Hublot Congratulates Real Madrid On Winning The 11th Champions League Trophy In The History Of The Team

On May 28, 2016, two teams from the same country and the same city competed for the supreme honor of the European Club in Milan, Italy. In the end, Real Madrid won a penalty kick against Atletico Madrid. As the official Champions League partner, Hublot congratulates Real Madrid on winning the 11th Champions League trophy in team history. This game also confirmed and further consolidated the unique position of Hublot in the world of football.

   Today’s famous Hublot chronographs also appear on the court, they are used by fourth officials to indicate stoppage time and player replacement information. Since it was first introduced at the 2008 European Cup, Hublot timepieces have become a basic feature of major football events. Hublot chronographs are unique in appearance and can be custom designed according to the style of each game.

   To celebrate the vibrant partnership with the UEFA Champions League, Hublot is proud to launch the new BigBangUnico retrograde chronograph watch, the official watch authorized by the event. The new watch is equipped with Hublot’s legendary Unico retrograde chronograph movement, limited to 100 pieces. The watch is designed in the classic color of the UEFA Champions League Midnight Blue. It has a black ceramic case with a diameter of 45 mm. The blue alligator leather is lined with natural rubber and white stitching.

Mechanical chronograph watch only for football chronograph
   The HUB1261 movement is clearly visible through the sapphire case back, which is engraved with the UEFA Champions League ™ logo. The UNICO self-produced movement is equipped with a patented self-winding double retrograde module, which makes it easy to perform football game timing. The watch can achieve 45 minutes at half time, including overtime, for a total of 60 minutes. The central chronograph window has seconds and minutes hands that slide in an arc between the 10 and 2 o’clock positions. The 2 o’clock position button activates the double-reverse mechanism, which moves the second hand to the 60-second mark, then quickly jumps back to 0 to continue counting, and the minute hand slides to record the corresponding time. The central window shows the stage in progress (1—first half, 1/2 halftime break, 2—second half, END—end of game). The local time is displayed in the window at 6 o’clock.

Fan Muller Oriental Plaza Store Grand Opening

On June 4, 2012, Franck Muller, a high-end watch brand from Geneva, Switzerland, officially entered the Oriental Plaza, a fashionable and luxurious landmark in Beijing. Franck Muller’s FRANCK MULLER Oriental Plaza store uses a new concept of modern art design, based on the brand’s classic artistic figures as the creative blueprint, perfectly displaying the brand’s unique modern and luxurious style. In the Oriental Plaza, where many top brands are gathered, Frank Muller, which represents top watchmaking skills and infinite creative inspiration, is bound to become one of the most remarkable new members, blooming its splendid mysterious glory in the luxurious place of Beijing.
    Mr. Chen Shirong, General Manager of Europa Group, said: ‘The opening of the second Franchise Muller store in Beijing fully demonstrates its strong confidence in the Beijing market. We hope that with the brand-new design concept of Oriental Plaza, we Distinguished Beijing guests can experience the exquisite Swiss fine watchmaking skills at close range, and they can also taste the watchmaking philosophy inspired by the infinite creativity and inspiration of the Franck Muller brand. ‘
    Mr. Zhang Guoliang, general manager of Chow Tai Fook Watches North China, said, ‘Frank Muller and Chow Tai Fook Watches have cooperated endlessly. Through the joint efforts of both parties, a solid foundation of cooperation has been established. We will continue to open up markets and open more sales points.
    Franck Muller’s FRANCK MULLER Oriental Plaza store layout continues the brand’s low-key luxury style, exaggerated retro digital aesthetics and beautiful decoration. The imaginative artistic digital elements spread and flow in it. Under the background of soft lights, it creates a mysterious and noble shock, all highlighting the nobleness and atmosphere of the brand. Whenever the night is closing, the shop emits a dazzling dazzling light, which deeply attracts people’s eyes.
    FRANCK MULLER makes full use of the Art Deco style that was popular in architectural aesthetics from the 1920s to the 1930s, with classic case geometry and figures with rich decorative lines on the surface. The aesthetic style, which has a great influence on later generations, has a glimpse of the whole picture. This unique design element is displayed to the fullest, as if a magic call, which leads people into the mysterious space-time world of Frank Muller. In addition, the Oriental Plaza store will display Franck Muller’s most classic and outstanding luxury watch series, to provide Beijing customers with the most world-class quality services, a closer understanding of the connotation of the brand, and give more fun and appreciation .
    Founded in 1991, the watchmaker FRANCK MULLER has created many amazing top-level complex timepieces in just over 20 years, in the development and quantity of watch complications, and the invention of many watches with world patents Shang is even more proud of peers, creating an innumerable number one. This amazing achievement makes it a recognized master of complication in watchmaking. For the pursuit of watch aesthetics, Frank Muller even launched a classic barrel-type case, as well as a distinctive artistic style digital time scale, which has become a legendary classic in modern watchmaking.

