One Of The Three Complicated Functions Of The Watch: The Depression Of The Perpetual Calendar

I believe that entering 2012 by itself is enough to make people sensitive to the calendar even if there is no need to start with too much detail. In fact, in the field of watches, although the perpetual calendar is one of the three complicated functions, it is also the least practical and the most boring. Not to mention that the leap year function can only be used once in such a low-key and low-key manner for only 4 years. Just the other two recognized complicated function tourbillons and three questions, one can see the oscillating weight and escapement system keep turning, and one can hear the sound of a pleasant spring time, without having to think which one is more windy.
In fact, the perplexity of the perpetual calendar is much more than that. The Gregorian calendar we use now is determined after patching up the ancient Egyptian calendar, that is, 365 days a year. But in fact, the time for the earth to orbit the sun is 365 days, 5 hours, 48 ​​minutes, 46 seconds, so in order to make up for the insufficient time, it is set to be a leap year of 366 days every 4 years. However, supplementing one day every 4 years is actually not accurate enough, so that every 100 years should be the leap year, but the day is still deducted as 365 days. For example, 1900, 2100, and 2200 are 365 days. But please note that I did not mention the year 2000 here, because the deduction of one day every 100 years is still not accurate enough, so the day of every 400 years is still 365 days, such as 2000, 2400, 2800 …
相信 I believe that if you can understand the text above, if you can’t read it against the calendar on your computer, then you must have the personality of a mathematician. But these are not all that perpetual calendars have become complex functions. The last straw that crushed the watchmaker was Caesar the Great and his son Augustus. They took one day from February and added it to their birthday month, that is, July and August, so February changed. Become the poor 28 days now.
As a result, thanks to the ancient Egyptians and Romans, the reality of creating a perpetual calendar has become one of the complicated functions in the world of watches.
In fact, the perpetual calendar function is not like a literal understanding, never need to be adjusted. Every perpetual calendar watch on the market must be returned to the original factory for adjustment by a technician every 100 years, otherwise it will still show 29 days in February. Therefore, if it is troublesome, do not choose a perpetual calendar watch before the 100-year integer. Today, only Franck Muller claims that their Aeternitas watches have a true ‘perpetual calendar’ function, which means that they do not need to be adjusted every 100 and 400 years, which is a mechanical wonder.
In addition, compared to other watches, the perpetual calendar function is not only complicated, it is also very troublesome to adjust. Of course, if you wear it every day and the movement is constantly running, you don’t need to adjust it. But if you put it down and don’t wear it, let the movement stop for a few days, it will be a headache to adjust it, because each display is interlocked, so it is easy to jam the movement if it is not adjusted properly.
The calendar cannot be adjusted from 22 o’clock in the morning to 2 o’clock in the morning, because this period is the time period when the gears of the calendar are fully engaged and are slowly operating. The contraindications of different brands may be longer, which needs to refer to the manual.
The month cannot be adjusted between the 26th of the month and the 2nd of the next month. At this time, the adjustment movement must be stuck.
Almost all perpetual calendar functions are prohibited from callback, that is to say, if it is adjusted for one day, it needs to stop the core for one day.
Therefore, the best way to maintain the function of the perpetual calendar is to ensure that the movement works properly and is never adjusted. The most secure method is to purchase an ‘automatic winding box’ so that when the watch is not worn, it can wind the movement to prevent pauses.
In fact, the perpetual calendar is not without any benefit. On the contrary, I think this is a very affectionate feature. Imagine how, in the face of such a complicated calendar for human beings, the master watchmaker has exhausted the heavens and the heavens with all his decisive feelings, and then realized all the changes in this function. As the owner of the perpetual calendar watch, it is not difficult to realize the mood of ‘the deceased is like a husband, and he is not willing to leave day and night’ when thinking of these.