Omega’s 20-year Relationship With Supermodel-news Omega

Cindy Crawford has been in the Omega OMEGA family since 1995 and is the brand’s most senior image ambassador. OMEGA was originally because Cindy’s unique fashion charm and style could fully convey the spirit of OMEGA women’s watches, but after cooperating, I found that Cindy and OMEGA have the same values: they are committed to the pursuit of beauty, quality and reliability, and pay great attention to tradition. Cindy Crawford is passionate about everything about Omega, and not only participates in brand advertising, but also actively participates in product design and activities.

Stephen Urquhart, President of OMEGA, said: ‘We have been working with Cindy for 20 years. In such a long-term relationship, Cindy not only retains the enthusiasm of OMEGA and her at that time, but it is incredible that Cindy is as beautiful as ever. .Cindy has made some outstanding contributions to OMEGA over the years and helped build the brand’s fashion credentials. She is really a family and we are honored to work with her. ‘

At the same time, Cindy Crawford also expressed her feelings: ‘This is an incredible journey. It has been two decades! When I started working with OMEGA in 1995, the company was already a well-known watch brand. They were founded in In the middle of the 19th century, models were famous for their typical ‘men’s exclusive’ sports watches and diving watches. In addition, the well-known space plan and all moon landing missions made OMEGA even more popular. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to participate in the design of horoscope watches from the beginning. In addition to professional technical achievements, OMEGA now makes it a leading watchmaking brand. I am very proud to be a part of such a brand. ‘
Looking back on the past
In the past 20 years, OMEGA and Cindy have experienced a memorable event together. From 1997, when she witnessed the kick-off of the first OMEGA Golf Celebrity Championships held at Crans Montana Golf Course with other celebrities, followed by celebrating OMEGA in India in 1998. On the 150th anniversary of the birth, Cindy demonstrated the traditional Thai elephant riding ceremony at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in New Delhi. In 2010, she visited Vancouver and Whistler, the host cities during the Winter Olympics, and was with OMEGA President Stephen Urquhart in A photo was taken in the snowmobile for this special moment. Of course, these are just some of the wonderful moments in the long and unique years of cooperation between OMEGA and this supermodel and business woman.

1996: Cindy participates in the design of the mini constellation table

2010: Cindy visits host cities Vancouver and Whistler during the Winter Olympics, and sits in a snowmobile with OMEGA President Stephen Urquhart proudly

Cindy Crawford with a successful career and dedicated to public welfare
Cindy was inspired from a young age to invest time and energy to make the world a better place. This humanitarian care is reflected in her participation in various organizations dedicated to the health of children, including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, the University of Wisconsin Foundation, and the Little Star Foundation. She also naturally continued this long-standing charitable cause, and since 2014 she has represented OMEGA in her passion for international Orbis activities.

The latest graphic prints come out
To celebrate this 20-year partnership, OMEGA presents a new selection of Cindy Crawford photos recently taken in London, UK.

The shooting was performed in a London studio filled with natural daylight. The set is very simple, creating a calm and contemplative atmosphere only through the flowing water projected on the soft canvas background. This simple set makes Cindy’s natural beauty the protagonist. These photos are both charming and ‘real’; they show the essence of Cindy: a strong, confident and feminine woman. Cindy Crawford wore the Aqua Terra rose gold watch and the constellation Pluma watch during the shooting.

Constellation coaxial escapement / Stainless steel, rose gold material / 8520 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / model diamond / sapphire crystal / diameter 27mm /

Aqua Terra 150m Master Co-Axial Escapement / Stainless steel, yellow gold / 8520 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / diamond setting / antimagnetic 15,000Gauss / sapphire crystal / diameter 34mm /

Aqua Terra 150m Master Co-Axial Escapement / Rose gold material / 8501 automatic winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / antimagnetic 15,000Gauss / sapphire crystal mirror / table diameter 38.5mm /