2016 Longines China Equestrian Tour Dalian Station Gracefully Ends, Elegant Goddess Lin Zhiling Shines And Unveils Bincheng New Store

On July 31st, the “Longines China Tour” 2016 Dalian event ended gracefully at the yacht terminal in Donggang District, Dalian. The Dutch player Vincent Wemulenz won the highly-regarded Longines Grand Prix on the horse racing ‘Bacato’. The famous Swiss watchmaker Longines has been the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch for the third consecutive year. As the first domestic Equestrian Federation two-star or higher event held in a number of major cities in the form of a tour in China, the 2016 Longines China Equestrian Tour in Dalian Station gracefully ended, and the finals will start in Guangzhou. Longines’ elegant image ambassador Ms. Lin Zhiling also came to the scene to witness the exciting competition. At the same time, on July 30, Longines and the goddess of elegance unveiled a new Longines store in the century-old city of Dalian.

Long Chin’s elegant image ambassador Lin Zhiling, together with Longines China Sales Director Mr. Xie Qi (second from right), Ms. Wu Dan, General Manager of Dalian Century City Co., Ltd. (first from left) and Chairman of Dalian Jinhua Watch & Jewellery Co., Ltd. Liu Zhongyang (first from right) ), Unveiled the store of Longines Dalian Jinhua Watch 100 Years City

Longines China Tour arrives in Ben Thanh to share elegant equestrian time

   From July 29th to 31st, the 2016 Longines China Equestrian Touring Tournament unveiled its first race at the marina in Donggang District, Dalian. The event attracted equestrian enthusiasts from all over the country. Ms. Lin Zhiling, the elegant ambassador of Longines, also attended the Marseille scene to witness the exciting competition. In the end, in the highly anticipated ‘Longines Grand Prix’, the famous Dutchman Vincent Vermulen drove the horse racing ‘Bacato’, won the championship and received a Longines classic timepiece.

Dutch player Vincent Wemulenze wins championship on ‘Bacato’

   Since 2014, Longines has been a long-term strategic partner with the Chinese Equestrian Association, and has presented the Longines China Equestrian Tournament for the third consecutive year. As the first domestic Equestrian Federation two-star or above event held in a number of major cities in the form of a tour, the 2016 Longines China Equestrian Tour has a total of four stops in Shanghai, Beijing and Dalian, Liaoning. The finals will be Fierce competition in Guangzhou.

Longines Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling visits the 2016 Longines China Equestrian Tour in Dalian

   Longines has been associated with equestrian sports for more than a century. In 1878, Longines produced a chronograph stopwatch that was enough to be recorded in history, which was popular with jockeys and equestrian lovers. In 1912, Longines became the official timekeeper of international equestrian events for the first time, and since 2013 it has become the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of Longines Global Equestrian Championship. Today, Longines has been widely involved in equestrian events such as flat horse racing, obstacle course and endurance racing.

Longines elegantly settles in Centennial City
Longines Jinhua Watches Centennial City Store Delivers Exquisite Timepiece Space

   Longines Bincheng New Store is located in the century-old city of Dalian, in the most prosperous Qingniwa Bridge business district. As a century-old landmark building in Dalian, with its excellent geographical location and innovative operating concepts, Century City was named one of the eight largest buildings in Dalian and one of the ten largest buildings in Liaoning Province, which fits Longin’s rigorous location. Claim. The new store adheres to Longines’s simple and elegant design style, with the brand’s iconic dark blue tone, carefully interpreting the brand’s unremitting pursuit of ‘elegance, tradition and superior performance’ for more than 180 years. The store includes masterpieces with different styles such as elegance, watchmaking tradition, sports, equestrianism, and classic engraving. The elaborate VIP exclusive service area will also bring customers a comfortable and elegant shopping experience.

