Genalis, A Gentleman Who Galloped On A Harley Locomotive

The hot exhaust pipe and roaring sound are deafening, and I am used to the unruly brawny man on the locomotive. When encountering exquisite luxury watches, I can easily show off my feelings. Sportsman taste.

One is the Swiss watchmaking pioneer Zenith, and the other is the world’s top locomotive Harley-Davidson. Precision and freedom collide, elegance and power combine. Zenith was accustomed to accompany people to participate in various sports at the beginning. In addition to the high-end superb timing technology, it is pleasing and noble quality. It absolutely guarantees that men of sports locomotive can enjoy the adrenaline rush and enjoy Gentleman style.

This month, the Harley-Davidson Taiyuan store officially opened. After the launching ceremony, the Harley-Davidson retro cycling tour began. The coffee knights drive the Harley-Davidson locomotive that symbolizes freedom and strength, through the mother river Hefen of Taiyuan, and gallop all the way to the cultural sanctuary Fushan Garden of China. In the deep feelings of true power, they enjoy freedom and chase dreams together. The precision of luxury watches resonates strongly with the roar of the engine. Zenith and Harley jointly interpreted a man’s imagination and pursuit of power and beauty. Throughout the cycling trip, the retro gentleman hormone burst out, attracting countless onlookers and admirers. This is the charm of combining Zenith with Harley.

In addition, Zenith pays tribute to the coffee knight and presents the new Pilot Pilot Series Ton up watch, Ton = 100 mph. Once, a rider capable of 100 miles per hour will declare himself ‘Ton Up Boy’, which belongs to ‘The Ton Up Club. ‘ This watch is equipped with the legendary El Primero 4069 automatic chronograph ‘engine’, a magnificent 45mm vintage stainless steel case, inheriting all the noble blood of the pilot series-large luminous Arabic numerals and the iconic onion crown The same retro dial offers perfect readability. Beige light olive gray dial with oily suede strap, pure titanium case back engraved with the words ‘Café Racer Spirit’, highlighting the spirit of freedom of the knight, leading the gentleman retro trend.

Zenith Pilot Ton-up
Reference price: RMB 56,200

Men, motorcycles, and watches are natural, masculine, agile, and graceful. All these sparks that hit the locomotive make Zenith’s luxury watch brand’s gentlemanship and timeless craftsmanship even more meaningful.

Three Luminous Watches Recommended In The Dark

Imagine that on a deep night, a little flash of light flashes on your wrist to accompany you through a long night, gentle and soothing restless, just for you to follow the pointer in the sleepless dark night The slow rotation helps you fall asleep. The one that can accompany you to sleep is the luminous watch. Today, luminous light, as a basic nighttime function of watches, has faded in our lives, but the light in the dark is fascinating. Today, Watch House recommends three luminous watches for everyone to experience together. It’s the brightest in the dark.

Certina diving element series C036.407.16.050.00


Product model: C036.407.16.050.00
Official website price: ¥ 5350
Watch diameter: 42.8 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Powermatic80.111
Power reserve: 72 hours
Case material: Matte 316L stainless steel
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details:

Product model: M026.430.36.041.00
Official website price: ¥ 7400
Watch diameter: 42.5 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber80
Power reserve: 80 hours
Case material: Stainless steel case PVD coating
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details:

Product model: H77705145
Official website price: ¥ 8150
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: H10
Power reserve: 80 hours
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: hamilton / 44103 /

Watch review: This watch inherits the consistent tough image of Hamilton. The classic stainless steel case with a blue aluminum unidirectional bezel contrasts with the shiny blue dial. The main color of the white ladder-shaped hour markers and hands is clearly readable, and the date display between four and five o’clock enhances the watch’s practicality. The most distinctive feature of this watch is the diving helium valve on the right, which provides the watch with better diving performance. This watch is equipped with the H10 movement and has an 80-hour power reserve.

Summary: The functions of luminous watches seem to be unimportant, but in fact they play an important role in the field of diving exploration, which can help them to accurately read in the dark and dim underwater environment. For those of us who are not often exposed to these items in our daily lives, the gloomy light is still fascinating at night. (Picture / text watch home Joshua)

Experience 300 Years Of Legendary History Of Luxury Micro-painting

Jaquet Droz, who has a history of nearly 300 years and is famous for its large-scale fire enamel technique, has continued to develop the micro-paint enamel technique in the 21st century, and the large-scale fire flame decorated with fine micro-paint technique The enamel dial watch, with its poetic and imaginative composition, outstanding micro-painting technology, and the unique flame treatment of the enamel dial, show the brand’s perfect interpretation of the supreme taste, creativity and skill.

   In order to further show the unique micro-painting enamel technology of Jacques Dro to watch lovers, collectors and connoisseurs who love luxury watches, the event of “Jacques Dro Art Workshop VIP Experience” is specially held. Ms. Heidi Spiesser, a Jacques Dross enamel master from Switzerland, was invited to perform the enamel micro-drawing process for the VIPs, and invited the guests to experience the drawing dial in person. Let the VIPs personally experience the unremitting efforts of Jacques Dro’s ultimate pursuit of ‘beauty’.

