Breguet Two Precious Antique Pocket Watches Taken At The Breguet Museum

No. 4039 pocket watch is a classic Breguet timepiece sold to the Duke of Berwick in 1825. It is the representative of Breguet’s ultra-thin spring pocket watch.
 Mark Hayek, President and Chief Executive Officer of Breguet, sold two iconic lots at the Christie’s auction in Geneva-Breguet No. 4039, a delicate half-engraved spring pocket watch with eccentric hour dial and Date shown; another extremely rare tourbillon pocket watch, Breguet No. 1176, sold to Earl Pototsky that year. Two unique timepieces sell for CHF 750,000.

The hand-engraved silver face plate and the famous Breguet hand show historical value
 The first pocket watch number 4039 was sold for 70,000 Swiss francs. It was sold to the Duke of Berwick on September 30, 1825. It is the representative of Breguet’s ultra-thin spring pocket watch. Breguet constantly seeks the spirit of innovation. This superb pocket watch made of 18K gold and silver is equipped with a 21-centre movement, with a date display, hand-engraved silver faceplate and the famous Breguet hands.

No. 1176 pocket watch with Breguet’s famous ‘escapement’
 The second No. 1176 pocket watch is Breguet’s first four-minute tourbillon and its third tourbillon pocket watch. This famous precision pocket watch has a 35-hour power reserve and is displayed with a sector scale. The center is a small hour dial with two small seconds attached, and an ‘escapement’ developed by Breguet in 1789. This undoubtedly shows Breguet’s ingenuity for the mechanism. The pocket watch was sold to the Count of Pototsky, one of the most famous figures in Poland during the Enlightenment. This pocket watch sold for more than 680,000 Swiss francs.

No. 1176 pocket watch was once the earl of the most famous figure in Poland during the Enlightenment.
 Breguet is pleased to announce the addition of two new masterpieces to its important and well-known watch collection. This type of auction proves once again that Breguet’s chief executive, Mark. Hayek is committed to maintaining the brand’s historical heritage and cultural heritage.