2012 Limited Edition Top Watches Are Not Fully Selected

Any limited quantity means noble, it is by no means readily available, and even money cannot be bought. Here are a few limited edition treasures of the top watches introduced in 2011. Hublot Jetstar Limited Edition
Jet Li officially joined the Hublot family as an international brand ambassador in December 2010. This time, Jet Li and Hublot have jointly designed a limited edition Hublot Jet Li special watch, limited to only 200 pieces worldwide. The black matt hollow dial incorporates Chinese classic window lattice patterns into the design. The back and front poles of the yin and yang surround autographed by Mr. Jet Li. In the future, a part of the sales revenue of each watch will be donated to the One Fund to support the construction of people with love Public welfare culture with people involved.
Tissot Racing Series Limited Edition
Tissot celebrates 10 consecutive years as the official designated timekeeper of MotoGP, launching the new Tissot racing series C01.211 MotoGP 2011 limited edition. The new Tissot racing series C01.211 MotoGP 2011 limited edition watch, its technology power is derived from the newly developed C01.211 mechanical automatic chronograph movement, which is equipped in the eye-catching watch design to interpret the uninhibited racing soul . The Tissot Racing Series C01.211 MotoGP 2011 limited edition watch is undoubtedly a very high-precision precision chronograph instrument. The regular arrangement of three chronograph discs and the black PVD-coated 316L stainless steel case, more importantly, it uses Same rugged material as MotoGP. The passionate orange hands stand out on the dial, and the orange strap made of antioxidant silicone is also very eye-catching. The transparent back of the watch shows the precise movement of the Swiss automatic mechanical movement like the spoke wheels of a MotoGP motorcycle. This series of watches is limited to 2,011 pieces and is equipped with a self-winding watch box (built-in automatic winding mechanism to wind the watch in the watch box).
Omega Seamaster London 2012 Limited Edition Watch
1The Omega Seamaster Series 1948 coaxial “London 2012” limited edition watch is a replica of Omega’s first automatic seahorse watch. The fashion style of more than 60 years ago continues to this day, showing timeless classic charm. The 39 mm stainless steel case is polished and sanded, with a polished bezel and lugs, and the crown is etched with the classic Omega logo? . The 18K yellow gold case back is etched with the emblem of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Water-resistant to 120 meters. This dazzling design reproduces the legendary watch in history, and the case contains a new movement technology: Haima 1948 uses Omega’s unique 2202 movement, officially certified by the Swiss Observatory, equipped with 3 layers Coaxial escapement and balance without balance spring. This special limited edition hippocampus watch has a black alligator leather strap with a classic polished steel buckle. Haima 1948 coaxial “London 2012” is limited to 1948 pieces, and each watch is carried in a special London 2012 gift box.
Breitling Montbrillant 01 Limited Edition
Breitling’s new interpretation of the Montbrillant small chronograph Montbrillant, for the first time the brand’s self-developed high-performance ‘engine’ Breitling Caliber 01 movement on this classic watch. Classic design and top-notch craftsmanship blend perfectly in this limited edition chronograph. The Breitling Caliber 01 movement is equipped with a revolutionary assembly process, the most reliable and efficient ‘engine’, with strict Swiss official observatory certification (COSC), can be called an automatic chronograph movement The most remarkable masterpiece of all. Through the specially designed transparent sapphire crystal case back, Caliber 01 movement and its column wheel device and unique structure at a glance, the minute movement of precision timepieces will definitely make you entertaining. The silver-toned dial is equipped with elegant and elegant hands, and is carefully embedded with a 1 / 100-hour graduated center timer and 18K gold capital letter B classic logo.
Graff Star Grande Date Hong Kong Limited Edition
GRAFF specially launched the GraffStar Grande Date Hong Kong Limited Edition watch to commemorate the brilliant achievements of the brand in Asia. The watch uses the Calibre 1 movement developed by the brand itself. Behind the transparent sapphire crystal watch, it is a pillar bridge carved according to the coastline of the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. The location of Victoria Harbour is painted with precious enamel, which perfectly reflects the azure blue tone of Victoria Harbour. The watch also implements the characteristics of the GRAFF high-end watch. At 12 o’clock, it is set with a triangle-cut white diamond. The finely textured dial and leather strap use the brand’s classic green to reflect each other. Customers who order GraffStar Grande Date watches can choose to inlaid the finest diamonds, fine sapphires, magnificent emeralds or dazzling rubies to create a unique luxury watch. The GraffStar Grande Date Hong Kong Limited Edition is limited to five pieces in the world.
Piaget Dragon & Phoenix Limited Edition
The dragon is a symbol of emperor and glory. Piaget has launched the ‘Dragon and Phoenix Watch’ series for the upcoming Chinese Dragon Year. This series of watches not only meticulously carved the image of the dragon and phoenix symbolizing the identity and power of ancient Chinese royal family on the dial, and engraved a limited number on the back plate. The entire collection consists of 20 different styles, such as elegant slim models or luxurious and elegant Tourbillon Relatif. The other image representing the same identity as the dragon is the Phoenix, which symbolizes elegance and compassion. It is said that in ancient times, the earth suffered famine, and the hundred birds received the selfless dedication of the Phoenix to survive. Therefore, in order to thank Phoenix, Baibird dedicated feathers to Phoenix. Because of this, the feathers of the phoenix have become extremely beautiful.

