2018 Basel Watch Fair Jacques Dro Smalta Clara Hour Minute Dial Watch

From the initial sketch almost three centuries ago to the arrival of the latest masterpiece today, Jaquet Droz has faithfully inherited the core idea of ​​Pierre Jaquet-Droz— —Simple aesthetics, bold style and innovative clock mechanism continue the legend of watchmaking.

  The Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara hour and minute dial introduced on the occasion of the brand’s 280th anniversary is no exception. This watch inherits the brand’s centuries-old tradition and has its own personality. For the first time in the new work, the Jacques Dro brand uses the enamel technique of empty windows. Its Latin name is ‘smalta clara’. Jacques Droux has always been known for its superb fire enamel craftsmanship. This process, which was born 1500 years ago, requires precise control of the flames to avoid cracks in the enamel. The risk of cracks in the glazed surface increases with each firing.

  The finished product is no longer a single enamel, but consists of enamel blocks of different colors and shapes. The enamel blocks are separated by gold wires. In the end, the enamel is not covered on the metal bottom, but filled with a hollow grille, like a stained glass window. It can be said that the empty window enamel (Smalta Clara) has no bottom layer. Light can penetrate the glazed surface, reflecting every delicate color.

  When the light shines, Jakodro’s tiger pattern specially painted for this watch seems to inject vitality and come to life. This animal image is drawn with vivid and modern lines, adding a touch of toughness to this soft and gentle watch. Each dial uses at least 7 colors to make the tiger look real. The bezel is set with 100 brilliant diamonds, set against subtle details, highlighting its majesty. Jacques Dero uses crystal pure enamel, which can completely penetrate the light without blocking or deforming, creating stunning visual effects. It takes four days for the enamel artisan to make a dial.

  The Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara watch is also one of the very few Jaquet-Droz timepieces with an eccentric hours display at 2 o’clock. The extremely streamlined dial provides tigers with a space to repel others. Following the fine watchmaking tradition, the mother-of-pearl dial is paired with two blue-steel hands. The crown is also set at 2 o’clock, hiding the chain shaft under the enamel. To this end, Jacques de Ronaldo chose to carry the elegant 8-Lady 8 Flower movement, the smallest mechanical movement in the brand series.

  Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara watches are available in two styles, each limited to 28 pieces. This watch is 35 mm in diameter and the ears and bezel are set with diamonds. The first model has a white gold case with a blue tiger pattern, and the second model has a red gold case with a gold and brown tiger pattern. Each watch is equipped with a hand-rolled satin strap that matches the dial hue. This new work is bound to write a new chapter in the splendid history of the Jacques Dro Art Workshop.
  ‘Some watches tell time, some tell a story.’

  SMALTA CLARA TIGER hour and minute dial
  Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara Tiger
  ‘Etched enamel’ large open fire enamel 18K white gold dial, white mother-of-pearl dial, 18K red gold stereo bezel
  18K red gold case set with 100 diamonds, total weight 0.89 carats
  Automatic mechanical movement
  Power reserve approx. 38 hours
  35 mm diameter
  Limited edition of 28 pieces

  SMALTA CLARA TIGER hour and minute dial
  Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara Tiger
  ‘Etched enamel’ 18K white gold dial with large open fire enamel, white mother-of-pearl dial, 18K white gold three-dimensional bezel
  18K white gold case set with 100 diamonds, total weight 0.89 carats
  Automatic mechanical movement
  Power reserve approx. 38 hours
  35 mm diameter
  Limited edition of 28 pieces

Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Automatic Winding Ladies Watch

Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin’s sports watch will write a new chapter, launching the Overseas Lady Date Self-Winding self-winding women’s watch with calendar window. This watch subtly combines personality and elegance, it is not only a delicate jewelry, but also an absolutely high-tech watch.
The new Overseas ladies watch has a unique 36mm diameter, 18K white gold case, set with 528 diamonds (approximately 2.24 carats), and uses a self-winding mechanical movement. The case, design, and ergonomic considerations-still retaining the inherent characteristics of this collection-are all aimed at women. Its unparalleled elegance is equal to the level of high-tech complexity, and a soft iron antimagnetic inner cover is installed in the slim 18K white gold case-one of the important genes of the Overseas model-to ensure the smooth movement of the mechanical movement. Like satin, the new Overseas Lady Date Self-Winding model also captures other classic design interests of Overseas, such as the Maltese cross-shaped bezel.

