Geneva Spring Watch Auction News

In the past week, the European stock market has suffered a serious downturn due to fears that Greece will withdraw from the euro area, but the two major auction houses in Geneva still achieved good results in the spring auction clocks and shows that collectors still have enough Cash for thousands of dollars to buy your favorite collection.

    On Monday, May 14th, Antiquorum auction house and Christie’s Christie’s auction house held a spring auction watch on the same day, with a total turnover of more than 40 million Swiss francs. Antiquorum sold 13,766,737 Swiss francs, while Christie’s Christie’s achieved the second-best performance in the company’s watch auction history, with a turnover rate of 95% and a turnover of 30,283,350 Swiss francs.

    The highest auction price of Antiquorum at auction was a Patek Philippe ‘World Time’ watch Ref. 2523, which was sold for 1,190,500 Swiss francs-twice its valuation. A Rolex Submariner Ref. 5512 that originally belonged to former Mossad Director Isser Harel, the bid was very fierce, and the final transaction price reached 248,500 Swiss francs-almost 9 times the valuation, and set a world record for this model.
Patek Philippe reference 2543

    Christie’s Christie’s spring auction clock, Breguet President Marc A. Hayek Mark Hayek with the determination to ensure that the Breguet Museum bought two special lots, and the auction climaxed. Hayek bought two timepieces for almost CHF 7 million: an extremely rare dual-calibre pocket watch (no. 2667) and a time equation ‘half-cut’ minute watch (no. 4111).

The two Breguet watches acquired for the Breguet Museum

    This stunning dual-calibre gold precision pocket watch was reportedly sold to London’s Mr Garcias for 5,000 francs in August 1814. This time, a high auction price of 4,339,000 francs created a new world of Breguet watches. Record.

    Breguet No. 4111-one of only two watches with two independent dials and half-engraved watch mechanism-originally made for the banker Peyronnet but later repurchased by Breguet and resold to 1834 Count Charles de l’Espine, sold for CHF 2,547,000.

    At the Christie’s auction site, a Patek Philippe watch model 2523 was sold for a record 2,771,000 Swiss francs. Another Patek Philippe watch, model 2499, was also sold at twice the valuation and sold for CHF 2,547,000.

    All four watches sold for more than two million Swiss francs, helping Christie’s Christie’s auction house achieve brilliant results. After the meeting, Aurel Bacs, Christie’s Christie’s watch and clock international director, described it as “a seven and a half hour marathon in a crowded room”.