Panerai Launches Radiomir 1940 3 Days Marina Militare Acciaio Watch

The new Radiomir 1940 Marina Militare 3 Days Acciaio watch follows the simple design of the Radiomir 1940 case, with the brand’s long-established watch details, it truly reproduces the former military brand shape for the Italian Navy.

   The case diameter of 47 mm is the standard watch size of the Italian Navy Commando and is worn on a wetsuit. The watch is made of AISI 316L stainless steel alloy, which is particularly strong and resistant to corrosion, and it is water-resistant to 10 bar (about 100 meters). The lug and case are cast from the same piece of metal and are integrally formed. The watch model (PAM00587) and the case number are engraved between the lugs, and the dial is engraved with ‘Marina Militare’. Except for the 镌 lettering, the design of the black dial is extremely simple, with only large stick-shaped hour markers and Arabic numerals on the main position. The large-sized dial adopts the classic Panerai sandwich structure, and the Super- The LumiNova® luminous material makes its light shine through the hollow-out hour markers on the surface sheet, so that all details of the dial are clearly visible even in low light. The watch uses a slightly arched Plexiglas® Plexiglas surface to protect the dial. It is not transparent sapphire crystal. It echoes the previous practice of using plexiglass as the surface. The pointer design also engraved the tradition of Panerai watches at that time, with a slender design and a thin needle tip.

   Through the sapphire crystal of the case back, you can enjoy the precise operation of the P.3000 manual winding movement. The P.3000 movement is completely developed independently by Panerai’s watchmaking factory in Neuchâtel, equipped with two barrels and a power reserve of up to 3 days. The crystal glass case back covers the balance of the balance wheel and the extra-wide splint. The splint covers most of the gear sets. The surface is satin-finished and engraved with blue logo. The time adjustment system of the movement is convenient and practical. The hour hand and other hands rotate independently, and the crown is rotated, and the hour hand beats in an hour by one division, which does not affect the operation of the minute hand.

   The Radiomir 1940 Marina Militare 3 Days Acciaio Limited Edition is produced in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces. It comes with a brown leather strap decorated with linen stitching and stamped with the OP logo. The premium pear wood case comes with a spare Plexiglas® Plexiglas surface.

Special Edition 1000
Movement The Panerai P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement is completely developed by Panerai. It is 16½ centimeters thick, 5.3 mm thick, 21 stones, Glucydur® balance wheel, vibrates 21,600 times per hour. Incabloc® anti-shock device. 3-day power reserve, two barrels. 160 parts.
Function hours and minutes.
Case diameter 47 mm, AISI 316L polished steel. The screw-down winding crown is engraved with the OP logo.
Bezel Polished stainless steel.
Case back cover Clear sapphire crystal.
Dial black with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers.
Crystal glass Plexiglas® Plexiglas, 3 mm thick.
Water-resistant to 10 bar (about 100 meters).
Strap A leather strap with the PANERAI logo engraved with a trapezoidal polished steel buckle. Includes a spare Plexiglas® Plexiglas.

Analysis Of Daily Watch Models At The Second Asian Haute Horlogerie Show

For the fine watchmaking industry, although the watches with complex functions are directly related to the brand’s R & D strength, after all, they are too tall. For most people, ordinary daily watches will be purchased in the future. In fact, these daily watches also have many commendable points at the technical level. Let us take a look at the daily watches at this exhibition.

   Cartier has the most new watches in each session. Among the many new watches introduced at this exhibition, I think there are two worthy recommendations. The first is the small complication watch of the Rotonde series. In design, the Roman numerals, the round crown, the apple-shaped hands and the minute track integrate the iconic elements of Cartier’s watchmaking, showing the classic style of grace and atmosphere. On the dial, 18K rose gold or 18K white gold contrasts with silver or blue sunlight rays, further highlighting the elegance of the watch.
   The new 1904-FU MC self-winding mechanical movement, which fully integrates many complex functions, was developed by Cartier’s watch workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, over several years. This movement only adjusts all complex functions with a single button. Cartier’s watchmaking breakthrough is a pioneering initiative. In addition, the 42 mm size of this watch fully meets the size specifications of modern formal watches. Secondly, this watch also incorporates dual time zones. , Day and night display, big calendar and other extremely practical functions, especially its two-time time function in the form of jumpback, can be achieved by pressing the crown, after experiencing it, the feel is extremely smooth!

   To celebrate the 140th anniversary of Piaget, the new Altiplano 38 mm 900P ultra-thin watch, which rewrites the future of ultra-thin premium watches, has been specially introduced. The name 900P is mainly to commemorate Piaget’s first ultra-thin hand-wound movement, the 9P movement, introduced in 1957. The 9P movement was only 2 mm thick that year, which successfully established Piaget in the ultra-thin watchmaking field. In 1960, Piaget set a new record with the 12P movement, which was only 2.3 mm thick, making it the world’s thinnest automatic winding movement at the time. Since then, the brand has successively refreshed the ultra-thin records of many manual and automatic winding movements, and some are equipped with complex functions. Among them, the best include the world’s thinnest manual winding rectangular tourbillon movement 600P, and among the same type of movement The thinnest automatic winding movement 1208P and so on.