The water-resistant depth is about 5 atmospheres, which is equivalent to 50 meters underwater. The new Overseas has a solid screw-in caseback. The outer side is like the well-known ‘Amerigo Vespucci’ barque pattern, in order to encourage women to choose a more beautiful The mechanical movement, the slim case is equipped with Calibre 1226 mechanical movement, composed of 143 parts, with automatic winding capability, with hours, minutes, large central seconds and calendar window indication, power reserve is about 40 hours.
Overseas Lady Date Self-Winding Self-winding Ladies Watch, Black Lacquered Dial, 18K White Gold Case, 36 mm Diameter, Bezel Set with 528 Diamonds (Approx. 2.20 Carat), Solid Back镌 ‘Overseas’ sailing pattern, screw lock, anti-magnetic protection inside, waterproof 50 meters, 18K white gold base set with 36 beautiful diamonds (about 0.06 carat total weight), white lacquered minute scale track ring, Hours, minutes, large central seconds and calendar window, 1226 SC self-winding mechanical movement, 40 hours power reserve, hand saddle-style double-thread-stitched large checkered Mississippi alligator leather strap, black silk strap, 18K The white gold folding clasp is set with 53 diamonds (total weight approximately 0.29 carats).
The black, satin-brushed dial that can be clearly read is low-key and elegant. The hands of Overseas are coated with white luminous paint, the calendar window at three o’clock, and 36 diamonds (approximately 0.06 carats) in 18K white gold. Let this new watch show different female surname characteristics and traditional watchmaking aesthetics. New Overseas Lady Date Self-winding with 53 diamonds (approximately 0.29 carats) in 18K white gold folding buckle and black alligator leather strap with black silk strap

Five Highlights Dazzlingly Presented Radar Watch Basel 2015 New

At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2015, as a world-renowned watch brand that has always been known for its innovative design and the use of revolutionary materials, RADO continues to ‘if you can imagine Can create. If you can create, you can achieve ‘brand philosophy, launched a series of unforgettable new models, once again underline the status of his material master.
Looking at RADO’s new Basel 2015 products, five highlights are presented:
First, ‘modern alchemy’ plasma high-tech ceramics-without any metal elements, can make high-tech ceramics shine with metallic brilliance.
Second, the high-tech ceramics family adds a new color-chocolate brown high-tech ceramics, which vividly melts on the wrist, creating a dual enjoyment of senses and vision.
Third, the futuristic design and ultra-light weight inspire infinite imagination-the Haoxing series Si3N4 watch presents the beauty of the future for you.
Fourth, the avant-garde bold and eye-catching design breaks the inherent image of the diamond tyrant series-the diamond tyrant series big second hand watch makes fashion men love it.
Fifth, the brilliant diamonds and high-tech ceramics collide with each other. The Diamond Diamond series presents unprecedented elegance and shine, adding more charm to contemporary beauty.

RADO Swiss Radar Basel International Watch & Jewellery Exhibition Site
Aspect 1: ‘Modern Alchemy’ Creates Extraordinary Visual Experience
-Plasma high-tech ceramics

   Alchemy is derived from philosophy. As a totem science, the magical power of alchemy is challenging existing materials and bringing new surprises to consumers. Imagine if you have a kind of magic that can transform white high-tech ceramics into metal-like shiny watch cases without adding any metal elements in the entire process. Does this sound strange? In fact, RADO has transformed imagination into reality. As you can see, Swiss radars once again lead the ultimate in material innovation, bringing a ‘magic feast’ in reality.

