2016 Baselworld Breguet Classic Series Classique 7147

The Breguet Classique series is an essential timepiece of Breguet. It has the beauty that time cannot dilute, and it is the indelible mark of Breguet brand. No matter how modern the decorative pattern used by the Classicique timepieces, it is always inspired by the decorative norms in the early days of watchmaking. The purpose of the watch decoration was originally to ensure that the function is intact, to prevent premature corrosion of metal materials, and to protect smooth or polished surfaces that are prone to nicks, scratches, or other external damage.

    Today, in order to continue the glory, Breguet re-interprets traditional decoration techniques in the new Classique 7147 watch, especially its dial engraved flower technique with an extraordinary historical heritage. The new watch is exquisite in design and features a full-face engraved silver-plated gold dial, which is a masterpiece of engraved flowers. The main dial is decorated with a ‘Paris spike’ pattern, and the small reverse dial at 5 o’clock is decorated with a wave pattern. Breguet-style blue-steel hands gently rotate around the Roman numerals to clearly indicate the hours and minutes. The 12 o’clock digital hour sign is etched with Breguet’s invisible signature on both sides, highlighting the authentic Breguet pedigree of the watch.
    The Breguet Classic Series 7147 is available in 18K rose and white gold. It includes an extremely thin mechanical automatic winding movement with an eccentric balance. The case diameter is 40 mm and the back of the sapphire crystal back provides a clear view of the precise mechanical structure of the timepiece, including Breguet hairspring and silicon escapement.
Breguet Classic 7147
Watch description
Number: 7147BR / 12 / 9WU
The case is 18K rose gold, and the outer edge of the case is decorated with coin patterns. Sapphire crystal case back. 40 mm in diameter. Welded lugs are secured with bolts. Water-resistant to 3 Pa (30 meters).
The dial is silver-plated 18K yellow gold with engraved engraving. Engraved with a unique number and an invisible Breguet signature. The scale ring uses Roman numerals. The small seconds counter is at 5 o’clock. Breguet classic needlepoint skeletonized blue-steel hands.
Automatic movement with engraved number and invisible signature Breguet. Ultra-thin movement (2.4 mm). Caliber 502.3SD. 12 cents. 35 gems. 45-hour power reserve. Reverse Swiss linear lever escapement with silicon fork. Breguet silicon hairspring. The vibration frequency is 3 Hz. 6 party adjustment.
The strap is made of genuine leather.
18K white gold:
Reference7147BB / 12 / 9WU
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Inspiration Of Hublot The ‘archaeological’ Machinery Of Ancient Civilization

The director of manufacturing and research and development of Hublot uses the ‘archaeological’ machinery of ancient civilizations as inspiration for the research and development of Hublot to create the Hublot ‘Antiques Cila’ equipped with this concept movement. The watch pays tribute to the historical legend represented by the world’s first mechanical masterpiece, and is presented at the 2012 Basel show!

The Antikythera mechanism is one of the most mysterious discoveries in the history of human civilization. To this day, it is widely known and thoroughly studied by the scientific community. But when it was first discovered in 1901, the huge historical and technical value contained in it was still a mysterious unknown mystery. In the theoretical framework of the experts at the time, there was no concept of machines that could be manufactured in ancient Greek and Roman times. Therefore, those obscure people who are not scientists claim that this masterpiece of human beings unearthed from Antiochila came from extraterrestrial origin, and its sole purpose of being sent to earth was to pollute water sources.

Mechanical gear system shows a mathematical perspective on the universe
The Antiochila device is not a timepiece, because the ancient Greeks’ experience of time is very different from ours today. The Antikythera device is a true map of the universe (a machine depicting the universe), more precisely a map of the moon (a machine describing the cycle of the moon’s movement), which is highly accurate and capable of displaying multiple astronomical cycles, including The Metonic Cycle (named after the Greek astronomer Meton Meton, 19 years as a cycle equal to 235 new moons), the Callippic Cycle (named after the Greek astronomer Callippus, 76 years) One cycle, equal to 940 New Moons or 4 Mewdo cycles), and can correct all errors. The Antikythera device can also indicate the Saros Cycle (223 rosary months, equal to a little over 18 years) and the Exeligmos Cycle (equal to 3 Salo cycles, or 54 years) specifically used to predict eclipses. ).