Natural De-embellished Gem Dial Watch

A stone may only be processed to make a dial, and sometimes even one cannot be formed. For example, the selected crystal must be sufficiently hard and scratch-resistant so that it can withstand frequent processing without causing any damage. Master craftsmen also need to call on all the extraordinary skills and outstanding appreciation of beauty in order to finally show the strange charm of those gems. The most difficult challenge is to find the natural growth direction of each stone, so that it can be cut and processed while maintaining their natural properties.
     Masters of stone sculptors and dial makers work on a variety of gems: lapis lazuli, emerald, patina, red moss agate, and more. They studied different cutting methods for each stone, searching for their inner soul and essence, so that they could be processed and manufactured while maintaining integrity.
[Dior] Various Gem Dial [Dior] Emerald Dial [Dior] Lapis Lazuli [Dior] Su Ji Stone Dial [Earl] Pink Opal Dial [Earl] Lapis Dial [Earl] Emerald Dial [Earl] Opal Dial [Jacques Dro ] Colorado Rose Gypsum [Jacques Droy] Red Moss Agate Face Plate [Jacques Droy] Emerald Face Plate [Jacques Dello] Lapis Lazuli Face Plate [Jacques Dro] Bronze Gypsum Face Plate [Hetian Jade Dial] [Wada] Jade Dial】 【Hetian Jade Dial】 【Hetian Jade Dial】

This Kind Of Jewelry Is Too Magical Chopard Fleurs D’ Opales Series

In our impression, the flowers have always been soft and bright, and the posture of flowers in high jewelry is also elegant and moving with diamonds and gems, swaying. The Chopard Fleurs d’ Opales series breaks through people’s original impression of flowers, colliding with titanium, zirconium, black opal, and multi-colored gemstones to create a magic flower in another world.

The legendary magical opal stone
   As early as Roman times, Opal was considered a magic stone. It is believed that this kind of stone with deep flame-like color contains powerful energy. It can carry emotions and desires, release stress, bring luck, and even have the power to predict the future.
To this day, the legend about Opal has become a legend, and the fascinating and uncapable light still fascinates people. Whether it is the mobility of opal spots, the color variability, or the elusive phenomenon of light diffraction, it has made it a mysterious existence.
   Among the natural opal stones, black opal is the most noble. Chopard Fleurs d’Opales high-end jewellery series is featured with charming and colorful black opal inlaid in the titanium gold flower core. It is combined with the color of titanium and multi-color gems to emit Demon scent.
Titanium adds magic
   Titanium has not only become an innovative material for high-end watches, but also has become a new favorite in the field of fine jewelry because of its high hardness, light texture, and unique colors. The Chopard Fleurs d’ Opales high-end jewelry series makes full use of the uniqueness of this material to open up a new creative space for jewelry creation.