Longines elegant ambassador Lin Zhiling presents Daichao Wiener watches

   On the opening day of the new store, Longines’ elegant ambassador Lin Zhiling wore a Detroit Wiener series watch, and shared her love for this timepiece: ‘I personally like the Longines DeChlovena series very much. The inspiration for the watch: Italian sweet life-‘DolceVita’. Its shape combines geometric lines and soft curves in all directions. It is designed for ladies who like to wear gorgeous jewelry-like watches, and also conveys the brand’s consistency. Philosophy: elegant attitude, true personality, conveying to the new era women an elegant attitude to enjoy life. ‘
   The Longines Daichao Wiener collection is an outstanding heritage of the brand’s elegant tradition. Since its launch, the series has achieved widespread success around the world. Inspired by the sweet Italian life-‘DolceVita’, the Daichao Wiener series blooms on the wrists of women who are keen to enjoy a comfortable life. Longines combines geometric lines with soft curves. The outline of the rectangular case is lengthened and given a curve. Some models are set with diamonds to add modern elegance and femininity.

[Watch description]
Longines Dai Chuo Wei Na series stainless steel diamond watch
Watch number: L5.512.0.71.6
New products are not priced
LonginesDolceVita watches have been composing hymns praising the sweet life since their introduction. Inspired by softer lines, this watch uses a stainless steel case with diamonds on the 23×37 mm case. The silver “flinqué” dial is decorated with Roman numerals, is equipped with a quartz movement, the blue steel hands point to the hours and minutes, and the stainless steel bracelet.

   Longines Longines was founded in Somia, Switzerland in 1832. The brand upholds a long tradition of exquisite craftsmanship. Its relentless pursuit of tradition, elegance and superior performance has achieved the brand’s pure watchmaking expertise. Longines has a wealth of experience and tradition of glory as the official timekeeper of the World Championships and a partner of the International Sports Federation. The brand has long supported the elegant equestrian sports, and has established a beautiful and close relationship with it. Longines is a well-known brand of the Swatch Group, a leading global watch manufacturer. Known for creating exquisite timepieces, the brand, which is marked by a flying wing hourglass, is now available in more than 150 countries around the world.

The Most Dazzling Luxury Collection Jewelry Watch (1)

The most dazzling luxury mankind has always wanted to pursue eternity, and also strives to constantly break the rules and surpass its predecessors. ‘Innovation’ is the most precious DNA. Women’s watches give Swiss watchmakers an opportunity to let their imagination trust. When they sublime watchmaking to the perfect combination of perfect performance and perfect looking, at first glance, you can hardly realize that this is a watch, yes, they are simply top-level “jewels” that swim in time .
1. Chanel’s lucky flower Chanel Chanel flower line Camellia Fil de Camelia watch Camellia in nature only opens in January; but in Chanel’s design, it can bloom in all seasons and never wither. The camellia on the wrist is monoecious and ambiguous. It has the image of a forbidden flower. It is one of the classic symbols of Chanel and the national flower of the Chanel kingdom. It perfectly reflects the unique noble taste of Chanel and is also symbolic. The revolution encourages women to move towards liberation and is free from tradition. Ms. Chanel’s definition of luxury is to stand out in simplicity.

2. Wild and mysterious art Cartier Panthère secrète de Cartier watches are sometimes hidden and sometimes hidden watches, which have always been the brand’s traditional characteristics. Cartier infused the flow of time, seductive charm and endless wild taste into the charming case of the Panthèresecrète de Cartier watch, making it the latest successor to the brand’s blood. The magnificent watch has a square dial with a sunburst pattern and a cheetah shape paved with white diamonds. Tourmaline eyes sparkle above the leopard’s face, and the black paint streaks and time display appear or hide as the top cover is moved.

