How Do I Buy A Watch And Pay Less Tuition?

Originally, I have expressed my suggestions on this topic in previous articles, but sometimes the amount of information is too large, and the focus will be overwhelmed, just recently because of ‘How should Rolex buy after price adjustment? ‘The article knows a little fire, welcomes many new readers, and brings urgent and representative problems. The rabbit just caught it and shared it with everyone. Many readers cried with me: ‘You’re too expensive to follow Bunny! But it’s really fun to buy …’ In fact, as a leading blogger, I share what I really like, so I do n’t have much information. Paying tuition fees, but this does not mean saving money. Sometimes when you spend more money now, you can buy at least ten years of satisfaction. Yesterday, someone thanked me: ‘I read Bunny’s article and benefited a lot and finally suppressed the urge to spend 160,000 to buy Panda Di.’ Sometimes when I give up rationally, I will find that the prospect is suddenly bright. A few days ago, a boy asked me in the background: ‘Boss Rabbit, how is the engineer of IWC? Compared with Octo of Bulgari?’ The engineer is a veteran, and Octo is more like a black horse in recent years. If I give the answer directly, it must be irresponsible and not a simple ‘just like it’ can be solved. There are various factors behind this, including motivation, preferences, and expectations for the future, which need to be discovered. So after my in-depth inquiry, he told me to fully consider: ‘I like the design of Master Zunda, such as Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus, but the high school third party cannot afford it, so I want to see the engineers of IWC.’ It is a ‘next best’ choice. When the goal cannot be achieved in the short term, many people will buy transition products first, but this is not a rational way of thinking. I asked him, if I had a budget in a few years, would I still buy Royal Oak and Nautilus? Will the engineer wear it then? He fell into silence and said, ‘I understand what you mean.’ The cost of the next best thing is that it will soon be replaced. In fact, as far as IWC is concerned, similar to this year’s bronze pilot is a more viable option, but for people who buy the first watch in life, bronze is a very bold choice, and many people can’t get out of this step. . This is what I have been saying all the time. People may understand the meaning of mindset and experience for consumption. Many things can only be seen when you look back. I even think that children who have graduated from high school do not have to buy watches. Watches are not a necessity. ‘Buy well’ is more important than ‘hard buy.’ Many times, we can learn to wait and start at the right opportunity, which is very fulfilling. There is one more truth about whether the watch bought will be replaced. In the past two days, a group of friends asked for help: ‘Panerei and Omega New Seahors 300 (of course he refers to a comparison of similar price), which one should I choose?’ I randomly selected Panerai 1359 and Omega New Seahorse 300 Qunli was very lively and suddenly split into two genres, but most people answered this question out of their own preferences and did not know the questioner’s needs on purpose. Strictly speaking, the new Haima 300 has a high value and excellent technology. I recommend it when it is released. If you buy a watch that you want to wear safely for at least 10 years and you have no further plans for the future, it is very reliable. But if you foresee that you will continue to buy in the near future, then I personally think that Panerai is a suitable choice (provided that you are comfortable and like it). Because the former is easily replaced by consumption upgrades, the latter wins with style, and style is easier to survive. Omega has special limited edition supercars or retro models worthy of winning these two years, these watches often have stronger vitality. In fact, as far as Omega is concerned, I have changed my inertia over the years. I remember playing in Cologne, Germany in 2011. I even went into an Omega store and saw two Chinese girls looking at my watch. Hesitant, I quietly proposed: ‘Ladymatic, there are too many people buying constellations.’ ‘To buy ‘Too many people’ as a reason exposed my state of mind and stage at the time (I believe many people still do today). If I let me choose today, I prefer constellations-what others should buy should not be the reason we choose or give up. Everyone ca n’t escape the tuition, but I can barely say that buying a watch is basically a waste of money, the reason is simple, because I had a lot of pain in buying clothes and bags. Many), and consumption itself is common reference. For example, at the time of the BV fire, I bought a green discount model at Woodbury Outlet in New York, which also cost more than 10,000 yuan. Today it looks extremely disgusting-it is too ugly to be seen directly. Because I was chasing the BV logo (weaving features at a glance) at that time, but buying the favorite regular-priced items was too expensive. I could only choose one from the shorts, and it turned out that the money was smashed. For example, the first bag of my life was a white snakeskin bag from Gucci. I went out on my bike obliquely, and the bag was stained with denim blue, which could not be washed. Think of someone who asked me recently how did you buy a Chanel PVC bag (meaning cheap)? Because it is easy to match and take care of. In fact, all the rare leather bags I bought in the early years (without Hermès) are now lying with dust-they are not only unrealizable, they have zero use value. For example, I bought more than 2,000 yuan of silk pants, and it did n’t take long to ride out of the door, and the pants were broken (by the way, I realized that cycling is really expensive, so I changed to walk later …) Let’s compare it when you buy a watch Do you have similar experiences? Buying for some purpose, or many choices that look smart today, may not be the most worthwhile in the long run. Buying a watch only needs to consider the issue of value preservation at the collector level. Most of us are consumers. As far as consumer goods are concerned, as long as they do n’t sell, it’s not as important to discuss value as those houses that do n’t sell. Except for people, this group is also a niche). A few days ago, a reader asked me, ‘How can I buy a watch with a budget of 250,000 yuan? I hope to be a popular sports model.’ First of all, no nautilus can be bought. Secondly, Rolex has arrived at Jindi, for example, the hottest green-faced Jindi is close to 260,000. Third, Royal Oak is not easy to buy, but there are more options. The most explosive green face Jindi and Royal Oak 26331 blue face finally, he was tangled in the material: ‘After all, 250,000 yuan, buying a steel watch feels a loss, buying Jindi feels dazzling …’ In my personal opinion, Both of these options are possible, and the best way to do this is to let the ‘inner like’ take the lead and the material can be ignored. One reason: like it. Time will show that you can only use it the longest if you like it.) The second method considers long-term needs. For example, I asked him if he plans to buy a gold watch in the future? He said that there must be a Rolex DD (day calendar type, gold watch) graduate. In fact, the answer is clear here-the Royal Oak in steel may be more suitable for his current choice. After telling a lot of reader stories, I finally summarize my experience for your reference. 1. Anyone who succumbs to the second will regret it. If you can’t achieve it temporarily, take some time. Good things are worth waiting for. 2. Reduce repetitive consumption, get rid of the ‘practical cost-effectiveness’ view at the appropriate time, and let your consumption advance. Many watches don’t look bad for each piece, but once combined in one’s collection, it becomes superfluous. 3. It is also the most important. On the premise of grasping the general direction, pay more attention to your inner preferences. There are many good watches in the world that can make money, but ‘like’ is really a fate. Finally, it is also my experience. When you buy a watch, you can be bold. Imagine that you hope to achieve the goal in one year. Jump over other savings to realize it, and then go back and buy those watches below this price. You will see more clearly- Understand which watches can be discarded and which watches deserve long-term companionship. Of course, all experiences can be described, but it is difficult to be fully empathetic and the road must ultimately go on its own. But the interesting thing about life experience is experience. That is the fastest and most convenient way to grow. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!