing. A simple sportsman’s style is revealed on the simple dial, which is worn on the wrist, not only adding points to the overall dress, but also Can enhance your own taste and release unique sportsmanship. Table friends who like simple, manly elements suggest to start with this watch.