    Dazzling plasma high-tech ceramic watches evolved from white high-tech ceramics. Rado Swiss radar uses advanced modern material technology, plasma treatment of white ceramic components. In a specially designed furnace with a temperature of up to 20,000ºC, the gas activated by the plasma column penetrates into the high-tech ceramics, permanently changing the molecular structure on the surface of the high-tech ceramics. When the temperature of the ceramic itself reaches 900ºC, its color changes and gradually emits a unique warm gray metallic luster. Although the color of the ceramic surface changes during the process, it will not fade over time. Instead, it will maintain its high-tech brilliance forever, and retain its original hardness, resistance to wear, lightness and hypoallergenicity Features. The 100% (100%) innovative special material of plasma high-tech ceramics is 100% (100%) high-tech ceramics and 100% (100%) highlights the quality of Rado.

Rado plasma radar high-tech ceramic watch
   As Lidewij Edelkoort, one of the world’s most famous trend predictors, said, plasma high-tech ceramics combine high-tech craftsmanship, modern design and a sense of the future, and they are unparalleled in their past and future. ——The appearance of youth coexists with ancient wisdom, crossing the gap between gender, age and aesthetics.
Aspect 2: Concentrated alcoholic melting in the wrist
-Chocolate brown high-tech ceramics

   In 2015, the RADO high-tech ceramic family added a new color-chocolate brown. Since the introduction of high-tech ceramics into the watchmaking industry in 1986, Swiss radar has continuously introduced new-colored high-tech ceramic materials: from the original black high-tech ceramics, to the subsequent white high-tech ceramics, to the cool gray high-tech in 2014 The stunning appearance of ceramics, Swiss Rado has completed innovations time and time again. At the same time, Swiss radar is also the first brand to use plasma high-tech ceramics, beyond the imagination, although the watch does not contain any metal components, it shines with a warm gray metallic luster. Today, chocolate brown comes to the watch stage after black, white, gray and plasma color, once again highlighting the unrivalled material mastery status of Swiss radar.

   As the light changes throughout the day, the delicate brown high-tech ceramic surface of RADO can reflect light and shadow colors from deep dark chocolate to sweet light brown, creating the ultimate artistic effect. The surface temperature of high-tech ceramics can change with the temperature of the wearer. The excellent touch makes the beauty of rich colors extend with the fingertips, creating a dual enjoyment of senses and vision.

RADO Swiss Radar new HyperChrome chocolate brown high-tech ceramic watch
   RADO is always committed to the vision of excellence and long-lasting beauty. As we all know, the high-tech ceramic sintering process is extremely difficult to control, but the Swiss Rado watches ensure the color of each batch of products through the exquisite professional technology. The persistent pursuit of high-tech materials and the improvement of process technology have made Swiss radars have the absolute strength to lead the industry in the field of high-tech materials and have never been surpassed from beginning to end.
Aspect 3: Futuristic Design Lighter Than Light
-Haoxing Si3N4 Watch
   RADO is known for its pioneering use of materials in the watchmaking industry, and the launch of the new Swiss Rado Haosing series Si3N4 watch has once again consolidated this leading position. Thanks to the ultra-lightweight silicon nitride ceramic case and bracelet and the new movement with aluminum bridge, the Haoxing series Si3N4 watch has achieved unprecedented lightness and is an ideal watch for urban men with deep temperament.

RADO Swiss Radar HyperChrome Si3N4 Watch

   Named after the chemical formula Si3N4 of silicon nitride, this ultra-light urban watch has a natural dark gray appearance, while the matte surface treatment adds a superhero-like futuristic feel to the watch. Despite the consistent streamlined design and stainless steel side inserts of the Haoxing series, this model has a distinctive dial inspired by the vents of the supercar-the red tip of the second hand on the dark matte background Set off against the eye, walking on the dial is like a speeding sports car.
   Based on the manufacturing concept of ‘design, light weight and high performance’, the new ETA calibre A31 ALU has become the perfect movement for this ultralight watch. Through the use of aluminum, the weight of the movement is significantly reduced compared to traditional brass movements. An outstanding improvement is the 22-hour increase in power reserve. With a minimum power reserve of 64 hours, even if your watch is not wound on the weekend, it will still be full of power on Monday. Compared with untreated aluminum, anodized aluminum achieves an innovative design while improving corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
Aspect 4: The avant-garde is bold and born eye-catching
-Big Diamond Series Second Hand Watch
   The focus on design is an indispensable factor for the success of RADO. The unique industrial design of the brand has been recognized by more than 31 international awards. For men with extraordinary taste and unique personality, the RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series large-second hand watch unveiled at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Show 2015 will undoubtedly become a ‘ruthless character’ on the wish list.

