Earl’s Gallery Of Time: Gold And Color Show

Earl will hold an exhibition from August 12, 2013 to March 31, 2014. The theme of the exhibition is: gold and color. All exhibits will be organized around the theme of traditional materials and gems.

Gold, malachite dial, mechanism Piaget 9P 1970

   As far as the Watch House knows: the company has been producing gold bracelet-type watches since 1960, set with 30 different semi-precious stones, such as tiger’s eye, emerald, lapis lazuli, coral or turquoise. Piece of real artwork. This style of watch is very popular and continues to this day.

Gold, malachite, agate, malachite dial, mechanism, Piaget 9P 1970

Gold, turquoise, lapis lazuli, turquoise dial, Piaget 6N, 1971

Agate, Coral, Gold, Earl 9P, 1974

Yellow gold, tiger’s eye dial, Piaget 9P 1969

White gold, 44 diamonds, lapis lazuli dial, Piaget 9P, 1977

152 diamonds and 26 rubies in white gold, diamond and ruby ​​dial, Piaget 9P, 1976

Gold, turquoise dial, Piaget 9P, 1969
   In the middle of the last century, Piaget used precious materials to make watches. Precious metals and precious stones were set on the watches in Piaget’s traditional workshops, becoming a timeless classic and unique exhibit. If you want to know more about this exhibition, stay tuned for Watch House.