3. Modern and diamond conversation Hai Rui # 8226; Harry Winston ‘Talk To Me, Harry Winston’ diamond watch is inspired by Mr. Harry Winston’s legendary life and the endless fascination with diamonds, Take in the sparkling beauty and positive energy of diamonds, and interpret the modern and elegant style. The new watch is elegant in style, and the interesting roulette is embellished with diamonds, which perfectly fits the lines of the female wrist. It is also equipped with an elegant satin strap to ensure that it is comfortable when wearing the watch. Do you know the most artistic design models? A perfect watch is not only a magnificent and clever cuckoo that can tell the time, but also remembers those intimate times accompanied by unexpected joys, celebrating each special moment that touches the heart. They show the art of time, reflecting the dreamlike universe created by the brand. Although you can’t expect Van Gogh to paint for yourself, you can choose a high-end art watch worn on your hand, integrate gentleness and prominentness into the pace of time, and elevate precious moments to the praise of life. Life with art is destined to be exciting every minute!

Ultimate Pioneer Strong And Strong Together This Is Richard Mill

Competition and time often go hand in hand. When people are chasing a sport, they always hope that they can complete it faster and better, so that they can truly compete with time and become the true of this competition. The winner. For many years, Richard Mille, a Swiss independent high-end watchmaking brand, is just like this. Adhering to the never-ending creative impetus, it constantly refreshes the height of watchmaking and has repeatedly created brilliant achievements in the pursuit of the ultimate precision timepiece. Most of its pioneering watchmaking concepts coincide with the competitive pursuit of the top elites in various competitions, so the brand watchmaking design draws inspiration from professional sports elites. At the same time, the elites also use their own uniqueness to display accurate timepieces of time. Charm, creating an extreme classic timepiece that attracted everyone to stop and watch.

Although he is so overwhelmed, how he deserves

   Most of Richard Mille’s watches we know are limited editions, and their prices are too expensive, which makes many watch friends look forward to it. In fact, as the saying goes, with a hard work, there will be a gain. Under its bright and beautiful appearance, it contains the extraordinary creativity and unparalleled watchmaking methods used by the brand in creating new watches. Take the lightest two-second chase hand tourbillon chronograph in the history of the SIHH watch exhibition to you, the weight of the whole watch is less than 40 grams, and it is incredible only as the case of the watch. .

   The composite case of the watch not only combines titanium alloy and carbon fiber, but also introduces another new material, graphene (GRAPH TPT ™), into the special case of the watch. As an innovative nano material, it is 6 times lighter than steel, but its strength is 200 times that of steel. The addition of it makes the carbon fiber watch case’s physical characteristics greatly enhanced under the premise of ensuring ultra-light weight. , The reliability of the timepiece has also been greatly improved, so extraordinary watch materials, you can imagine the difficulty and huge time investment when making.

Richard Mill and McLaren F1

   The seemingly simple case is full of infinite technological charm. Not to mention the complex-function dial, 5-level titanium alloy and carbon fiber ultralight tourbillon two-second chronograph movement and graphene-infused rubber strap. Each watch is a demonstration of the brand’s scientific and technological achievements in the development of timepieces, and is full of sincerity and hard work. Therefore, although it is so arrogant, it is quite reasonable to think about it carefully.
Support for competitive sports has created its vanguard status in watchmaking today
   It is the demand from top people that drives one of the driving forces of this brand full of legend and technology color. Over the years, Richard Mill has established a ‘10,000-ton giant wheel’ of friendship with well-known athletes from all walks of life. It is not only a requirement in each field, but also a resonance of the goal and the philosophy. Next, let’s take a look at some of Richard Mille’s friends.

   As a world-class tennis player, Rafael Nadal is undoubtedly a very distinctive one. From the cold water bath before he came on the court, he brought another tennis racket when he went out, and then placed the specific direction of the water bottle label. Every ‘ritual’ action added luster to the evergreen tree. With constant victory (especially the victory of Grand Slam events) as his most cherished and valuable ‘routine’, for every tit-for-tat match is his wealth, he must show his best performance to get more good grade. In the 2017 season, Nadal showed clear signs of recovery, and is expected to return to the Grand Slam Hall of Honor in future games.

  As early as 2015, this RM 27-02 RAFAEL NADAL watch named after Raphael was ready to come out. As the 114th French Open is approaching, Richard Mill’s partner Nadal is only one step away from the French Open’s “Ten Crowns”, and the brand is taking advantage of a new manual designed specifically for tennis events Chain tourbillon movement.

