Introduction To The Seiko Barcelona Football Team Memorial Table

Japan’s watchmaker SEIKO announces FC Barcelona football team commemorative watch, which is authorized by the Spanish football team FC FC Barcelona to use official standard colors and team badges, demonstrating the passion of football players. With charm. SEIKO officially entered into a long-term partnership with the world-famous Spanish FC Barcelona football team in 2011 and became the team’s official watch brand. As SEIKO and FC Barcelona football team share the same beliefs, they also have positive ambitions and glory. Historical achievements, as well as the pursuit of perfection in the professional field, the cooperation commemorative watch launched this time is a concrete manifestation of the spirit of the agreement between the two sides. The SEIKO Sportura FC Barcelona football team commemorative watch’s unique side stitching calfskin strap is matched with a crimson inner side to integrate fashion into sports. The front of the strap is circularly embossed to show the speed of sprint. Equipped with alarm chronograph and stopwatch function, thoughtful increase of conical timing button design, which greatly improves the operating performance. The back cover is engraved with the FC Barcelona football team’s logo and the slogan ‘m & eacute; s que un club’, which means ‘not just a professional team.’ It encourages itself to strive for excellence, and once again shows the positive ambition and history of this champion team. Achievement and the pursuit of perfection in football.

Sturdy, fast-looking appearance that integrates fashion into sports
 The SEIKO Sportura FC Barcelona football team commemorative watch is a sports chronograph with a sophisticated style. The dark dial is equipped with a deep red window of the exclusive FC Barcelona football team, with a bright and eye-catching team logo. The special time scale design is presented in white at 1, 5, 7, 11 and 2, 4, 8, 10 at silver. The unique two-color configuration not only makes it easier to read the time, but also makes the watch more convenient. Add changes to the visual; the design of the lugs can be comfortable to wear, and the streamlined silhouette adds a touch of elegance to the sports landscape; the intimate enlarged conical timing button design greatly improves the operating performance; different from the previous two-color strap The design, with black round embossed calfskin, shows the swift and rapid personality of the watch, and the inner side is created with a unique fashion style in crimson. Even sports models can show a unique fashion taste.