Rado Becomes The Official Timer Of The World Intellectual Elite Games

RADO Swiss Radar ‘World Intellectual Elite Games’ Special Exhibition

 The 3rd World Intellectual Elite Games was held at the Beijing International Convention Center from December 12th to 18th, and RADO Swiss Radar announced that it has become the official timer of the World Intellectual Elite Games. The event gathers many of the world’s top players, who will compete fiercely in five games: chess, go, bridge, draughts and Chinese chess.

 About 150 players from 39 countries come to participate in the World Intellectual Elite Games every year. In this contest of strategic consciousness, agile thinking, and dedication, human intelligence and the ability to break through obstacles and challenge limits are displayed everywhere. For any professional level competition, accurate timing is very important, and in strategic competitions, every minute is counted. RADO is very proud to be the official timer of the World Intellectual Elite Games.

 Since ancient times, there have been many fans of intellectual games around the world, and the educational value contained in intellectual games has been widely recognized. Mind games incorporate exercise for attention, logic, memory, mathematics, literacy, learning skills, decision making, and social skills into fun games. Many countries now include intellectual games as part of their educational curriculum plans.

 This year, well-known masters in each event participated in this competition. Such as bridge Fulvio Fantoni and Wang Wenji, chess Alexandra Kosteniuk and Ju Wenjun, checkers Darya Tkachenko and Zhao Hanqing, Go’s Natalia Kovaleva, Yu Zhiying and Chinese Chess Huang Xueqian and Zhuang Hongming. It ranks among the best in the world, and this competition will definitely stage a master-level exciting competition.

 The World Intellectual Elite Games will be broadcast on 15 TV channels, and its coverage will cover more than 300 million families in the Chinese, Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and Eastern European markets. At that time, videos about this exciting event will also be uploaded to its official website (www.worldmindgames.net). As the official timer for this event, RADO will not only appear on the scene of the Beijing International Convention Center, but also appear on the TV screen to time each game.