   It is worth mentioning that the case made of the excellent all-in-one high-tech new material NTPT® (thin layer composite technology) carbon fiber material combined with TPT® quartz is not only sturdy but also light and convenient, making Raphael easy to participate in the competition Master the timing of the game. In addition, special materials will produce random textures during processing, presenting different case patterns, showing unique characteristics. As a limited edition of 50 RM 27-02 RAFAEL NADAL watches, according to custom, Nadal will be responsible for the ultimate test of this watch, this tailor-made watch will also accompany Rafael to witness his glorious moment.

   In 2016, with a little fragrance of dirt on the racetrack, Richard Mille announced that German figure riding master Jessica von Bredow-Werndl has officially become the brand’s new partner. This lady who has thorns in horse riding chose Richard Mille The RM 007 watch is her timing partner in the fierce competition. She won three first prizes in this year’s Amsterdam World Cup qualifiers, the Neumünster World Cup qualifiers and the Doha (Qatar) CDI 5 stars Achieved the second place, and won the third place in the CDI 5 stars in Stockholm (Sweden). Her enthusiasm and excellent results for equestrian make her decisive and indomitable. She is destined to become an excellent brand new partner.

   In the third leg of the 2016/17 International Formula Electric Championship (FE) just passed, Richard Mille’s other partner, Sebastian Bou, from two drivers in the Renault E. Dams team Amy and Nicholas Prost participated in the event. Continuing the impeccable performance, Sebastian Buemi was on the podium for the third time in a row and made a great start in 2017. As a staunch supporter of Renault E.Dams. Like the Renault E.Dams team, Richard Mills takes the revolutionary concept of the electric formula as an innovative idea and is committed to helping it develop successfully. This partnership is a perfect example of the shared spirit of both parties. I believe that in the next race, Renault E.Dams team will have even better results and performance!

Fanny Keck

Summary: Richard Mill has always been at the forefront of watch development as a pioneer in watch design. Always keeping fresh blood and full of energy, creating more unique top plans for more like-minded athletes in the sports field, so that they can enjoy every minute and second on the arena in the fierce competition. Taking demanding requirements as our duty, constantly breaking through, and constantly improving the creation of the ultimate timekeeping, we can’t help but sigh the magic of mechanical watches.

Oscars, Powerful Women Must Be Powerful Women

In addition to the crystal stage that can illuminate the blind at the 90th Academy Awards this year, the most striking thing may be feminism, which has become hotter in recent years. At this Oscar, the girls are undoubtedly the biggest winners. In addition to a large number of actresses and women, ‘The Common Woman’, who won the best foreign language film, tells the story of a trans woman, and the actress Daniela Vega became the first transgender woman to win an Oscar. actor. The ‘big heroine movie’ is the most obvious theme of this Oscar, such as ‘Three Billboards’, ‘Miss Bird’, ‘I, the Queen of Flowers’. From these heroines, we have seen what women should have Looks tough, unyielding and angular.

   In ‘Three Billboards’, Mildred, played by Cohen, is trying to find out the cause of his daughter’s death. He is under the pressure of the outside world and the pressure from his family. All he wants to do is just to get back a fairness. Cohen unveiled this mother’s role vividly.

  ‘Miss Bird’ is a youthful movie. The heroine played by Silsa Ronan is a rebellious high school student. She wants to escape the bondage of her mother. After she really leaves, she realizes that her ideal life is more difficult. Isn’t this the youth of each of us?

  The heroine of ‘I, Queen of Figures’ is the first female player in the history of American figure skating to complete Axel’s three-and-a-half week jump. Although she has excellent talents and hard work, this Vanity Fair is not very Accept her well. Although he can always perform perfectly, he can’t get high scores. The referee not only looks at the skating skills, but also whether you are in line with the main trend. After being banned from participating in figure skating for life, Tanya chose women’s boxing to start again. She was knocked down by opponents again and again, but stood up again and again.

   In recent years, it can be said that the ‘big heroine’ dramas dominated the TV screen, such as the hit ‘Mrs. Maisel’, ‘Biography of Zhen Huan’, ‘The Flower That Blooms That Year’, etc. Among other things, including Li Li in Operation Red Sea, among a group of tough guys, she is not losing momentum, and women are slowly on an equal footing with men.

