Genalis, A Gentleman Who Galloped On A Harley Locomotive

The hot exhaust pipe and roaring sound are deafening, and I am used to the unruly brawny man on the locomotive. When encountering exquisite luxury watches, I can easily show off my feelings. Sportsman taste.

One is the Swiss watchmaking pioneer Zenith, and the other is the world’s top locomotive Harley-Davidson. Precision and freedom collide, elegance and power combine. Zenith was accustomed to accompany people to participate in various sports at the beginning. In addition to the high-end superb timing technology, it is pleasing and noble quality. It absolutely guarantees that men of sports locomotive can enjoy the adrenaline rush and enjoy Gentleman style.

This month, the Harley-Davidson Taiyuan store officially opened. After the launching ceremony, the Harley-Davidson retro cycling tour began. The coffee knights drive the Harley-Davidson locomotive that symbolizes freedom and strength, through the mother river Hefen of Taiyuan, and gallop all the way to the cultural sanctuary Fushan Garden of China. In the deep feelings of true power, they enjoy freedom and chase dreams together. The precision of luxury watches resonates strongly with the roar of the engine. Zenith and Harley jointly interpreted a man’s imagination and pursuit of power and beauty. Throughout the cycling trip, the retro gentleman hormone burst out, attracting countless onlookers and admirers. This is the charm of combining Zenith with Harley.

In addition, Zenith pays tribute to the coffee knight and presents the new Pilot Pilot Series Ton up watch, Ton = 100 mph. Once, a rider capable of 100 miles per hour will declare himself ‘Ton Up Boy’, which belongs to ‘The Ton Up Club. ‘ This watch is equipped with the legendary El Primero 4069 automatic chronograph ‘engine’, a magnificent 45mm vintage stainless steel case, inheriting all the noble blood of the pilot series-large luminous Arabic numerals and the iconic onion crown The same retro dial offers perfect readability. Beige light olive gray dial with oily suede strap, pure titanium case back engraved with the words ‘CafĂ© Racer Spirit’, highlighting the spirit of freedom of the knight, leading the gentleman retro trend.

Zenith Pilot Ton-up
Reference price: RMB 56,200

Men, motorcycles, and watches are natural, masculine, agile, and graceful. All these sparks that hit the locomotive make Zenith’s luxury watch brand’s gentlemanship and timeless craftsmanship even more meaningful.