Ru Ya Temperament Radar Diamond Series Automatic Mechanical Chronograph Watch Tasting

As the age of the workplace changes, more and more young people are integrated, bringing a variety of new fashions and infecting people around them with a new understanding of aesthetic concepts. As a brand that is at the forefront of fashion in the watch industry, Radar first uses ceramic materials in watch production. With the continuous development of the brand, the styles and functions of watches have gradually increased, showing the precise concept of time and fashion. Trendy taste. Today’s Watch House will introduce Radar’s new Diamond Ba series automatic mechanical chronograph ceramic watch, the official model: 650.0076.3.410.

  The Radar Diamond Series high-tech ceramic automatic mechanical watch has five styles to choose from. The main difference lies in the material of the case and the strap. The case includes black matte ceramic, polished ceramic and three plasma high-tech ceramics. The watch comes in both ceramic and leather materials. Today I want to introduce to you in detail the style which adopts a plasma ceramic case with a brown leather strap. The watch has a low-key elegance, which is the best choice for many gentlemen.

  The diameter of the watch is 45 mm. Compared with ordinary men’s watches, the size is slightly larger, but the larger diameter can better show the charm of men, and also fully express the masculinity of the radar men’s watch. The watch uses a double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal. The watchmaker has created a watch with perfect curvature. It is embedded in the case. It is naturally beautiful, and the high-quality materials have also achieved the watch’s excellent quality.

  The case made of plasma high-tech ceramics has a one-piece design, which is more beautiful and durable. Plasma high-tech ceramics are made of 100% high-tech ceramics. While successfully maintaining the lightness of high-tech ceramics, the watch has a dazzling metallic luster. During the production process of plasma high-tech ceramics, high-temperature activated gas makes high-tech ceramics The molecular structure has changed, and plasma high-tech ceramics have not added any metal elements, but they can show a charming metallic luster.

  The design of the watch dial is compact and the layout is reasonable. All the watch functions are displayed on the dial surface without too much modification, which achieves a low-key and simple design concept, and also highlights the temperament of gentle men.

  The dial uses 12 gold bar scales to display the time. The two small dials on the left and right are the 30-minute counter and the small second dial. The 6 o’clock is the 12-hour counter. The upper dial echoes, and the circular window at 4:30 is used to display the date of the day.

  There are three buttons on the right side of the watch, all of which are made of plasma high-tech ceramics. The crown at 3 o’clock and the gear design on the edges not only bring excellent visual enjoyment, but also have a good touch. On the side are timing buttons for adjusting the start / stop and reset of the watch’s timing functions.

  The watch’s lugs are also made of plasma high-tech materials, which are integrally cast with the case. The design is upright. The surface is carefully polished by the watchmaker to show a bright luster similar to metal.

  The watch is paired with a dark brown leather strap. The design of the strap is inspired by traditional Italian handmade leather shoes, exuding a strong retro flavor, and forms an excellent contrast with the dazzling technological charm contained in the modern plasma high-tech ceramic case. .

  The watch is equipped with an ETA 2894-2 self-winding mechanical movement with 37 gems, which can provide the watch with 42 hours of kinetic energy reserve.

In summary: I have seen these Radar Diamond Series watches, I have to marvel at the ‘super power’ of Radar, which is known as the material master of the watch industry. The same watch is made of different materials, which has brought us infinite surprises. In addition to fashion-forward elements, the Radar brand has also incorporated a retro complex into its watches. Whether it is the overall color matching or the use of leather straps, it has demonstrated the excellence of radar watchmaking.
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