Richard Mille Launches Cufflinks Accessories-news Richard Mille

For the tireless pursuit of product innovation, watch performance and creativity, Richard Mille has accepted challenges again and again. Just like that, cufflinks entered Richard Mille’s field of vision, like a watch, becoming a delicate accessory that men carefully choose and show themselves.

If cufflinks belong to jewellery for hundreds of years, and shape and material are the most important, then Richard Mille successfully broke through another obstacle: as a natural accessory of RM watches, cufflinks have become a real work of art. The early cufflinks were traditional chain-type, and then evolved into rotary card-type. Richard Mille strives to innovate cufflinks products, giving them pure technical elements and making them a reflection of the times.
The design concept of the RM cufflinks is the same as that of the watch. It must be sophisticated and sophisticated, and must be accurate, practical and aesthetically pleasing. Making RM automatic cufflinks is like developing an RM watch movement. After two years of research and design, these extraordinary treasures came out. They are extremely technical and extremely delicate, and their components are not less than 38. RM cufflinks are made of five grade titanium and equipped with an unprecedented new patented switch that opens the jaws with a button. It differs from similar products in that it does not rely on a rotating rod to fix the folded sleeve, but uses two titanium clips. As long as the button is pressed lightly, the jaws can be opened, and then pressed again to close.

Another feature of RM automatic cufflinks is its attention to beauty and detail. Its surface is polished by hand satin, bead polished and chamfered to show its superior quality and elegance. Since October, RM cufflinks are available in all Richard Mille stores and outlets, with a two-year shelf life. Richard Mille will launch diamond-set diamonds after titanium cufflinks.