RADO Swiss Master DiaMaster Large Seconds
  The new RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series large seconds watch is a large open dial with an integrated high-tech ceramic case. Two small dials overlap each other. One displays the hours and minutes, and the other displays the seconds. The individual small seconds dial with amazing appearance has Arabic numerals to record the seconds at 5 second intervals, while the minute and hour dials are equipped with slim and bright scales to remind the wearer of the importance of time.

   The eye-catching style meets the needs of every contemporary man: Plasma high-tech ceramic models with brown leather straps exude retro radiance, while black models have a futuristic avant-garde texture. With an avant-garde and retro design, the RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series of large seconds watches can be used with business suits, but also can easily set off weekend casual wear. The unconventional dial design not only makes the watch itself, but also makes men wearing this watch stand out from the crowd. Born to be eye-catching, it can be called a sportsman’s choice.
Aspect Five: Diamonds and Gold
-RADO Diamond Razor Diamond Series
   Diamonds are a wonderful companion for glamour. This may not be the first diamond watch you have, but it must be the first beautiful collision between high-tech ceramics and brilliant diamonds in front of you. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2015, RADO brings you unprecedented elegance and shine.

   High-tech ceramics, diamonds and gold shine on the three new RADO limited edition diamond series limited edition diamonds, giving the watch an extraordinary luxurious texture. The Swiss radar Razor Diamond series is well known for its large open face dial and low-key design, but the three watches launched this time are extremely decorative, elegant and gorgeous.

   72 sparkling diamonds are set on the ornate 18K gold bezel, creating a striking highlight for the dial. The light is refracted by the bezel and is projected onto the large open-faced dial, shining brightly. Black or plasma high-tech ceramics are paired with rose gold details to create an extraordinary warm texture, while the gorgeous light of gold complements the white ceramic models.

   Dazzling, mysterious, and dazzling, the beauty of these precious gemstones combined with the same fascinating high-tech ceramics adds eye-catching charm to contemporary beauty.

Omega Releases Sochi Winter Olympics Limited Watch

Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 45.5mm ‘Sochi 2014’ Limited Edition Watch

男 This men’s watch features a frosted and polished 45.5mm stainless steel case, a stainless steel bracelet, and a matte black unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel with chrome nitride diving scale. The 1-5 minute scale on the bezel is covered with blue lacquer, and the 6-10 minute scale is covered with red lacquer. This particular design is inspired by the colors of the Russian Federation flag.

The watch is equipped with a screw-in frosted case back, embossed with the ‘Sochi 2014’ Olympic emblem, and engraved with ‘Si 14’ (silicon) and a limited edition number (eg 0001/2014) . The helium exhaust valve is at 10 o’clock. The Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 45.5mm ‘Sochi 2014’ limited edition watch is equipped with the Omega 8500 coaxial movement, which defines the industry standard for mechanical movements in the 21st century. The Omega 8500 coaxial movement is equipped with the brand’s unique Si14 silicon balance spring. The coaxial escapement system and silicon balance spring are used together to make the watch more reliable. Omega therefore provides a four-year warranty for this watch. . This watch is water resistant to 60 bar / 600 meters / 2000 feet.

Omega Seahorse Series 37.5mm ‘Sochi 2014’ Limited Edition Watch

In 1932, Omega launched the world’s first professional diving watch-the Omega Marine watch. For more than 80 years, Omega has been synonymous with professional diving watches. At the same time, women who are adventurous have become loyal fans of the Hippocampus Ocean Universe Watch. The Omega Hippocampus Ocean Universe 37.5mm ‘Sochi 2014’ limited edition The watch is as solid and reliable as the 45.5mm men’s watch, and has the same excellent professional diving performance.

