Rio Omega House Staged A Special Celebration Presenting The Charming Sailing And Passionate Samba Night

Saturday, August 20, 2016, Rio de Janeiro-On Saturday night, the Omega House in Rio was filled with a strong ocean atmosphere, presenting guests with a passionate and energetic ‘Sailing and San Bar night ‘. Torben Grael, a close friend of the Omega brand and Brazilian sailing legend Torino Grael, and his newly won gold medal daughter Martine Grael and their partner Kahena Kunze attended the event and reviewed the passionate moments of sailing with Omega.

New Zealand Chiefs Blair Tuke of the 2016 Rio Olympics gold medalist Blair Tuke and his partner Peter Burling, Brazilian sailing legend Torben Greer, 2016 Rio Olympic Sailing Gold Medalist Martine Grael and his partner Kahena Kunze attend Rio Omega House ‘Sailboat and Samba Night’

    Omega’s inextricable bond with sailing benefits from its long-term cooperation with the New Zealand Chiefs. As early as 1995, Omega became a partner with legendary Sir Peter Blake. Now that the New Zealand Chiefs are sailing ahead of the 35th America’s Cup, this is a great time to celebrate the sport.

2016 Rio Olympic Gold Medal Winner Martine Grael, Brazilian sailing legend Tolben Greer, Omega Global President and CEO Mr. An Shiwen, and Martine Grael’s partner Kahena Kunze on the red carpet.

    Blair Tuke and Peter Burling, two outstanding sailors from the New Zealand Chiefs, also appeared at the Omega House that night. The young duo won the men’s 49ers at the Rio Olympics. Speaking of the results of the Olympics, they are extremely proud: ‘We were very proud when we won the silver medal at the London Olympics. At that time we were very young but we learned a lot from the competition. Our goal for this Olympics is to win King, so we have gone all out for the past four years. Now we have finally achieved this goal, we are really proud. ‘

Omega Global President and CEO Mr. An Shiwen and New Zealand Chiefs Blair Tuke and Peter Burling

    The famous Brazilian sailor Torben Greer, who has won the Olympic medal for the motherland for the fifth time, expressed his sincere praise for the successful hosting of the Rio Olympics: ‘I deeply feel that everyone enjoys the atmosphere of the Rio Olympics very much. It’s different, it’s filled with warmth in each of us. I think everyone who comes here has a lot of good memories about Rio. ‘

Torben Greer presents autographed photo for Omega House

    Later, Torben’s daughter and Olympian Martine Grael also made a speech on stage. As a Brazilian from the host country of the Olympic Games, Martine lived up to expectations at home and partnered with partner Kahena Kunze to win a gold medal for the motherland in the women’s sailing 49-man FX class. At the celebration site, they went on stage together and proudly shared with their guests the exciting moments when they learned about the championship. Martina said: ‘This experience will make us unforgettable. We were so excited at that moment, we could only hug each other tightly.’

Martine Grael and partner Kahena Kunze give autographed photos to Omega House

    There are many other excellent sailing athletes who have made their debut at the Omega House. Santiago Lange from Argentina returned to Cecilia Carranza Saroli and won a gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics after fighting cancer last year and removing a portion of his lungs. Standing alongside them were Alexandra Maloney, the silver medalist of the New Zealand Sailing Project, and Annalis Murphy, the silver medalist of the Irish Sailing Project.

Brazilian sailing legend Torben Greer and her newly won gold medal daughter Martine Grael and her partner Kahena Kunze

    As the official timing of the 2016 Rio Olympics, Omega held a series of exciting events in August this year, inviting guests and brands to celebrate the Olympics together. From the handsome opening night of Eddie Redmayne to the opening night of Michael Phelps and Chad le Clos to help the ‘Swimming Pool Legend’ special At the event, Omega House witnessed many impressive beautiful evenings, and among the guests who participated in the event every night, there were always many outstanding athletes and celebrities from all walks of life.

New Zealand Chiefs sailors Blair Tuke and Peter Burling give autographed photos to Omega House

    Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann, Omega’s global president and CEO, also sincerely expressed his love for the Omega House and generously shared his wonderful experience during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. He said: ‘Tonight, we will end this precious time spent in Rio. This day is full of joy and worth remembering forever. Omega is so closely connected with sailing, and we have also created and witnessed in Brazil Many exciting moments. Tonight we will enjoy the celebration and look back at the wonderful times of the past few weeks. ‘