How Can I Wear A Watch On National Day? Three Men’s Watches Are Recommended

The 11th National Day small holiday is finally coming. Presumably everyone is planning their whereabouts to go. It is a rare vacation like this. It is especially important to cherish the seven days. A watch on your hands must be excellent. No, our Watch House has prepared three junior watches for everyone. Not only is it convenient to take time during the trip, but also the design styles are different, or fashion trends, or mature and stable, or elegant classic There will always be one for you.
Radar True Open Core Men’s Watch

Product model: 734.0101.3.090
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: black matte high-tech ceramic material
Strap material: three rows of black matte high-tech ceramics
Dial size: 40.1 x 47.3 mm
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch price: 17300 yuan
Details of the watch: Road), the dial’s inner ring is provided with a 24-hour time scale, and the 12-hour time mark is replaced by the number 0. The carved pattern on the back of the watch is derived from the decoration on the pocket watch of the railway company in the 1920s. The design shows the pure style and individual aesthetics of the railway watch, revealing a sense of vicissitudes unique to that era.
Summary: As men’s watches, these three can be described as very different styles, but they can also meet the diverse product needs of consumers. The first watch uses high-tech materials and fashion trends; Simple atmosphere, mature and stable; the third watch continues the classic design style of the railway watch, elegant and retro. I wonder how your cousin will feel after watching it?