3This 37.5mm model is exclusively for women. The matte and polished stainless steel case is equipped with a white unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel with diving scale. Like the ‘Sochi 2014’ limited edition men’s watch, the 1-5 minute scale on this watch bezel is covered with blue lacquer, while the 6-10 minute scale is covered with red lacquer. The watch features a screw-in matte case back with an embossed ‘Sochi 2014’ Olympic emblem, engraved with ‘Si 14’ (silicon) and a limited edition number (such as 0001/2014) . The helium exhaust valve is at 10 o’clock.

小时 The hour markers and polished three-dimensional rhodium-plated hands on the white lacquered dial are coated with a white luminous coating, which emits blue light in low-light environments. The dot at 12 o’clock on the minute hand and the diving bezel glows green. This feature makes it easy to read the time with one glance when diving. The watch is equipped with a central hour, minute and second hands and a calendar window at 3 o’clock.

限量 The Omega Seamaster 37.5mm ‘Sochi 2014’ limited edition watch is equipped with the Omega 8520 coaxial movement, this movement is an important member of the family of Omega’s own coaxial movement. The Si14 silicon balance spring mounted in the movement has excellent anti-magnetic properties and can be largely resistant to vibration and external interference. This watch has stable and reliable quality and long-lasting outstanding time performance, and enjoys up to four years of after-sales service guarantee. Like every Marine Universe, this model is water resistant to 60 bar / 600 meters / 2000 feet.

米 Omega 2014 Sochi 膺 timing again

On February 7, 2014, the Sochi Winter Olympics grandly opened. Nine Omega countdown clocks across the Russian Federation also ended the countdown, recording the exciting moment of the opening, which also marked Omega as Sochi Winter 2014. The Olympic Games provides a designated timing service. This is the 26th time that Omega has won the designated timing for the Olympic Games since 1932. At the Winter Paralympic Games, which opened on March 7, 2014, Omega will also perform this important task.

In 1936, Omega served for the first time as the designated timekeeper for the Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. At that time, only one Omega timekeeper was used to time all the games, and 27 high-precision Omega chronographs were all his equipment. For more than 75 years, Omega has continued to enrich the brand’s innovation and sports timing tradition, and has developed and introduced many cutting-edge sports timing technologies.

At the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Omega’s strong lineup will once again attract the world’s attention: 260 on-site professional timekeepers, 170 trained volunteers, and 230 tons of equipment, including 30 public scoreboards and 90 event scoreboards, 78 kilometers of cables and optical fibers, and cutting-edge timing and data processing technology developed by Omega to meet the needs of various sports.

Geneva Spring Watch Auction News

In the past week, the European stock market has suffered a serious downturn due to fears that Greece will withdraw from the euro area, but the two major auction houses in Geneva still achieved good results in the spring auction clocks and shows that collectors still have enough Cash for thousands of dollars to buy your favorite collection.

    On Monday, May 14th, Antiquorum auction house and Christie’s Christie’s auction house held a spring auction watch on the same day, with a total turnover of more than 40 million Swiss francs. Antiquorum sold 13,766,737 Swiss francs, while Christie’s Christie’s achieved the second-best performance in the company’s watch auction history, with a turnover rate of 95% and a turnover of 30,283,350 Swiss francs.

    The highest auction price of Antiquorum at auction was a Patek Philippe ‘World Time’ watch Ref. 2523, which was sold for 1,190,500 Swiss francs-twice its valuation. A Rolex Submariner Ref. 5512 that originally belonged to former Mossad Director Isser Harel, the bid was very fierce, and the final transaction price reached 248,500 Swiss francs-almost 9 times the valuation, and set a world record for this model.
Patek Philippe reference 2543

    Christie’s Christie’s spring auction clock, Breguet President Marc A. Hayek Mark Hayek with the determination to ensure that the Breguet Museum bought two special lots, and the auction climaxed. Hayek bought two timepieces for almost CHF 7 million: an extremely rare dual-calibre pocket watch (no. 2667) and a time equation ‘half-cut’ minute watch (no. 4111).