The ability to compile such vast amounts of astronomical data together to create a mathematical model capable of summarizing these cycles using mechanical gear systems is itself a shocking proof of the theoretical capabilities of ancient scholars and engineers. Given that a computer is a machine capable of generating data different from the input content, the Antikythera device has actually become the first mechanical computer known today. This is exactly a thousand years before the extraordinary scale of the medieval European cities.

The first watch inspired by archeological discoveries
In 2008, the scientific journal Nature reported the results of a tomographic analysis of fragments of the Antikythera device. This report greatly stimulated the imagination of some less conservative watchmakers. Mathias Buttet, director of manufacturing and R & D for Hublot, hopes to pay high respects to the historical legend represented by the world’s first mechanical masterpiece. Scientific analysis reveals the technical contribution and miniature craftsmanship contained in the entire Antiochila device, which will now be perfectly reflected on the wrist by watchmakers. This is also a tribute to the art of watchmaking, because it adds a new dimension of time to this astronomical calculator: giving the mechanical ability of a timer to accurately measure time.

This is the first time in history that the watchmaking R & D department directly draws inspiration from the archaeological machinery of ancient civilizations in this way. This is also the first time in the history of the watch industry. The watchmaking team has worked closely with a team of scientists that include world-class archaeologists, inscriptions and mechanical engineering historians. The watchmaker helped archaeologists better understand the operation of some gear systems, and thereby confirm some of the mechanical assumptions. Scientists shared with watchmakers some ancient scientific and technological methods that have been lost to date (especially circular gears with non-linear cycles).

Ancient mechanical engineers possessed the absolute ability to make such highly efficient bronze gear systems, which opened up a whole new perspective on their philosophical relationship with technological progress and the status of the machine. In turn, this relationship will cause us to reflect and question our relationship with modern machines and gadgets.

Breguet Two Precious Antique Pocket Watches Taken At The Breguet Museum

No. 4039 pocket watch is a classic Breguet timepiece sold to the Duke of Berwick in 1825. It is the representative of Breguet’s ultra-thin spring pocket watch.
 Mark Hayek, President and Chief Executive Officer of Breguet, sold two iconic lots at the Christie’s auction in Geneva-Breguet No. 4039, a delicate half-engraved spring pocket watch with eccentric hour dial and Date shown; another extremely rare tourbillon pocket watch, Breguet No. 1176, sold to Earl Pototsky that year. Two unique timepieces sell for CHF 750,000.

The hand-engraved silver face plate and the famous Breguet hand show historical value
 The first pocket watch number 4039 was sold for 70,000 Swiss francs. It was sold to the Duke of Berwick on September 30, 1825. It is the representative of Breguet’s ultra-thin spring pocket watch. Breguet constantly seeks the spirit of innovation. This superb pocket watch made of 18K gold and silver is equipped with a 21-centre movement, with a date display, hand-engraved silver faceplate and the famous Breguet hands.

No. 1176 pocket watch with Breguet’s famous ‘escapement’
 The second No. 1176 pocket watch is Breguet’s first four-minute tourbillon and its third tourbillon pocket watch. This famous precision pocket watch has a 35-hour power reserve and is displayed with a sector scale. The center is a small hour dial with two small seconds attached, and an ‘escapement’ developed by Breguet in 1789. This undoubtedly shows Breguet’s ingenuity for the mechanism. The pocket watch was sold to the Count of Pototsky, one of the most famous figures in Poland during the Enlightenment. This pocket watch sold for more than 680,000 Swiss francs.

No. 1176 pocket watch was once the earl of the most famous figure in Poland during the Enlightenment.
 Breguet is pleased to announce the addition of two new masterpieces to its important and well-known watch collection. This type of auction proves once again that Breguet’s chief executive, Mark. Hayek is committed to maintaining the brand’s historical heritage and cultural heritage.