IWC Watches

   This is also reflected in the watch. With the increase of women’s employment and social status, the economy is more independent and autonomous, and strong consumer demand has become a new bright spot and new opportunity to promote economic growth. In this case, the watch has gradually begun to pay attention to women’s preferences and demand for watches. Each brand has begun to develop a new series consciously, instead of changing the color plus or minus diamonds based on the original women’s watch, but a new design from the inside out. Almost all luxury watch brands on the market have launched women’s mechanical watches. Even IWC, which has always emphasized that it is only for men’s watches, has also begun to enter the women’s watch market and launched exquisite women’s watches.

Omega Constellation ‘Blue Starry Sky’ Ladies Watch with 8521 Coaxial Movement

   In 2008, Omega launched a women’s watch movement 8520/8521, which is specially used in women’s watches with small feet. This is inseparable from the Omega brand’s sight of women’s high demand for mechanical watches, because women have begun to become more interested in the technical characteristics of watches. A benign trend of mechanical watches among women is being developed. This trend is causing more women to use watches as status symbols, and they want every part of their watches to be as good as men’s.

Cartier Blue Balloons

   Cartier is a relatively well-known brand in women’s watches. Countless women want to own a Cartier. In the forum of the Watch House, it is often seen that netizens use Cartier to witness their love. When it comes to love, I am afraid to tell the legend behind Cartier: Cartier’s designer Jenny and Cartier’s heir Joseph fell in love, but because Joseph is married, this love is not supported. When they decided to stay alive, Joseph died in a car accident. Jenny incorporated all her feelings for Joseph into the design, and designed a series of jewelry. A love story made a brand’s story. Doesn’t it sound much like the plot in a TV series? If put into the present, it will be a proper ‘big heroine’ drama. Cartier clearly knows what women’s needs are, and the story behind it makes it easy to explain why it is favored by countless women.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Dating Moon Phase Watch

   Another brand that I have to mention is Jaeger-LeCoultre. The earliest watches were actually worn by women, and Jaeger-LeCoultre was one of the earliest watchmakers to offer watches to women. The Jaeger-LeCoultre dating series is a perfect combination of aesthetics and mechanics. It is elegant and decent from all angles. Like the same hymn, it praises the beauty of women’s wrists day and night. Subtlety reflects the superb watchmaking heritage of Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Summary: As early as a few years ago, the media reported that the ‘her’ economic era was approaching. In this era, women have enough ability and financial resources to buy their favorite jewelry, and no longer place happiness on men. In Yi Shu’s novel, Tang Jing said to He Han: ‘The ring looks good, I can buy it myself, and I will also love myself.’

Richard Mille Launches Cufflinks Accessories-news Richard Mille

For the tireless pursuit of product innovation, watch performance and creativity, Richard Mille has accepted challenges again and again. Just like that, cufflinks entered Richard Mille’s field of vision, like a watch, becoming a delicate accessory that men carefully choose and show themselves.

If cufflinks belong to jewellery for hundreds of years, and shape and material are the most important, then Richard Mille successfully broke through another obstacle: as a natural accessory of RM watches, cufflinks have become a real work of art. The early cufflinks were traditional chain-type, and then evolved into rotary card-type. Richard Mille strives to innovate cufflinks products, giving them pure technical elements and making them a reflection of the times.
The design concept of the RM cufflinks is the same as that of the watch. It must be sophisticated and sophisticated, and must be accurate, practical and aesthetically pleasing. Making RM automatic cufflinks is like developing an RM watch movement. After two years of research and design, these extraordinary treasures came out. They are extremely technical and extremely delicate, and their components are not less than 38. RM cufflinks are made of five grade titanium and equipped with an unprecedented new patented switch that opens the jaws with a button. It differs from similar products in that it does not rely on a rotating rod to fix the folded sleeve, but uses two titanium clips. As long as the button is pressed lightly, the jaws can be opened, and then pressed again to close.

Another feature of RM automatic cufflinks is its attention to beauty and detail. Its surface is polished by hand satin, bead polished and chamfered to show its superior quality and elegance. Since October, RM cufflinks are available in all Richard Mille stores and outlets, with a two-year shelf life. Richard Mille will launch diamond-set diamonds after titanium cufflinks.

Keep Improving Quality Directly To Mido Commander Watch

The exciting 2015 Baselworld is in full swing. As an annual ‘Oscar’ feast in the watch industry, new products are dizzying. accident. Below, please follow the real pictures of the front line of the Watch House and enjoy the new masterpieces of Mido together.
  Watch real shot show:

  Watch details real shot display:

Mido’s classic logo is at twelve o’clock.