The two Breguet watches acquired for the Breguet Museum

    This stunning dual-calibre gold precision pocket watch was reportedly sold to London’s Mr Garcias for 5,000 francs in August 1814. This time, a high auction price of 4,339,000 francs created a new world of Breguet watches. Record.

    Breguet No. 4111-one of only two watches with two independent dials and half-engraved watch mechanism-originally made for the banker Peyronnet but later repurchased by Breguet and resold to 1834 Count Charles de l’Espine, sold for CHF 2,547,000.

    At the Christie’s auction site, a Patek Philippe watch model 2523 was sold for a record 2,771,000 Swiss francs. Another Patek Philippe watch, model 2499, was also sold at twice the valuation and sold for CHF 2,547,000.

    All four watches sold for more than two million Swiss francs, helping Christie’s Christie’s auction house achieve brilliant results. After the meeting, Aurel Bacs, Christie’s Christie’s watch and clock international director, described it as “a seven and a half hour marathon in a crowded room”.

Omega Seahorse Aquaterra Watch

Aqu a Ter ra from the hippocampus watch family is closely linked to the ocean, and the vertical ‘teak concept’ texture is reminiscent of the teak deck on a luxury yacht. Today, the Aqu a Ter ra family has the first complex almanac—a month that automatically recognizes 30 or 31 days—just one manual adjustment every year on March 1. In terms of movement, Omega selected a movement equipped with a silicon escapement. Silicon is a non-magnetic substance, which is more precise than the balance spring of traditional materials. The slight vibrations in daily life can cause deviations in the movement of the mechanical watch, but the silicon balance spring makes the impact of the vibration minimal.

Classic Touring Rolex Ref.6062 Stainless Steel Full Calendar Watch

In any case, Rolex watches with moon phase display are special. Throughout history, Rolex has not produced many timepieces with such complex functions. Among them, Ref. 6062 is definitely a more special one, because Rolex integrated a variety of functions that were not common at the time in this watch.

   The watch shown above is produced in 1953. It is equipped with an automatic movement, complete calendar functions and a waterproof oyster case. In the 1950s, even luxury timepieces were not common with waterproof cases. From this point of view, Rolex is ahead of its time and is leading for decades. It can be said that Rolex created the earliest high-end, sports and complication watches in a way that is particularly popular today. The watch’s case is made of steel, which is also very rare, because most Ref.6062 is made of gold, which better meets the appearance standards of luxury timepieces of the time.

   With a diameter of 36 mm, this watch is still very suitable for wearing today. The screw-down crown and stainless steel Jubilee bracelet further enhance its appeal. The dial gives it a retro charm, not only because of rare complications (for Rolex), but also in design and decoration. The gold leaf-shaped hands and hour markers contrast with the stainless steel case and bracelet, exuding a vintage feel. In addition, the ‘human face’ moon phase is also a long tradition dating back to the early days of watchmaking, further highlighting the unique personality of this Rolex watch. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)