Cannot Hide The Domineering Lion King Jaquet Droz Jacques De Loire Painted Watch

JAQUET DROZ presents a new limited edition watch series with the theme of nature again. Qi Yuxuanang’s male lion stepped into the world of the Ateliers d’ Art, fixed on the brand’s immortal masterpiece. The lion is the prestigious ‘King of Beasts’, brave and mighty, majestic and powerful, and various religions and myths and legends give it a variety of qualities and qualities. This time, the lion, the symbol of the king, stands proudly above the Jacques de Petite Heure Minute watch. The brand Huai really captures the lively look of the lion, combining its majestic and awe-inspiring attitude with a lazy and leisurely attitude, and the swiftness and fierceness when hunting.

Jacques Dro’s Petite Heure Minute series launches a new painting with the theme of the lion as the king of beasts. The craftsman fully presents his majestic aura and lazy and casual attitude on the faceplate

Jacques de Loire portrays this unique charm with a micro-painting process. Only the exquisite micro-painting technique can realistically reproduce the details of the lion’s expression. The fine lines of the eyes and fur are carefully drawn by hand. The artisan masters at Jacques Drouse’s art workshop use a variety of brushes, some of which have a tip of only a hair, as thin as hair. In a square inch case with a diameter of 43 mm, they painted subtle details that were almost imperceptible to the naked eye, creating vibrant and lifelike paintings.

The craftsmen carefully painted the lion’s expression on the black big fire enamel faceplate, and because the painting was done by hand, the 28 patterns in this limited edition can be said to be different and unique.

The craftsmanship used in the watch is ingenious, making them even more unique in the world of Jacques Dro. The micro-painting on the black large fire enamel faceplate creates a deep sense of the pattern and makes the image of a male lion appear on the faceplate. The watch thus presents contrasting colors and styles. The simple and stylish black enamel face plate contrasts with the colorful hand-painted micro-patterns created by the master craftsman of Jacques Dro.

The watch is equipped with a 2653.P movement, which has a K gold automatic disk, a vibration frequency of 4 Hz, and a power reserve of 68 hours.

Each timepiece is accompanied by an art workshop certificate, signed by a master craftsman who made 28 watches by hand. They present various arts and crafts with delicate methods on timepieces, thereby establishing a valuable and intimate relationship between the watch owner and the brand. Jacques Dro is committed to guarding the superb craftsmanship of ingenuity, writing a new chapter with the lion hour minute dial.

Petite Heure Minute Lion

18K rose gold material / 2653.P self-winding movement / off-centre, off-centre display / black large open flame enamel dial / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water-resistant 30 meters / diameter 43mm / limited 28 — –

Classic Disc Three Popular Watches Around 10,000 Yuan Recommended

The round dial is the most used style in watches, but this style is enduring and timeless. In the small disc, the watchmaker uses his talents to incorporate different designs into it, creating a beautiful timepiece. Today, the Watch House recommends three watches that use the classic round dial and are exceptionally brilliant.
Tissot LUXURY AUTOMATIC T086.408.16.051.00 watch

Watch model: T086.408.16.051.00
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Belt
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 7550
Watch details:
Watch model: H78465553
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Brown
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 7950
Watch details:
Watch model: M005.430.37.051.02
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Rubber
Case diameter: 42 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 7000
Watch details: mido / 8571 /
Watch review: The black dial of this watch is decorated with the classic stripes of the Mido helmsman series. It uses the third hand and the hour marker coated with orange paint, and the day and date display at the three o’clock position. The stainless steel case with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 11 mm is plated with a black PVD coating and is equipped with a 40-hour automatic mechanical movement. The watch is equipped with a black rubber strap and is water resistant to 100 meters.
Summary: The three watches recommended for you today are all popular watches in the price range of 10,000 yuan. All three watches use the classic round dial, but have their own different design, each with its own characteristics but the same charming. All three watches have a date display and a certain waterproof function, which fully meets the needs of daily life and is a good choice in life.

