Oscars, Powerful Women Must Be Powerful Women

In addition to the crystal stage that can illuminate the blind at the 90th Academy Awards this year, the most striking thing may be feminism, which has become hotter in recent years. At this Oscar, the girls are undoubtedly the biggest winners. In addition to a large number of actresses and women, ‘The Common Woman’, who won the best foreign language film, tells the story of a trans woman, and the actress Daniela Vega became the first transgender woman to win an Oscar. actor. The ‘big heroine movie’ is the most obvious theme of this Oscar, such as ‘Three Billboards’, ‘Miss Bird’, ‘I, the Queen of Flowers’. From these heroines, we have seen what women should have Looks tough, unyielding and angular.

   In ‘Three Billboards’, Mildred, played by Cohen, is trying to find out the cause of his daughter’s death. He is under the pressure of the outside world and the pressure from his family. All he wants to do is just to get back a fairness. Cohen unveiled this mother’s role vividly.

  ‘Miss Bird’ is a youthful movie. The heroine played by Silsa Ronan is a rebellious high school student. She wants to escape the bondage of her mother. After she really leaves, she realizes that her ideal life is more difficult. Isn’t this the youth of each of us?

  The heroine of ‘I, Queen of Figures’ is the first female player in the history of American figure skating to complete Axel’s three-and-a-half week jump. Although she has excellent talents and hard work, this Vanity Fair is not very Accept her well. Although he can always perform perfectly, he can’t get high scores. The referee not only looks at the skating skills, but also whether you are in line with the main trend. After being banned from participating in figure skating for life, Tanya chose women’s boxing to start again. She was knocked down by opponents again and again, but stood up again and again.

   In recent years, it can be said that the ‘big heroine’ dramas dominated the TV screen, such as the hit ‘Mrs. Maisel’, ‘Biography of Zhen Huan’, ‘The Flower That Blooms That Year’, etc. Among other things, including Li Li in Operation Red Sea, among a group of tough guys, she is not losing momentum, and women are slowly on an equal footing with men.

IWC Watches

   This is also reflected in the watch. With the increase of women’s employment and social status, the economy is more independent and autonomous, and strong consumer demand has become a new bright spot and new opportunity to promote economic growth. In this case, the watch has gradually begun to pay attention to women’s preferences and demand for watches. Each brand has begun to develop a new series consciously, instead of changing the color plus or minus diamonds based on the original women’s watch, but a new design from the inside out. Almost all luxury watch brands on the market have launched women’s mechanical watches. Even IWC, which has always emphasized that it is only for men’s watches, has also begun to enter the women’s watch market and launched exquisite women’s watches.

Omega Constellation ‘Blue Starry Sky’ Ladies Watch with 8521 Coaxial Movement

   In 2008, Omega launched a women’s watch movement 8520/8521, which is specially used in women’s watches with small feet. This is inseparable from the Omega brand’s sight of women’s high demand for mechanical watches, because women have begun to become more interested in the technical characteristics of watches. A benign trend of mechanical watches among women is being developed. This trend is causing more women to use watches as status symbols, and they want every part of their watches to be as good as men’s.

Cartier Blue Balloons

   Cartier is a relatively well-known brand in women’s watches. Countless women want to own a Cartier. In the forum of the Watch House, it is often seen that netizens use Cartier to witness their love. When it comes to love, I am afraid to tell the legend behind Cartier: Cartier’s designer Jenny and Cartier’s heir Joseph fell in love, but because Joseph is married, this love is not supported. When they decided to stay alive, Joseph died in a car accident. Jenny incorporated all her feelings for Joseph into the design, and designed a series of jewelry. A love story made a brand’s story. Doesn’t it sound much like the plot in a TV series? If put into the present, it will be a proper ‘big heroine’ drama. Cartier clearly knows what women’s needs are, and the story behind it makes it easy to explain why it is favored by countless women.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Dating Moon Phase Watch

   Another brand that I have to mention is Jaeger-LeCoultre. The earliest watches were actually worn by women, and Jaeger-LeCoultre was one of the earliest watchmakers to offer watches to women. The Jaeger-LeCoultre dating series is a perfect combination of aesthetics and mechanics. It is elegant and decent from all angles. Like the same hymn, it praises the beauty of women’s wrists day and night. Subtlety reflects the superb watchmaking heritage of Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Summary: As early as a few years ago, the media reported that the ‘her’ economic era was approaching. In this era, women have enough ability and financial resources to buy their favorite jewelry, and no longer place happiness on men. In Yi Shu’s novel, Tang Jing said to He Han: ‘The ring looks good, I can buy it myself, and I will also love myself.’