Breitliing Swiss Patrol 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

Flying legend for half a century

 At the 50th anniversary of the Swiss Air Force’s Patrouille Suisse (“Swiss Patrol” aerobatic show team), the Swiss independent watch brand Breitling has launched an exclusive commemorative Chronomat 44 GMT (World Time Ultimate Chronograph) limited to 1,000 pieces. . Tailor-made faceplates and a carefully carved thick caseback, this true aviation chronograph reaffirms the close connection between Breitling and the world’s elite pilots.

 In 2014, Switzerland and the world’s aviation industry can be described as a double happiness, ushered in two landmark aviation events: the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Swiss Air Force and the 50th anniversary of the Swiss Patrol aerobatic team.

 This remarkable aerobatic flight demonstration team was founded in 1964 and is composed of professional air force pilots. It was initially equipped with four British Hawker Hunter Mk 58 jet fighters, and grew to six in 1978, and began to make an international debut. Since 1995, the ‘Swiss Patrol’ has become one of the few fleets performing aerobatics on supersonic jet fighters: six US F-5E Tiger II fighters roared through the air, with their red and white silhouettes. . As a model of Switzerland’s pursuit of precision and excellence, the ‘Swiss Patrol’ regularly toured European countries, and its wonderful stunt performances won them the applause and countless honors of many audiences.

 Breitling World Time Ultimate Chronograph ’50th Anniversary of the Swiss Patrol’ Limited Edition (Limited 1,000)

Real aviation chronograph

 As the world’s most trusted partner in the aviation industry, Breitling has maintained a long-term close relationship with the Swiss Patrol aerobatic team and has launched a series of tailor-made personalized watches on this basis. Today, at the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the flight team, Breitling has specially launched the exclusive Chronomat 44 GMT exclusive commemorative edition, worthy of being a true professional pilot ‘wrist instrument’: wearing a satin-matte frosted stainless steel case, waterproof performance 200 meters; at 9 o’clock on the pure black face plate, there is a flying team logo design, which echoes the black rubber die-cut numbers on the rotating bezel; the second time zone pointer is decorated with the red F-5E Tiger II fighter outline Thanks to the super practical full crown adjustment system, the time in the second time zone can be displayed at any time in 24-hour format, and the two-way rotating bezel with a 24-hour digital scale can also provide the time reading in the third time zone. The cap is beautifully inlaid with the 50th anniversary logo, and the limited number is also engraved on the back cover. The watch is equipped with Breitling’s 100% self-developed high-performance self-winding chronograph B04 movement, and has the Swiss official observatory certification (COSC)-the highest benchmark for accuracy and reliability, and the only certification based on international standards. Rugged, reliable performance coupled with a masculine high-tech look: a timepiece that pays tribute to half a century of flying legends.

 At 9 o’clock on the solid black face plate, there is a team logo design.

 The caseback is beautifully inlaid with the 50th anniversary logo and limited number.

Different Day And Night Tasting Montblanc Nicholas Case Series Day And Night Chronograph

In fact, the word jump watch is a very common type in today’s models. I have previously recommended a Lange word jump for everyone, and it has also been loved by many friends. January 21, 2013-Montblanc’s Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie-SIHH in Geneva officially launches the new Montblanc Nicolas Kies day and night chronograph . In addition to the hour-skipping readings, it also carefully designed two features of the day and night disk so that the wearer can easily recognize the day and night. Official models: 108789 (rose gold), 108788 (950 platinum), 108790 (stainless steel)

   Since 2008, Montblanc has opened up new horizons in the field of fine watchmaking with the new look of the Nicholas Kays chronograph. Inspired by the creation of French watchmaker Nicholas Kasch in the 19th century, this series invented the world’s first timer, which can calculate extremely short intervals. This timer was based on ink and was launched in 1821. And made a profit in 1822. The innovative ‘ink drop timer’ uses two rotatable white porcelain dials to calculate the seconds and minutes respectively. The dial is placed under a fixed pointer, and the tip of the pointer can drip ink and connect the ink reservoir. When the user presses the control button, ink drips from the pointer tip to the white porcelain dial to record multiple time intervals.

If you look closely at the development of Montblanc Nicholas Kays chronograph, it is not difficult to find that the members of this family have the same characteristics: time is presented by a turntable. Montblanc was the first watch brand to use the dial to display 60-second and 30-minute timekeeping. Later, it also used the dial to display the second time zone. The newly released Nicholas Kaiser day and night chronograph, the hour display is presented by overlapping two dials. Let it not only display the current hour, but also whether the hour is day or night.

