Natural De-embellished Gem Dial Watch

A stone may only be processed to make a dial, and sometimes even one cannot be formed. For example, the selected crystal must be sufficiently hard and scratch-resistant so that it can withstand frequent processing without causing any damage. Master craftsmen also need to call on all the extraordinary skills and outstanding appreciation of beauty in order to finally show the strange charm of those gems. The most difficult challenge is to find the natural growth direction of each stone, so that it can be cut and processed while maintaining their natural properties.
     Masters of stone sculptors and dial makers work on a variety of gems: lapis lazuli, emerald, patina, red moss agate, and more. They studied different cutting methods for each stone, searching for their inner soul and essence, so that they could be processed and manufactured while maintaining integrity.
[Dior] Various Gem Dial [Dior] Emerald Dial [Dior] Lapis Lazuli [Dior] Su Ji Stone Dial [Earl] Pink Opal Dial [Earl] Lapis Dial [Earl] Emerald Dial [Earl] Opal Dial [Jacques Dro ] Colorado Rose Gypsum [Jacques Droy] Red Moss Agate Face Plate [Jacques Droy] Emerald Face Plate [Jacques Dello] Lapis Lazuli Face Plate [Jacques Dro] Bronze Gypsum Face Plate [Hetian Jade Dial] [Wada] Jade Dial】 【Hetian Jade Dial】 【Hetian Jade Dial】