2012 Limited Edition Top Watches Are Not Fully Selected

Any limited quantity means noble, it is by no means readily available, and even money cannot be bought. Here are a few limited edition treasures of the top watches introduced in 2011. Hublot Jetstar Limited Edition
Jet Li officially joined the Hublot family as an international brand ambassador in December 2010. This time, Jet Li and Hublot have jointly designed a limited edition Hublot Jet Li special watch, limited to only 200 pieces worldwide. The black matt hollow dial incorporates Chinese classic window lattice patterns into the design. The back and front poles of the yin and yang surround autographed by Mr. Jet Li. In the future, a part of the sales revenue of each watch will be donated to the One Fund to support the construction of people with love Public welfare culture with people involved.
Tissot Racing Series Limited Edition
Tissot celebrates 10 consecutive years as the official designated timekeeper of MotoGP, launching the new Tissot racing series C01.211 MotoGP 2011 limited edition. The new Tissot racing series C01.211 MotoGP 2011 limited edition watch, its technology power is derived from the newly developed C01.211 mechanical automatic chronograph movement, which is equipped in the eye-catching watch design to interpret the uninhibited racing soul . The Tissot Racing Series C01.211 MotoGP 2011 limited edition watch is undoubtedly a very high-precision precision chronograph instrument. The regular arrangement of three chronograph discs and the black PVD-coated 316L stainless steel case, more importantly, it uses Same rugged material as MotoGP. The passionate orange hands stand out on the dial, and the orange strap made of antioxidant silicone is also very eye-catching. The transparent back of the watch shows the precise movement of the Swiss automatic mechanical movement like the spoke wheels of a MotoGP motorcycle. This series of watches is limited to 2,011 pieces and is equipped with a self-winding watch box (built-in automatic winding mechanism to wind the watch in the watch box).
Omega Seamaster London 2012 Limited Edition Watch
1The Omega Seamaster Series 1948 coaxial “London 2012” limited edition watch is a replica of Omega’s first automatic seahorse watch. The fashion style of more than 60 years ago continues to this day, showing timeless classic charm. The 39 mm stainless steel case is polished and sanded, with a polished bezel and lugs, and the crown is etched with the classic Omega logo? . The 18K yellow gold case back is etched with the emblem of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Water-resistant to 120 meters. This dazzling design reproduces the legendary watch in history, and the case contains a new movement technology: Haima 1948 uses Omega’s unique 2202 movement, officially certified by the Swiss Observatory, equipped with 3 layers Coaxial escapement and balance without balance spring. This special limited edition hippocampus watch has a black alligator leather strap with a classic polished steel buckle. Haima 1948 coaxial “London 2012” is limited to 1948 pieces, and each watch is carried in a special London 2012 gift box.
Breitling Montbrillant 01 Limited Edition
Breitling’s new interpretation of the Montbrillant small chronograph Montbrillant, for the first time the brand’s self-developed high-performance ‘engine’ Breitling Caliber 01 movement on this classic watch. Classic design and top-notch craftsmanship blend perfectly in this limited edition chronograph. The Breitling Caliber 01 movement is equipped with a revolutionary assembly process, the most reliable and efficient ‘engine’, with strict Swiss official observatory certification (COSC), can be called an automatic chronograph movement The most remarkable masterpiece of all. Through the specially designed transparent sapphire crystal case back, Caliber 01 movement and its column wheel device and unique structure at a glance, the minute movement of precision timepieces will definitely make you entertaining. The silver-toned dial is equipped with elegant and elegant hands, and is carefully embedded with a 1 / 100-hour graduated center timer and 18K gold capital letter B classic logo.
Graff Star Grande Date Hong Kong Limited Edition
GRAFF specially launched the GraffStar Grande Date Hong Kong Limited Edition watch to commemorate the brilliant achievements of the brand in Asia. The watch uses the Calibre 1 movement developed by the brand itself. Behind the transparent sapphire crystal watch, it is a pillar bridge carved according to the coastline of the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. The location of Victoria Harbour is painted with precious enamel, which perfectly reflects the azure blue tone of Victoria Harbour. The watch also implements the characteristics of the GRAFF high-end watch. At 12 o’clock, it is set with a triangle-cut white diamond. The finely textured dial and leather strap use the brand’s classic green to reflect each other. Customers who order GraffStar Grande Date watches can choose to inlaid the finest diamonds, fine sapphires, magnificent emeralds or dazzling rubies to create a unique luxury watch. The GraffStar Grande Date Hong Kong Limited Edition is limited to five pieces in the world.
Piaget Dragon & Phoenix Limited Edition
The dragon is a symbol of emperor and glory. Piaget has launched the ‘Dragon and Phoenix Watch’ series for the upcoming Chinese Dragon Year. This series of watches not only meticulously carved the image of the dragon and phoenix symbolizing the identity and power of ancient Chinese royal family on the dial, and engraved a limited number on the back plate. The entire collection consists of 20 different styles, such as elegant slim models or luxurious and elegant Tourbillon Relatif. The other image representing the same identity as the dragon is the Phoenix, which symbolizes elegance and compassion. It is said that in ancient times, the earth suffered famine, and the hundred birds received the selfless dedication of the Phoenix to survive. Therefore, in order to thank Phoenix, Baibird dedicated feathers to Phoenix. Because of this, the feathers of the phoenix have become extremely beautiful.