Appearance articles:
   This Nicolas Case watch uses a Nicolas Case round case with a diameter of 43 mm and a thickness of 15.30 mm. The material is precious rose gold. The exquisite lugs are integrated with the case. Selection of materials.
   Curved sapphire crystal, anti-dazzle treatment on the inside and outside. The dial counts the seconds and the scoring dial, and the hands are fixed at the end. The round arch bridge at six o’clock is inlaid with bright ruby ​​bearings. The dial looks like a smiling face. The parts without display function on the dial are decorated with grain d’ orge guilloche, which is a traditional decoration method indispensable for the top Swiss watchmaking technology.
   A key breakthrough for Nicholas Kays day and night chronographs is that the hollowed-out Arabic hour numerals combined with a two-tone chassis change color with day or night. When night falls, it will display dark blue numbers, while daytime is silver gray numbers, users can easily distinguish between night and daylight hours. In addition, in view of the adjustment date of many models, the user cannot distinguish whether the number on the dial is day or night, which causes the date window after adjustment to jump at 12 noon, which can never happen on this watch.
   The patented day and night time mechanism is particularly noticeable at two moments a day. At six o’clock in the morning, the left half of the hour mark 6 will appear dark blue, and the right half will be silver gray, symbolizing the end of night; and in the evening At six o’clock, the left half of the hour mark 6 is silver gray, and the dark blue representing night appears in the right half.
   A sapphire crystal is also embedded on the case back, which is convenient for enjoying the operation of the automatic plate. The automatic plate is also made of a whole piece of rose gold. The high-density gold ensures the best winding efficiency of the automatic plate. With a large brown checkered crocodile leather strap and a three-layer folding buckle in rose gold, the texture is exceptional. The finely pitted, easy-to-adjust crown is also made of 18K rose gold and embedded with a mother-of-pearl hexagonal white star logo.


   In addition to the dual dial for the unique hour display, there are four dials for the Nicholas Kaiser day and night chronograph. The picture above shows the date display at three o’clock and the 30-minute chronograph. This model uses traditional The common column wheel mechanism of the chronograph and the extremely low wear vertical clutch structure not only have excellent operation feel, but also make the timing more accurate. In addition, the chronograph button is set at the eight o’clock position, which can be easily operated by the thumb.
   The ring-shaped week window is located on the left side, forming a neat symmetry with the date window on the right side. Below is a 60-second counter. The biggest feature of these two counters is that only the dial itself rotates during the time measurement. moveable.

Movement articles:

   This new self-made automatic movement is called MB R220. The patent mechanism consists of two overlapping turntables. The upper layer has hollow Arabic numerals 1 to 12, which run for 12 hours. The lower layer is divided into silver gray and dark blue. Display dial, run 24 hours. The hollow hour dial continues to run, the day and night display dial will instantly jump according to the predetermined time, and the hollow hour number will accurately display the representative color of day or night (silver gray during the day and dark blue at night).
   Technically, this mechanism is driven by the operation mechanism of two special gears, one cam is connected to the upper hour turntable gear train, and the other is a special-looking gear with slightly concave ends, installed on the lower day and night turntable axis. The cam drives the double-concave gear, that is, the 12-hour turntable drives the day and night turntable to operate irregularly for 24 hours. The operation method is as follows: At three o’clock in the morning, the outer sides of the two gears come into contact, driving the day and night display turntable to accelerate; From half to seven in the morning, the teeth of the two gears engage, and the day and night turntable keeps running synchronously with the hour turntable; from 7.30 to nine in the morning, the teeth of the two gears are separated, and the rotation speed of the turntable is slightly slowed down day and night. Until 9 o’clock, the concave and convex parts of the gears fit together, so that the day and night turntable completely stopped rotating; at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the two cams began to contact again for another twelve hour cycle as described above.
   After advanced computer simulation assisted design, the tooth profile of the gears during day and night time can optimize power transmission, reduce gear wear and avoid unnecessary power waste. The most critical vibration frequency module in the travel structure adopts a screw balance with a diameter of 11.4 mm. The large size has the high quality, which makes the balance inertia of 12 mg / cm², and the vibration frequency is 28,800 times per hour Half pendulum, equivalent to four hertz). The ultra-high stability also benefits from the dual barrel, which can provide up to 72 hours of power reserve and output accurate torque for a long time; the automatic winding movement, as long as it is worn on the wrist, can have endless power supply Movement is running.

Summary: Montblanc Nicolas Kies day and night chronograph, platinum and stainless steel, platinum limited edition 28 pieces, with gray alligator strap and 18K white gold folding buckle. Stainless steel model with black alligator strap and folding buckle. The price of this rose gold watch shown to you is below RMB 100,000, which is still very acceptable in this respect.