The pointer is specially treated to ensure accurate reading at night.

The date and day display window at 3 o’clock is clearly visible.

Viewed from the side, the case has a special curvature.

The straight lugs are polished carefully to fit the strap naturally.

The brown premium belt is comfortable to wear with a silver buckle.

The movement, decorated with blue screws, is clearly visible, and the automatic oscillating weight is carefully carved with the Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo.

  At the same time, the special report team of the Watch House has also rushed to the Basel Watch Fair to bring you the freshest and most current watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2015, please pay attention to our special report page. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

Breitling Men’s Watch Extreme Performance Wrist Meter

Men are action. Columbus’s ships discovered the new continent, Wright’s planes expanded to new heights, and Breitling’s men’s timepieces were designed to measure time accuracy for elite men who dare to challenge. The Breitling Men’s watch has a rough, military-style dial, and displays its wisdom and pride in the chic moment when the wind moves. Breitling Men’s Montbrillant Automatic Mechanical Watch
     In the history of Breitling, the name Montbrillant is reminiscent of a very special time and place. It was the first well-equipped precision timer center. The most exquisite and detailed products in all Breitling series were developed here. of. Breitling Men’s Watch ‘Accurate and Professional’ Quality
     In 1915, Breitling developed the first chronograph watch and provided the pilot with the first aviation flight watch. This Breitling Men’s Montbrillant self-winding mechanical movement watch continues the ‘accurate and professional’ quality of Breitling professional chronographs.
Breitling Men’s Transocean Transocean Automatic Mechanical Watch
     Breitling draws inspiration from transoceanic travel and luxury long-distance flights. This Breitling Men’s Transocean Transocean series automatic mechanical watch, with a simple design, shows the dynamic atmosphere at a glance, is your favorite Wrist treasure.

Genalis, A Gentleman Who Galloped On A Harley Locomotive

The hot exhaust pipe and roaring sound are deafening, and I am used to the unruly brawny man on the locomotive. When encountering exquisite luxury watches, I can easily show off my feelings. Sportsman taste.

One is the Swiss watchmaking pioneer Zenith, and the other is the world’s top locomotive Harley-Davidson. Precision and freedom collide, elegance and power combine. Zenith was accustomed to accompany people to participate in various sports at the beginning. In addition to the high-end superb timing technology, it is pleasing and noble quality. It absolutely guarantees that men of sports locomotive can enjoy the adrenaline rush and enjoy Gentleman style.

This month, the Harley-Davidson Taiyuan store officially opened. After the launching ceremony, the Harley-Davidson retro cycling tour began. The coffee knights drive the Harley-Davidson locomotive that symbolizes freedom and strength, through the mother river Hefen of Taiyuan, and gallop all the way to the cultural sanctuary Fushan Garden of China. In the deep feelings of true power, they enjoy freedom and chase dreams together. The precision of luxury watches resonates strongly with the roar of the engine. Zenith and Harley jointly interpreted a man’s imagination and pursuit of power and beauty. Throughout the cycling trip, the retro gentleman hormone burst out, attracting countless onlookers and admirers. This is the charm of combining Zenith with Harley.

In addition, Zenith pays tribute to the coffee knight and presents the new Pilot Pilot Series Ton up watch, Ton = 100 mph. Once, a rider capable of 100 miles per hour will declare himself ‘Ton Up Boy’, which belongs to ‘The Ton Up Club. ‘ This watch is equipped with the legendary El Primero 4069 automatic chronograph ‘engine’, a magnificent 45mm vintage stainless steel case, inheriting all the noble blood of the pilot series-large luminous Arabic numerals and the iconic onion crown The same retro dial offers perfect readability. Beige light olive gray dial with oily suede strap, pure titanium case back engraved with the words ‘Café Racer Spirit’, highlighting the spirit of freedom of the knight, leading the gentleman retro trend.

Zenith Pilot Ton-up
Reference price: RMB 56,200

Men, motorcycles, and watches are natural, masculine, agile, and graceful. All these sparks that hit the locomotive make Zenith’s luxury watch brand’s gentlemanship and timeless craftsmanship even more meaningful.