   This blue flower ring is full of enchanting colors. A 20-carat oval black opal presents a glamorous blue, while the blue petals around the flower core are titanium metal plated to give a magical gradient blue, and The middle blue opal echoes the magic flower with strong magic effect. The ring is set with tsavorite, sky blue and brown diamonds.
Flowers of a different world
   This flower ring is dominated by purple, full of noble and mysterious colors. A rare 24.3 carat black opal is used, set in carefully carved titanium gold, the petals are inlaid with purple sapphires and amethysts, and the ring part is 18k white gold inlaid with tsavorite.

   Among the most expensive black opal, red is the most respected. This red flower consists of a 9-carat oval black opal as the main stone, set in a fiery red petal, surrounded by black rhodium-plated white gold inlaid with ruby ​​and Purple sapphire, petals made of black zirconium inlaid with pink spinel, ring made of white and rose gold together, set with black diamonds. Each petal can swing, and its realistic and dynamic effect makes it even more magical.
    Such magical flower rings are rare in the creation of high jewelry. Bold, enchanting and psychedelic, bring different auras and styles to those who love it, and the world of high jewelry should have different flowers.

Prospex Reinterpretation, 1970 Classic Diving Watch

At the beginning of the design of the Seiko 1970 diving watch, the designer focused on a fool: providing the true adventurer with the reliability, durability, precision and legibility required. The designer never expected that this watch would gain a high reputation and reputation in the future. They are fully focused on performance considerations, and every aspect of the design is practical first. The large case design only protects 4 o’clock. Crown. However, they were unexpected that the follow-up models with the same characteristic shell design will be sought after globally, and they will get the unforgettable nickname of the turtle. Today, the 1970 dive watch, the predecessor of the Turtle, was reborn through the Prospex series, echoing the skills and determination of the original 1970 design team with powerful functionality.

Seiko’s original classics recreated for diving enthusiasts

Unique appearance, glorious history

   The design of the representative model of the early 1970 was unique in that it moved the crown to 4 o’clock and extended its case to protect it. The design’s functionality left a deep impression on users. The diving watch with a water resistance of 150 meters soon attracted many users who valued the strength of the watch. The famous Japanese explorer Naoue Uemura has been accompanying this watch on his 18-month journey of 12,000 kilometers from Greenland to Alaska by dog ​​sledding alone.

   The latest interpretation of the Prospex watch is slightly larger than the original 1970 model, but otherwise it is true to the original design. However, the internal technology always adopts the latest technology. Equipped with 8L35 movement specially designed for diving watches, equipped with ultra-abrasion-resistant carbon film case and double-layer curved sapphire crystal glass treated with non-reflective coating, it can reach 200 meters waterproof for diving. The bezel is treated with Zaratsu (grinding method) for a perfect mirror finish. The new Prospex watch is equipped with a high-strength silicone strap, hand-assembled by the Shizuku Advanced Timepiece Workshop located in northern Japan. The limited edition of 2,500 watches will be available in Seiko stores and major retail stores around the world starting in July.

1970 Classic Dive Watch New Limited Edition SLA033J1
Movement model: 8L35
Power system: automatic winding
Popular pages: 28,800 cars / I ‘, B inch (8 rpm)
Power reserve: about 50 hours (full chain state)
Number of gems: 26 stones

Ultra-wear-resistant carbon film-treated stainless steel case
Double curved sapphire crystal glass (non-reflective coating)
Screw case back and crown
Waterproof performance: 200 meters waterproof for diving
Antimagnetic function: 4,800Alm
Diameter: 45.0mm, thickness: 13.0mm
Silicone strap

Official suggested retail price: RMB 30,800
A total of 2,500 issued worldwide and will be available in July 2019

Panerei 47mm 8-day Power Reserve Left-handed Chronograph Titanium Watch

Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante Left-Handed 8 Days Titanio 8-day power reserve left-handed single-handed chronograph titanium watch details tell the history of Panerai watches. This new limited edition watch is limited to 300 pieces. It integrates many features designed and developed by Panerai in the 1930s and 1940s for the Italian Navy commandos to create watches, and uses the technology and materials of modern top-level sports watchmaking to integrate these features perfectly. together.

