I’m In Kyoto, Listening To The Twilight Morning Bell With Jaeger-lecoultre

On the way to the Kansai Airport, I still don’t know what kind of ‘mysterious watch’ Jaeger-LeCoultre is going to release. Even in this thousand-year-old ancient capital, which was chosen as the world’s premiere, Kyoto, we and our group still have no news. But even in the clouds and fog, before we saw the protagonist, we did not expect that the surprises arranged by Jaeger-LeCoultre were waves after waves! The accommodation arranged by Jaeger-LeCoultre is the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, not far from Kiyomizu-dera Temple. The top three hotels in Kyoto are most impressive than sitting on a Japanese-style garden with a history of more than 800 years. From entering the bamboo forest walkway in front of the hotel lobby, you can feel a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. After entering the garden behind the hotel theme, a small lake is surrounded by greenery, koi swim in the lake, and the wind blows through the forest leaves The sound of rustling, whether it is sitting in an open-air seat by the lake or in a tea house hidden in the elm forest, a cup of coffee and a cup of hot tea can make people immediately forget the annoying routine. In addition to Japanese-style gardens, the rooms are also decorated in an elegant and simple Japanese style. The wooden grille is decorated with beige birds flying through the bamboo forest wallpaper, and the bamboo forest outside the window is swaying in the sunlight. And all the detailed arrangements in the room are more meticulous, comfortable and intimate, fully showing the uniqueness of Japan in making travelers feel at home. Later, Jaeger-LeCoultre arranged a special Japanese cultural experience tour—Japanese traditional Maki-e handicraft. Teacher Maki-e was invited to teach you how to draw. Maki-e is a decorative pattern drawn on lacquer with gold, silver, toner, and other materials. It is a traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The technique of fixing the silver powder or gold powder to the lacquer according to the desired pattern by using the viscosity of the lacquer. ‘Lacquer’ refers to the sap of the lacquer tree, which is applied to the appliance, in addition to fixing silver and gold powder, and also making the appliance more shiny. This technique is one of Japan’s national treasure-level traditional crafts, and many top brands have also applied it to the decoration of face plates. Detailed craftsmanship and aesthetics are indispensable basic skills, but the uncle’s dazzling and trembling hands ‘handwork’, compared with the teacher’s exquisite works, this ‘wave’ can only be said to be of the kindergarten class . It was not until the evening when the highlight of the trip was announced that the uncle understood Jaeger-LeCoultre’s careful arrangements. The theme of this brand is ‘exquisite core, the art of time’, especially the release of a new masterpiece of timepieces-the outstanding traditional master series perpetual calendar minute repeater watch in the real temple of the thousand years old temple in Kyoto. Renowned art masters Mr. Fukuda Kiyoshi (embroidery craftsmanship), Mr. Suda Kenji (wooden craftsmanship), and Mr. Yamagishi Kazuo (Noh) show traditional techniques and artistic techniques that have attracted worldwide attention. At the same time, there were also two Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers and enamel craftsmen who came to attend from Ru Valley, Switzerland. It is similar to Japanese embroidery and inlay craftsmanship, including not only exquisite watchmaking, but also enamel craftsmanship with a history of hundreds of years. At the launch of this brand new watch, Ms. Catherine Rénier, President of Jaeger-LeCoultre, explained why the world premiere was held in Kyoto in such a short time after the SIHH Geneva watch exhibition, and said: ‘Actually this watch Before SIHH, we discussed internally whether we should also display it during the watch exhibition, but at that time, the spherical tourbillon Westminster Zhongle perpetual calendar watch was confirmed to be released. It integrates the masterpiece of watchmaking craftsmanship, and it is impossible The pinnacle of doubt, but this perpetual calendar minute repeater watch is also the top of the revolution. We don’t want the two to appear at the same time and cause the focus to be blurred, so we decided to let this watch also have its own highlight moment, and Art and culture are strongly linked to introduce its speciality. ‘In addition, Mr. Christian Lurent, senior watchmaking manager of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s highly complex craft workshop, said:’ Making a movement with a superimposed complex function is not the largest for Jaeger-LeCoultre. Challenge, but we do n’t want to make a huge watch that can only be stored in a safe. We want the owner to do whatever he wants. Wearing a watch with a large complex function with exquisite craftsmanship, you can lift your wrist at any time and press the start button to listen to the beautiful music of three questions. More importantly, it has become a top no matter in terms of wearing comfort and ease of use. A watch with great complications that can be worn daily. ‘Jaeger-LeCoultre incorporates’ retro elements ‘in this new work, but this retro is not a’ physical ‘presentation, but a deeper interpretation: on the wrist The percussion of an antique self-sounding pocket watch is reproduced on the watch. Due to the size and space advantages of antique self-singing three-question pocket watches, no matter whether it is in the resonance space of sound transmission or the manufacture of the sounding time report structure, the smaller size of the ringing watch is easier to achieve the effect of sound transmission. It is also deeper and longer. The goal of this questionnaire is to challenge such a sound effect in a small space. In order to achieve this goal, Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking research and development team devoted five years to acoustic research, and finally created a group of unprecedented gong components. This new set of gongs is different from the common minute repeater gongs. It is not a flat coil pattern, but a three-dimensional coil with ‘height and space’, which is very different from the traditional style. Such a special gong structure is installed in the case in a three-dimensional manner. The whole group of gongs is located near the side of the movement near the mirror, and then extends down to the bottom of the movement as a whole, so it can create a greater resonance as a whole. space. The gong adopts a square cross-section and an articulated ‘Trebuchet’ scale hammer, which can ensure the maximum strength of the gong and minimize the interference caused by the rebound of the gong. It is matched with the special shape of the gong to achieve a strong And deep and distant ringing effect. This watch is equipped with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 950 winding movement. For watches with a perpetual calendar function, the automatic movement allows the wearer to stop the underpowered watch and must remember to wind or adjust it. Inconvenience of school date. In addition, the perpetual calendar date can be quickly adjusted back and forth, which greatly improves the convenience of use. When flipped over to the case back, the first thing I saw was a complex mechanism of asking the watch. At first glance, I thought it was a hand-wound movement, but wasn’t it an automatic movement? In fact, the automatic rotor of the movement is located between the perpetual calendar and the minute repeater mechanism, so the automatic rotor is almost hidden from the back of the watch, but the details of the movement and the watch can be seen more clearly. Actions when the structure is running. The faceplate of this masterpiece of timepiece is decorated with machine-engraved carvings and big fire enamel. The perpetual calendar display plate is clear and concise and easy to read. In particular, there is a safety window above the hour and minute hands, which will be displayed between 10 pm and 1 am to inform the wearer that the time or calendar cannot be adjusted during this period, otherwise the movement may be damaged. JAEGER LECOULTRE Perpetual Calendar Minute Repeater Watch, 18K White Gold Material / 43mm Diameter / 950 Automatic Movement / 28,800 Vibrations per Hour / 38 Hours / Hours, Minutes, Perpetual Calendar, Minute Repeater / Waterproof 50 meters / limited 30 pieces