Natural De-embellished Gem Dial Watch

A stone may only be processed to make a dial, and sometimes even one cannot be formed. For example, the selected crystal must be sufficiently hard and scratch-resistant so that it can withstand frequent processing without causing any damage. Master craftsmen also need to call on all the extraordinary skills and outstanding appreciation of beauty in order to finally show the strange charm of those gems. The most difficult challenge is to find the natural growth direction of each stone, so that it can be cut and processed while maintaining their natural properties.
     Masters of stone sculptors and dial makers work on a variety of gems: lapis lazuli, emerald, patina, red moss agate, and more. They studied different cutting methods for each stone, searching for their inner soul and essence, so that they could be processed and manufactured while maintaining integrity.
[Dior] Various Gem Dial [Dior] Emerald Dial [Dior] Lapis Lazuli [Dior] Su Ji Stone Dial [Earl] Pink Opal Dial [Earl] Lapis Dial [Earl] Emerald Dial [Earl] Opal Dial [Jacques Dro ] Colorado Rose Gypsum [Jacques Droy] Red Moss Agate Face Plate [Jacques Droy] Emerald Face Plate [Jacques Dello] Lapis Lazuli Face Plate [Jacques Dro] Bronze Gypsum Face Plate [Hetian Jade Dial] [Wada] Jade Dial】 【Hetian Jade Dial】 【Hetian Jade Dial】

This Kind Of Jewelry Is Too Magical Chopard Fleurs D’ Opales Series

In our impression, the flowers have always been soft and bright, and the posture of flowers in high jewelry is also elegant and moving with diamonds and gems, swaying. The Chopard Fleurs d’ Opales series breaks through people’s original impression of flowers, colliding with titanium, zirconium, black opal, and multi-colored gemstones to create a magic flower in another world.

The legendary magical opal stone
   As early as Roman times, Opal was considered a magic stone. It is believed that this kind of stone with deep flame-like color contains powerful energy. It can carry emotions and desires, release stress, bring luck, and even have the power to predict the future.
To this day, the legend about Opal has become a legend, and the fascinating and uncapable light still fascinates people. Whether it is the mobility of opal spots, the color variability, or the elusive phenomenon of light diffraction, it has made it a mysterious existence.
   Among the natural opal stones, black opal is the most noble. Chopard Fleurs d’Opales high-end jewellery series is featured with charming and colorful black opal inlaid in the titanium gold flower core. It is combined with the color of titanium and multi-color gems to emit Demon scent.
Titanium adds magic
   Titanium has not only become an innovative material for high-end watches, but also has become a new favorite in the field of fine jewelry because of its high hardness, light texture, and unique colors. The Chopard Fleurs d’ Opales high-end jewelry series makes full use of the uniqueness of this material to open up a new creative space for jewelry creation.

   This blue flower ring is full of enchanting colors. A 20-carat oval black opal presents a glamorous blue, while the blue petals around the flower core are titanium metal plated to give a magical gradient blue, and The middle blue opal echoes the magic flower with strong magic effect. The ring is set with tsavorite, sky blue and brown diamonds.
Flowers of a different world
   This flower ring is dominated by purple, full of noble and mysterious colors. A rare 24.3 carat black opal is used, set in carefully carved titanium gold, the petals are inlaid with purple sapphires and amethysts, and the ring part is 18k white gold inlaid with tsavorite.

   Among the most expensive black opal, red is the most respected. This red flower consists of a 9-carat oval black opal as the main stone, set in a fiery red petal, surrounded by black rhodium-plated white gold inlaid with ruby ​​and Purple sapphire, petals made of black zirconium inlaid with pink spinel, ring made of white and rose gold together, set with black diamonds. Each petal can swing, and its realistic and dynamic effect makes it even more magical.
    Such magical flower rings are rare in the creation of high jewelry. Bold, enchanting and psychedelic, bring different auras and styles to those who love it, and the world of high jewelry should have different flowers.