  In this new chronograph Luminor 1950, the winding crown and crown bridge are set on the left, making the case look particularly striking, and this detail is derived from some of the brand’s historical models. The reason for the design and layout can be found in the development history of Panerai. More than 70 years ago, the brand designed watches specifically for Navy commandos because they preferred to wear the watch on the right wrist and the compass and depth gauge on the other. In order to maintain the pure beauty of the crown bridge, the brand has designed the buttons that control all chronograph functions at the two o’clock position on the right side of the watch. The case diameter is a classic 47 mm, which is the same as those of the historical models worn on the diving suit at that time, but the use of titanium material has greatly reduced the weight of this watch. This material has many advantages, especially with excellent corrosion resistance and low sensitization.

  Other elements from the history of Panerai include the curved mirror and the dial structure that protect the dial. The dial is composed of two overlapping discs. The inner part can be seen through the hole on the upper disc corresponding to the time scale. Luminous materials. This structure is matched with the famous simple design of the dial, which can ensure the time is clear and legible even in the weakest light conditions.

  Through the transparent bottom cover, you can admire the internal P.2004 / 9 manual winding movement, the new large matte finish splint, the chamfered and polished corners, and the mirror polished finish screws. All the exquisite details are visible. . Three barrels give the movement a constant power for eight days, and a power reserve indicator is located on the back of the movement, which keeps the dial as simple and bright as possible.

  Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante Left-Handed 8 Days Titanio 8-day power reserve left-handed single-handed chronograph titanium watch The most important function of the watch is timing, with a single push-button operation can be started, stopped and reset to the time period Measure it. This chronograph movement is equipped with column wheel parts and is generally only used for the most sophisticated movements to achieve the most accurate performance. In addition, the movement is equipped with a friction clutch to ensure that the chronograph hands run clearly and smoothly. The most striking thing is the minute counter at the nine o’clock position, because the hands do not rotate continuously, but instead move forward by jumping one space after each minute. The P.2004 / 9 movement is also equipped with a zero hand reset device. When the crown is pulled out, the small second hand immediately stops and returns to the zero position. The second hand only restarts when the winding crown is pushed back to its initial position, so when synchronizing the watch time with a time signal, it can be accurate to the second.
  Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante Left-Handed 8 Days Titanio 8-day power reserve left-handed chronograph titanium watch (PAM00579) is equipped with a natural leather strap and a rubber spare strap, and comes with a screwdriver for replacement buckle and replacement Special tool for strap. This watch is water resistant to 10 atmospheres (equivalent to a depth of 100 meters).

8-Day Power Reserve Left-Handed Chronograph Titanium Watch More Parameters:
Model: PAM00579
Movement: Panerai P.2004 / 9 manual-winding mechanical movement, completely developed by Panerai, 13¾ legal centimeters, 8.2 mm thick, 31 stones, Glucydur® balance wheel, vibrating 28,800 times per hour. KIF Parechoc® anti-shock device. 8-day power reserve, 3 barrels. Guide column wheel. 329 parts
Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds, power reserve display on the back, seconds reset to zero, single-press function with two chronograph dials
Case: 47 mm diameter, matte titanium. Frosted titanium chronograph function at 2 o’clock
Bezel: Polished titanium
Case back: transparent sapphire crystal
Crown bridge: matte titanium (Paner patent)
Dial: brown with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers. The minute counter at 9 o’clock. Small seconds at 3 o’clock and a central chronograph hand.
Crystal glass: Sapphire crystal glass, made of corundum, 2 mm thick, anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 10 bar (about 100 meters)

Strap: Leather strap with the PANERAI logo and a trapezoidal matte titanium buckle. Includes a spare strap, a strap changing tool and a stainless steel screwdriver.