Fashion Forerunner Chanel Winding Watch Tasting

Première is the symbol of Le Temps CHANEL. The dial of the watch has no seconds hand, no numerals, and no time mark, so you can feel the time as you like. Première watches represent a way of life, giving life a sense of freedom, because the true meaning of beauty and freedom, has nothing to do with a specific time. In 2013, the Première watch recreated the classic legend with a new image, with modern lines more smooth and concise, and its contours more delicate and soft. Chanel Première watch, an unparalleled ladies watch. Today Xiaobian brings you a series of winding watch appreciation.
  Chanel Premiere H3059

  Case material: stainless steel with 52 diamonds, weighing 0.26 carats
  Dial color: white
  Dial shape: other
  Dial material: white paint
  Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
  Crown material: stainless steel
  Strap Color: Silver
  Strap material: stainless steel-ceramic-steel with black high-tech precision ceramics

  Chanel’s elegant wind has always been tender and watery, and will not be too public, but it will always conquer you in a subtle way. This Premiere series winding watch perfectly combines two different materials with the same ice-cooling texture, ceramic and stainless steel, and becomes the most feminine existence on the female wrist. As if the toes touch the elegant and stylish dance steps, your fingertips can’t help but beat. The watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, with a diameter of 34 mm and a steel-set diamond material, making it sweet until the end. With a white strap and a white elegant dial, the free and pleasant air flow of time struck instantly.

  Summary: This wrist-wrap female watch is very fashionable, with both the charming charm of women and the cutting-edge elements of fashion followed by ladies. When wearing such a watch, self-confidence will be doubled, and the soft strap also reflects the feminine side of women.
  Watch details reference: chanel / 16260 /