Blancpain Villeret Series Copper Painted Watch

Blancpain has always been famous for its independent top-level watchmaking workshops with engraving and enamel painting, and its Damascus gold-plated products have been praised for a long time. Today, the brand is writing a glorious chapter, showing the splendid beauty of Shakudō. Red copper is native to Japan and is an alloy mainly composed of copper and gold. Depending on its composition and texture, the alloy exhibits a dark green luster between blue and black.

   The black-green color of the alloy originates from a process called passivation, which requires the use of a solution. This solution consists of copper acetate (green-gray) and has traditionally been made in Japan and is called rokushō in Japanese. With the increase of the proportion of rokushō solution, the black luster of the alloy will gradually become darker and show a more intense color. Historically, red copper has been used with other materials to make utensils such as swords, decorations and jewelry. Craftsmen who are proficient in red copper forging technology often sculpt and decorate their works.

   However, the use of red copper has been rarely seen in the watchmaking world. Today, Blancpain presents this rare art form through a series of unique and precious chronograph watches designed by the brand. This watch series fully demonstrates the brand’s century-old gold-plated painting expertise in watchmaking. Containing at least four different models, the perfect combination of red copper, carving and Damascus gold setting. Each timepiece is unique, reflecting the individual craftsmanship of each watchmaker and its unique carving and rokushō coloring style. The different craftsmanship of each watchmaker makes these works subtle and makes each watch truly orphan.

   The dial of the watch is decorated with a portrait of Ganesh, the iconic elephant head. For Hindus, Ganesha is the god who covers all obstacles, the god of wisdom, talent and prudence, and the leader of education and academics. A hand-carved gold throne at the center of the Hindu motif on the dial is enough to illustrate this. In addition, the watch’s decorative elements also use Damascus gold-inlaid craftsmanship, every detail highlights the ultimate exquisite and luxurious. This delicate process requires that fine threads are carved on the dial surface, soft metal (gold is used here) is injected into the groove, and then the infill metal is carefully carved into place, and finally it is performed on it Carved by hand.

   Adhering to the principle of fully respecting the aesthetic perspective of the Villeret series watches, these models use a 45mm diameter red gold trapezoidal case, a size that leaves a lot of space for Blancpain watchmakers to create freely. Through the sapphire crystal, you can also see the charming 15B hand-wound calibre decorated with Geneva ripples (Geneva stripes).