Reflects The Ultimate Principle Of Freshness And Elegance

For the past 20 years, Chopard Happy Sport has attracted countless people with bold and fashionable taste. The newly launched Happy Sport XL series is more modern and original than ever, while remaining true to the essence of the Happy Sport series.
Naturally decoy
    The white Happy Sport XL watch with silver dial is extremely pure in design. In order to emphasize its clarity and three-dimensionality, the numbers on the dial are usually transferred to the bezel, and the Chopard logo is engraved on the sapphire crystal, making people focus on the dial decoration. Five living diamonds resemble the only twinkling waves on a peaceful sea. Two rows of diamonds carved with bright cuts add extravagance, and paired with a white alligator leather strap, this exquisite sports watch achieves the perfect balance between the charm of ecstasy and the quiet power. balance. The famous design of active diamonds gives the watch a dynamic and elegant personality. This latest fashion style features a monotone and powerful 42mm diameter case, embodying the ultimate principles of freshness and elegance.
Black match
    Recently, black has made a comeback in the watchmaking industry and is highly sought after. This enigmatic but classic color is full of sensory magic and has a natural appeal to people. Everyone loves black, because it is suitable for all occasions; even the simplest costume, because it will add elegance and elegance; the most restrained character will be full of personality because of it. The black Happy Sport XL watch reflects this fusion of power and elegance. Dazzling diamonds spin on the dial decorated with a guilloche pattern, creating a sharp contrast, like a flash of lightning in the faint night sky. Paired with an avant-garde rubber strap, the black Happy Sport XL watch exudes a more elegant and powerful charm. This stylish and dynamic watch can be seamlessly matched with any style of clothing, including, of course, evening wear, and the timeless classic that is essential to every elegant lady’s wardrobe, which is perfect for it-Xiao Hei skirt.

Audemars Piguet Presents New Millennial Women’s Collection Exhibition In Hong Kong

Audemars Piguet’s new millennial women’s collection exhibition opening celebration reception was hosted by Mr. David von Gunten, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet Greater China, and Mr. Ni Jialian, General Manager of Shopping Leasing, International Finance Center Management Co., Ltd. ( Karim N. Azar), well-known artist Ms. Li Jiaxin and young entrepreneur Ms. Pan Chuying, president of PYE brand.
   More than 150 VIPs attended the night to support, including Deng Juming, Lin Liwanbing and daughters Lin Jiabao, Xing Jiaqian, Huo Yongshi, Dong Limao, Ding He Yingwen, Deng Aijia, Dai Kaixin, Zhou Weiying, Yang Yongqing, Zeng Zhaoyi, Li Jiatong, Ma Ziyong and daughter, Zhao Yikun and his wife Chen Haoning, Yang Dingli Mrs. Weng Jiamin, He Peiqian, Chen Siyun, Chen Baizhen, etc.
   Mr. Van Wei, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet Greater China, welcomed the opening ceremony: ‘We are very pleased to launch the new millennial women’s watch series. Since 1883, Audemars Piguet has blended the aesthetic elements of each era with superb craftsmanship. We are dedicated to making elegant and extraordinary watches for women. In 2015, we are proud to launch a new millennial women’s watch series with a breakthrough watchmaking concept, coupled with the new Audemars Piguet manual refining that turns the balance wheel operation on The movement showcases the complex watchmaking skills of a watch. ‘
   The elegant and independent image of Miss Li Jiaxin perfectly reflects the diversity of Audemars Piguet women. And Miss Pan Chuying, who has a forward-looking and independent personality, also shows the extraordinary side of Audemars Piguet women. They are all amazed by this new Audemars Piguet women’s watch, which combines fashion and superb technology, which not only echoes the changing lifestyle of modern women, but also fully reflects the style of modern independent women.
   The design of this exhibition is based on the iconic and unique oval shape of the Millennium series, making guests feel like they are inside a watch to explore the country of the Millennium series. In the evening, a group of guests toasted each other in the exhibition hall to celebrate the new millennial women’s watch series. Guests can also watch the 27 women’s historical timepieces that Audemars Piguet specially selected from the Brassus Museum in Switzerland, reviewing the brand’s outstanding craftsmanship for more than 130 years. The exhibition also features watchmaking artisans as live demonstrations, allowing guests to have a close look at Audemars Piguet’s sophisticated and detailed watchmaking technology, fully highlighting the brand’s outstanding craftsmanship in manufacturing high-end women’s watches.
   ‘Controlling the rules, leading the extraordinary’

