Recommendation For High-quality Watches In The Workplace

It is another year of graduation season. For the new people who have just stepped out of the ivory tower and entered the workplace, no one will want to hear the evaluation of ‘still like a student’. To a certain degree, there are all kinds of subtexts that are immature, difficult to be a big task, and questioned. How to show the calm and capable and personality fashion at the moment of raising hands? Maybe sometimes, a suitable watch can get more praise than a large size suit and a well-colored dress. Sina Shangpin exclusive inventory watch ‘Job Book’ for you to wear.
Men’s Watch
  In formal social occasions, watches are often regarded as jewelry. For men who usually only wear jewelry such as rings, watches are more valued. Some people even emphasized that ‘watches are not only men’s jewelry, but also the most important jewelry for men.’ In western countries, watches, along with pens and lighters, were once known as the ‘three treasures’ of adult men. They are every man Do not leave things. Like jewelry, the watches that people wear on social occasions often reflect their status, identity and wealth. Therefore, the watches worn by people in interpersonal communication, especially the watches worn by men, are most noticeable. Newcomers in the workplace must keep this in mind in order to choose a watch that is timely.
米 Omega Constellation
Omega Constellation Series 1502.30.00 Reference Price ¥ 20,400
  Omega made the world’s first center-mounted tourbillon watch, the first watch that went into space with astronauts. Of course, the most important thing is that it is currently the hottest watch in the mainland. For newcomers in the workplace, starting an Omega watch will never make you regret it, and the most suitable one is the classic constellation series. In 1982, Omega launched a brand new watch, and then introduced a very eye-catching and classic design concept. Its iconic ‘claw’ design makes it one of the most recognizable models in the world.

IWC IWC Mark XVI Series IW325501 Reference Price: ¥ 30,800
 As one of the few watchmaking factories that has not been sacrificed to the industrial revolution, IWC has never pursued mass production, and even today, it has faithfully adhered to its inherent philosophy-IWC makes a small but high-quality watch. Mark XVI series watch design continues the brand’s consistent clean black and white color scheme, highlighting the texture of metal, giving a intuitive, efficient, fast and responsive response. If you pursue a simple and distinctive texture, choose this one. That’s right.
 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36mm Series 116000 Reference Price: ¥ 40,500
 If you have small savings, or if you earn a lot of money compared with your peers, a Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch is definitely the best choice. In 1926, Rolex invented the excellent waterproof structure of “lock bottom, lock handle, and lock ring”, which was turned from steel as a whole. Because the front glass and the back cover are bulged, much like oysters in the sea, It also has the strong characteristics of oysters, so it is named after the oyster. Modern Rolex, the upper ring is changed from a lock to a pressure structure, the glass and the back cover are also flattened by the drum, but the solid and waterproof characteristics have not changed. So it still continues the name. The Oyster Perpetual Series is one of the simplest Oyster watches. It is calm and at the same time without losing quality. Rolex’s brand effect is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. It feels reliable, precise, sturdy, stylish and strong professional. More importantly, whether it is new or used, the response is enthusiastic, and it can be regarded as an investment protection option.
 Rolex Submariner

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Reference Price: $ 70,000
Rolex Submariner is the brand’s first diving watch, launched in 1953, with its own research and development of Oyster water-resistant case, and the patented Twinlock series of winding crown, so that the watch can still operate at a depth of 100 meters. The Green Circle Submariner, which was discontinued in 2004, is still stable at nearly 50,000 yuan. So in 2011, the Submariner Date with a calendar window was introduced. The new watch costs about 62,000, and its waterproof depth is increased to 300 meters. Corrosion resistant 904L stainless steel. The all-new version of Rolex’s all-green color is different from the previous nickname ‘Green Water Ghost’. It extends the green part from the outer ring to the surface. .

Mido Bruner series reference price ¥ 8,900.00
  The design of the new Mido Bruna watch is based on the Chrysler Building, highlighting the unique architectural style. The 40mm dial is quite atmospheric, and the application of the chronometer-certified movement guarantees perfect time. The scratch-resistant glass mirror made of sapphire crystal effectively protects the body, and the transparent back cover allows the wearer to observe the carved movement, the spiral crown, and 100 meters waterproof. The design of the strap is clean and neat, and the calfskin leather strap boldly uses brown to set off the elegant temperament. The elegant appearance, calm temperament, and restrained style can make the wearer of the watch always maintain self-confidence in the new environment, highlighting his unique personal charm.
Women’s Watch
For female consumers, watches should be able to become an accessory. Under the basic function of ‘watching time’, women are even more pursuing whether ‘design is great’, ‘decorative enough’ or even ‘with or without diamonds.’ Therefore, the watch must be decorative, elegant, showcasing its taste, and best be worn as a piece of jewelry. For the newcomer, the graceful entry model with proper decoration and not exaggeration is definitely the best way to increase the favorability of all occasions.
Aunt Chanel J12 GMT White Ceramic Watch

Chanel J12 GMT white ceramic watch
Chan Shan said that Chanel’s name is enough to make many girls crazy. This J12 GMT white ceramic watch follows the classic appearance of the Chanel J12 series, with a diameter of 38 mm, which is also easy to wear, and pure white is also a favorite of many girls. Of course, this year’s new product launched at Basel Watch Fair is not nothing but a powerful inner core: a self-winding mechanical movement. 42-hour power reserve. Durable and wear-resistant high-tech precision ceramics, water-resistant to 50 meters, and triple-folding stainless steel buckle, which perfectly proves that fashion and practicality can be both.
Amido Belem Celli Women’s Cask Watch

Mido Belem Celli Women’s Barrel Watch Price on request
The design of the Hermès Belém Série watch is inspired by the elegant symmetry and infinite extension of the arcade of Emmanuel II of Italy. The shape of the case uses soft curved lines lined with smooth lugs, reflecting an elegant, harmonious and unified style. The barrel watch combines outstanding functions, extraordinary design and exquisite quality. The PVD gold-plated women’s watch is decorated with a delicate and elegant dial. The Arabic numerals are like a slender quill pen, which is classical and natural. A crocodile-patterned calfskin strap adds extra charm. As the core of the watch body, a carefully crafted automatic movement demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship through a transparent bottom cover. The sapphire glass surface is treated with double-sided anti-glare to perfect the watch’s visual experience. The entire watch pays attention to details and carefully selects materials. It has become the best watch for women who are new to the workplace with high cost performance.
Radar True Thinline

Radar True Thinline Diamond Watch RMB23,200
Radar True Thinline weighs only 35 grams, the case thickness is only 4.9 mm, and the movement thickness is only 1 mm. When this ultra-thin watch is smoothly wrapped around the wrist, the unimaginable fit makes people almost forget its existence, only the envious eyes of others, and always follow the pace of time, unparalleled Precision. The simple design of the white model sets off the soft and intimateness of women, and the fine watchmaking technology makes it stand out from many watches, becoming the only choice for women who are new to the workplace. Of course, if you feel that the diamond version is slightly luxurious, there are also ordinary versions that are nearly half cheaper, which is more cost-effective.