Material Scheme Watch Big Names Play Games On Your Wrist

Unparalleled ceramic hardness
Want to let those “traces” accidentally left in your life disappear from your watch? Choose ceramics, it will never let you down!
In the 1980s, Radar began to develop new materials that are more suitable for making watches. Later, it was found that ceramics, which are mostly used in the aerospace field and medical device manufacturing, are very lightweight, and their corrosion resistance and wear resistance are extremely high. Have you ever worn this watch for years and months without interruption? (It’s a matter of earning money …) So, radar began to apply ceramics to the watch manufacturing process. That was basically 1982, and the popularity of ceramics is just a matter of recent years. In addition to feeling the foresight of the radar prophet, we really have to try this ‘oldest brand’ new material. !!
The more ceramic, the harder
Longines Concas Sport Watch
Longines combines ceramic and steel perfectly in its own sports series, Comcast. I have to say that Longines, whose roots are elegant and ingrained, cannot hide the elegant temperament from the inside out, regardless of the hippie, sporty, feminine, and sturdy design and materials. The bezel, the surface, and the ceramic inserted between the straps have a silky soft touch just by looking at the picture. Such an elegant and chic watch has a water-resistant depth of 300 meters, which is very surprising.
Radar (Rado) silver diamond series mechanical watch
Reference price: RMB 28,800
In addition to the signature ceramics, the silver diamond series is more dynamic in the transition between the dial and the strap. Especially compared to the square shape of the overall ceramic and precision ceramics, the silver diamond series emphasizes streamline and vision. The impact, let us see the radar brand’s non-stop efforts in innovation.
IWC Da Vinci Chronograph
The signature barrel-shaped Da Vinci series, the middle part of the ceramic case is made of zirconia, and the bezel, case back, buttons and crown are made of super-hard grade 5 titanium, not only dazzling in color Bright and dazzling, the two materials of titanium and ceramic are extremely tough, scratch-resistant, and have a pleasant silk touch, which is definitely a watch that can’t be considered. Although it is called a chronograph, it can completely control the temperament of the workplace.
Chanel J12 Unisex Watch
Reference price: RMB 33mm 40,100 38mm 43,500
The ceramic material was indeed developed by radar, but it was definitely carried forward by Chanel’s hand. When J12 was born in 2002, no matter in the fashion or watch industry, it was like dropping a bombshell. It not only changes the elegance brought by the traditional Chanel, but also introduces neutral beauty into the brand’s watch series for the first time. After 16 years of ceramics, it really made everyone take it seriously. It is of epoch-making significance for both brands and ceramics.
Women are reminded to wear ceramic watches or jewelry. It will not change due to cold air or high temperature, but it will change according to the temperature of the wearer. It is a highly skin-friendly product.
Certina DS First Lady
A lot of women like white watches, no matter what style, white is just fine. So this sports watch representing youth and passion brings together different white materials: white ceramic bezel, white rubber strap … These trendy materials not only make it look good, but also reduce the wearing weight and are very lightweight.
Pragmatism of waterproof skin-friendly rubber
Rubber is as waterproof as stainless steel, and it is more lightweight and skin-friendly than the latter, which is especially suitable for ‘sets’ with sports watches!
We think that the watch with rubber is the best choice for sports men. Because it is particularly comfortable to wear in cold weather, and it is waterproof and durable, it is definitely a very practical material. Some people say that rubber ages quickly and is easy to be dirty, but it is not difficult to maintain and maintain, and the price is relatively more affordable, and it belongs to the category with a higher comprehensive score. In recent years, many brands not only use rubber as the material of the strap, but also considerately using a circle of rubber reinforcement on the bezel to cushion the impact of external pressure on the bezel under special circumstances, which is very thoughtful.
TAG Heuer Calella Calibre 1 Limited Edition
Reference price: RMB 33,900
TAG Heuer sells well because of its relaxed and casual, and always connected with racing and passion. I don’t know if Chinese people really like this kind of surging. In short, in the United States, TAG Heuer can basically do it. The Carrera Calibre 1 Limited Edition incorporates traditional manual mechanical watchmaking into its family’s proud racing series, Carrera, with a unique design of the dial, adding design aesthetics and durability. And it seems that the rubber strap with this kind of sports watch is the best use.
Jaeger LeCoultre Polo World Time Chronograph
Reference price: RMB 246,000
I do n’t know if you found it. Once the brand starts to use special materials, it must be more than just one, it is a kind of mix and match. Jaeger-LeCoultre, Reverso, has a great reputation and is very energetic. Now the brand uses a large area of ​​ceramics, combined with rubber and ceramics to create a polo watch showing the world time. All materials are hard and skin-friendly, especially suitable for sports wear. And it is interesting that in this world, it is not the conventional New York, London, Hong Kong, but the priority of the largest polo stadium, which is just too cool!
This is down, as a military watch but rare in the industry and outside Panerai. This diving depth calculation watch inherits the iconic features of the Luminor series, which is not only suitable for specialized underwater activities, but also its unique masculine shape will definitely become the love of many Panerai fans. As a must-have watch, it is also very unique in the selection of materials. The titanium material of the entire watch reduces weight. The strap is made of rubber and equipped with a large frosted steel buckle. On the whole is a heavy, masculine sports watch.
Blancpain 500 Fathoms GMT
Reference price: RMB 209,000
The charm of the 500 Fathoms lies in its professional diving watch identity and the low-key orthodoxy that is different from other Blancpain models. It is equipped with a helium automatic pressure relief valve, which is especially suitable for use in a fully enclosed diving environment, with a water resistance of up to 1,000 meters. In addition, in terms of material selection, this masculine 500 Fathoms watch is also equipped with a brushed titanium dial with a diameter of 48 mm, and a rubber-lined canvas strap, which can be said to be both waterproof and stylish, but also attractive. You can’t feel where the ‘rubber’ is.