Earl’s Gallery Of Time: Gold And Color Show

Earl will hold an exhibition from August 12, 2013 to March 31, 2014. The theme of the exhibition is: gold and color. All exhibits will be organized around the theme of traditional materials and gems.

Gold, malachite dial, mechanism Piaget 9P 1970

   As far as the Watch House knows: the company has been producing gold bracelet-type watches since 1960, set with 30 different semi-precious stones, such as tiger’s eye, emerald, lapis lazuli, coral or turquoise. Piece of real artwork. This style of watch is very popular and continues to this day.

Gold, malachite, agate, malachite dial, mechanism, Piaget 9P 1970

Gold, turquoise, lapis lazuli, turquoise dial, Piaget 6N, 1971

Agate, Coral, Gold, Earl 9P, 1974

Yellow gold, tiger’s eye dial, Piaget 9P 1969

White gold, 44 diamonds, lapis lazuli dial, Piaget 9P, 1977

152 diamonds and 26 rubies in white gold, diamond and ruby ​​dial, Piaget 9P, 1976

Gold, turquoise dial, Piaget 9P, 1969
   In the middle of the last century, Piaget used precious materials to make watches. Precious metals and precious stones were set on the watches in Piaget’s traditional workshops, becoming a timeless classic and unique exhibit. If you want to know more about this exhibition, stay tuned for Watch House.

2018 Basel Watch Fair Jacques Dro Smalta Clara Hour Minute Dial Watch

From the initial sketch almost three centuries ago to the arrival of the latest masterpiece today, Jaquet Droz has faithfully inherited the core idea of ​​Pierre Jaquet-Droz— —Simple aesthetics, bold style and innovative clock mechanism continue the legend of watchmaking.

  The Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara hour and minute dial introduced on the occasion of the brand’s 280th anniversary is no exception. This watch inherits the brand’s centuries-old tradition and has its own personality. For the first time in the new work, the Jacques Dro brand uses the enamel technique of empty windows. Its Latin name is ‘smalta clara’. Jacques Droux has always been known for its superb fire enamel craftsmanship. This process, which was born 1500 years ago, requires precise control of the flames to avoid cracks in the enamel. The risk of cracks in the glazed surface increases with each firing.

  The finished product is no longer a single enamel, but consists of enamel blocks of different colors and shapes. The enamel blocks are separated by gold wires. In the end, the enamel is not covered on the metal bottom, but filled with a hollow grille, like a stained glass window. It can be said that the empty window enamel (Smalta Clara) has no bottom layer. Light can penetrate the glazed surface, reflecting every delicate color.

  When the light shines, Jakodro’s tiger pattern specially painted for this watch seems to inject vitality and come to life. This animal image is drawn with vivid and modern lines, adding a touch of toughness to this soft and gentle watch. Each dial uses at least 7 colors to make the tiger look real. The bezel is set with 100 brilliant diamonds, set against subtle details, highlighting its majesty. Jacques Dero uses crystal pure enamel, which can completely penetrate the light without blocking or deforming, creating stunning visual effects. It takes four days for the enamel artisan to make a dial.

  The Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara watch is also one of the very few Jaquet-Droz timepieces with an eccentric hours display at 2 o’clock. The extremely streamlined dial provides tigers with a space to repel others. Following the fine watchmaking tradition, the mother-of-pearl dial is paired with two blue-steel hands. The crown is also set at 2 o’clock, hiding the chain shaft under the enamel. To this end, Jacques de Ronaldo chose to carry the elegant 8-Lady 8 Flower movement, the smallest mechanical movement in the brand series.

  Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara watches are available in two styles, each limited to 28 pieces. This watch is 35 mm in diameter and the ears and bezel are set with diamonds. The first model has a white gold case with a blue tiger pattern, and the second model has a red gold case with a gold and brown tiger pattern. Each watch is equipped with a hand-rolled satin strap that matches the dial hue. This new work is bound to write a new chapter in the splendid history of the Jacques Dro Art Workshop.
  ‘Some watches tell time, some tell a story.’

  SMALTA CLARA TIGER hour and minute dial
  Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara Tiger
  ‘Etched enamel’ large open fire enamel 18K white gold dial, white mother-of-pearl dial, 18K red gold stereo bezel
  18K red gold case set with 100 diamonds, total weight 0.89 carats
  Automatic mechanical movement
  Power reserve approx. 38 hours
  35 mm diameter
  Limited edition of 28 pieces

  SMALTA CLARA TIGER hour and minute dial
  Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara Tiger
  ‘Etched enamel’ 18K white gold dial with large open fire enamel, white mother-of-pearl dial, 18K white gold three-dimensional bezel
  18K white gold case set with 100 diamonds, total weight 0.89 carats
  Automatic mechanical movement
  Power reserve approx. 38 hours
  35 mm diameter
  Limited edition of 28 pieces

Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Automatic Winding Ladies Watch

Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin’s sports watch will write a new chapter, launching the Overseas Lady Date Self-Winding self-winding women’s watch with calendar window. This watch subtly combines personality and elegance, it is not only a delicate jewelry, but also an absolutely high-tech watch.
The new Overseas ladies watch has a unique 36mm diameter, 18K white gold case, set with 528 diamonds (approximately 2.24 carats), and uses a self-winding mechanical movement. The case, design, and ergonomic considerations-still retaining the inherent characteristics of this collection-are all aimed at women. Its unparalleled elegance is equal to the level of high-tech complexity, and a soft iron antimagnetic inner cover is installed in the slim 18K white gold case-one of the important genes of the Overseas model-to ensure the smooth movement of the mechanical movement. Like satin, the new Overseas Lady Date Self-Winding model also captures other classic design interests of Overseas, such as the Maltese cross-shaped bezel.

The water-resistant depth is about 5 atmospheres, which is equivalent to 50 meters underwater. The new Overseas has a solid screw-in caseback. The outer side is like the well-known ‘Amerigo Vespucci’ barque pattern, in order to encourage women to choose a more beautiful The mechanical movement, the slim case is equipped with Calibre 1226 mechanical movement, composed of 143 parts, with automatic winding capability, with hours, minutes, large central seconds and calendar window indication, power reserve is about 40 hours.
Overseas Lady Date Self-Winding Self-winding Ladies Watch, Black Lacquered Dial, 18K White Gold Case, 36 mm Diameter, Bezel Set with 528 Diamonds (Approx. 2.20 Carat), Solid Back镌 ‘Overseas’ sailing pattern, screw lock, anti-magnetic protection inside, waterproof 50 meters, 18K white gold base set with 36 beautiful diamonds (about 0.06 carat total weight), white lacquered minute scale track ring, Hours, minutes, large central seconds and calendar window, 1226 SC self-winding mechanical movement, 40 hours power reserve, hand saddle-style double-thread-stitched large checkered Mississippi alligator leather strap, black silk strap, 18K The white gold folding clasp is set with 53 diamonds (total weight approximately 0.29 carats).
The black, satin-brushed dial that can be clearly read is low-key and elegant. The hands of Overseas are coated with white luminous paint, the calendar window at three o’clock, and 36 diamonds (approximately 0.06 carats) in 18K white gold. Let this new watch show different female surname characteristics and traditional watchmaking aesthetics. New Overseas Lady Date Self-winding with 53 diamonds (approximately 0.29 carats) in 18K white gold folding buckle and black alligator leather strap with black silk strap