   Jacques Droe’s large open flame enamel dial technology is second to none in the world. In addition to the elaborate and elaborate manufacturing process, in addition to the exquisite craftsmanship of the master of enamel micro-painting, the firing temperature is manually controlled up to 900 to 1200 degrees Celsius. Each dial adheres to the brand’s excellence quality requirements, consisting of five layers of enamel, hand-made for more than a week, and 20 open flame treatment processes to achieve perfect results. Whether it is a bird or a beast, or a portrait of a person on the dial, the mood is clear, the brushwork is delicate, and the finest muscle textures, feathers and fur patterns, and the vivid posture of soaring movements of the subject animal are meticulously drawn, which complement the tranquility and beauty of the background landscape; The theme characters’ eye movements, look forward to life, clear clothing texture, elegant texture, the writers, painters, musicians indulge in the expression of the expression of the magical.
   The nearly 300-year legendary history of the Jacques de Ronaldo brand is meticulously depicted between square inches, and all are manufactured with a global limit of 88, 8 or even 1 pieces, which also makes each micro-painted enamel watch like a rare treasure. Throughout Jacques Dro’s brand history, each watch was born in excellence and poetry. Based on the fine watchmaking field, Jacques Delo is dedicated to creating unique luxury watches with superb watchmaking skills. Today, the brand continues to carry forward the pursuit of perfection and innovation, and convey the core values ​​of emotion and poetic imagination. Committed to the ‘beauty’ and ‘pleasure’ enjoy the interpretation of watch culture through the watch.

Longines Master Rose Gold Full Moon Phase Two Places

The masterpiece series is a masterpiece of Longines’ 180 years of superb watchmaking tradition and watchmaking technology. The classic round case, sapphire crystal, superb function, can satisfy the wrist of men. Table of functional requirements. The case back can see through the movement, the rose gold case with a dark brown leather strap, a comfortable folding buckle, and water resistance up to 30 meters.
简约 The 18K rose gold moon phase function watch in this Longines ‘Master’ series is a simple and unique design, which is the perfect work of watchmaking craftsmen’s outstanding watchmaking technology and precise interpretation. The watch has a built-in L678 self-winding mechanical movement with a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour and an energy reserve of 42 hours. The surface is decorated with silver-plated embossed barley grain patterns, which is noble and elegant. It has a moon phase display at 6 o’clock, a second hand and 24-hour display at 9 o’clock, and a week and month display window at 12 o’clock. The 31 Arabic numerals on the outer circle display the date. The case back is made of transparent sapphire crystal, and the flashing movement is clearly visible. Dark brown alligator strap.
Longines masterpiece rose gold moon phase complex chronograph
Model: L2.673.8.78.3 (Master Craftsman Complex Timing Series)
Case material: 18K rose gold case structure
Movement type: automatic winding mechanical chronograph movement
Bezel material: 18K rose gold bezel
Waterproof: 30M waterproof (100 feet)
颜色 Dial color: silver-white engraved dial, chronograph, GMT, calendar, moon phase.
 Table diameter specification: 40MM
 Reference public price: RMB76,900

Blancpain Villeret Series Copper Painted Watch

Blancpain has always been famous for its independent top-level watchmaking workshops with engraving and enamel painting, and its Damascus gold-plated products have been praised for a long time. Today, the brand is writing a glorious chapter, showing the splendid beauty of Shakudō. Red copper is native to Japan and is an alloy mainly composed of copper and gold. Depending on its composition and texture, the alloy exhibits a dark green luster between blue and black.

   The black-green color of the alloy originates from a process called passivation, which requires the use of a solution. This solution consists of copper acetate (green-gray) and has traditionally been made in Japan and is called rokushō in Japanese. With the increase of the proportion of rokushō solution, the black luster of the alloy will gradually become darker and show a more intense color. Historically, red copper has been used with other materials to make utensils such as swords, decorations and jewelry. Craftsmen who are proficient in red copper forging technology often sculpt and decorate their works.

   However, the use of red copper has been rarely seen in the watchmaking world. Today, Blancpain presents this rare art form through a series of unique and precious chronograph watches designed by the brand. This watch series fully demonstrates the brand’s century-old gold-plated painting expertise in watchmaking. Containing at least four different models, the perfect combination of red copper, carving and Damascus gold setting. Each timepiece is unique, reflecting the individual craftsmanship of each watchmaker and its unique carving and rokushō coloring style. The different craftsmanship of each watchmaker makes these works subtle and makes each watch truly orphan.

   The dial of the watch is decorated with a portrait of Ganesh, the iconic elephant head. For Hindus, Ganesha is the god who covers all obstacles, the god of wisdom, talent and prudence, and the leader of education and academics. A hand-carved gold throne at the center of the Hindu motif on the dial is enough to illustrate this. In addition, the watch’s decorative elements also use Damascus gold-inlaid craftsmanship, every detail highlights the ultimate exquisite and luxurious. This delicate process requires that fine threads are carved on the dial surface, soft metal (gold is used here) is injected into the groove, and then the infill metal is carefully carved into place, and finally it is performed on it Carved by hand.

   Adhering to the principle of fully respecting the aesthetic perspective of the Villeret series watches, these models use a 45mm diameter red gold trapezoidal case, a size that leaves a lot of space for Blancpain watchmakers to create freely. Through the sapphire crystal, you can also see the charming 15B hand-wound calibre decorated with Geneva ripples (Geneva stripes).