  The biggest mystery of this watch is that the movement is actually buried in the structure of the case. The bottom case is also the main splint of the movement. The movement is integrated with the case, and the mechanical parts are directly mounted on the bottom case. Such a complicated structure means that the movement structure needs to be turned upside down. The bridge is installed on the side close to the dial. In order to enhance the aesthetics, the bridge design must be exposed. In order to further reduce the space of a few millimeters, Piaget will also compress the entire movement and the pointer installation system as much as possible, and the thickness is thinner than the balance wheel, so that the hour and minute hands can be displayed eccentrically. In addition, Piaget is particularly narrow The movement developed a suspended barrel, suspended from a single bridge on the dial side, as opposed to the traditional movement of fixing the barrel to the main splint. In short, this watch is clever and extraordinary in design, with a power reserve of 48 hours, which will never affect the performance of the movement.

  Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Traditionnelle’ weekly calendar power reserve watch can be said to confirm the brand’s loyal commitment to the tradition of excellence in watchmaking. The design of this series is inspired by the aesthetic characteristics contained in Vacheron Constantin’s exquisite classic watch works, and has consistently adhered to the basic value concept most appreciated by watch connoisseurs. Slim bezel, screw-in sapphire crystal caseback and knurled pattern around it, carefully carved trapezoidal hour markers, and dual scale display at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, sword-shaped hands, multi-color dial and fine The clean lines of the case, these iconic features of this watch all highlight the perfect fusion of the brand’s traditional style and modern temperament. Adhering to these distinctive characteristics, this watch covers all types of watches from the simplest to the most complicated functions. It perfectly shows the characteristics of Vacheron Constantin’s brand with unlimited creativity, and is the best embodiment of the brand’s uninterrupted watchmaking history for two and a half centuries.

  The Montblanc Taipan heritage watch series shows the finest traditional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship in the details. This watch uses the classic toffee-shaped hands, with a satin-finished silver-white dial. The toffee-type hands are known for their symmetrical shapes, and have smooth polished sides, so that even the smallest manufacturing or assembly defects can be clearly presented, which makes them extremely difficult to make. The perfect length of the toffee-type indicator can accurately point to the respective information scale, reflecting the extremely high level required by traditional tabulation. The hour markers on the dial adopt three polished wedge shapes with different lengths. The 12 o’clock position is set with the Roman numeral ‘XII’. Following the traditional watchmaking process, the hour markers are fixed on the dial with two rivets.

  Each time Officine Panerai launches a new watch, it will be very exciting. The 1940 watch introduced at this exhibition not only has the latest models, but also the movement is brand new. This new movement is coded P.4000. . This movement is Panerai’s first self-winding movement equipped with an eccentric rotor. The rotor of a steel watch is made of tungsten, while the rotor of a red gold model is made of 22K red gold. In addition, it is equipped with two barrels in series. Its power reserve can reach at least three days, and its two-way winding structure makes this watch more durable.

  The new P.4000 movement is the latest work of Panerai’s watchmaking factory in Neuchâtel. The most outstanding feature of this new movement is its eccentric rotor with two-way winding. The diameter of the movement is 13¾ legal minutes and the thickness is only 3.95 mm. After improvement, it is perfectly integrated into the Radiomir 1940 case, and the Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic 3 day power reserve automatic watch. Its classic and simple design is suitable for various occasions. If you are looking for a watch that is loyal to Panerai history and extremely elegant, it is undoubtedly the best choice.

  At this year’s second ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, Baume & Mercier unveiled its latest Clifton series of eight-day power reserve watches. The case, every detail shows the highest quality. The arc-shaped dial perfectly blends with the ‘chevé’ sapphire crystal, faithfully reproducing the unique design of the classic synthetic glass watch. This new watch is of outstanding quality, exquisite decoration, and excellent performance. It deserves to be a member of the brand’s sophisticated watch family of sophisticated functions, and is a model of Baume & Mercier’s fine watchmaking.

  Baume & Mercier always values ​​the practical functions of the watch, so it is specially equipped with a large 45.5mm 18K red gold case, equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement produced by the watch factory, with a power reserve of up to eight days. This feature allows the watch to run continuously and accurately for more than a week. In order to achieve such a perfect achievement, every detail is important. Baume & Mercier adds a low-profile and restrained power reserve display function, which continuously displays the winding degree of the delicate movement, so that each wearer can grasp the best timing for winding the watch.
  Although the functions of these watches are not very complicated, but they also represent the essence of the aesthetics of haute horlogerie. Will they be your favorite choice? (Text / picture watch house Mao Zhuang)

Tag Heuer’s Inextricable Relationship With The Monaco Grand Prix

TAG Heuer: racing love has a long history

1969—The first watch brand to sponsor professional drivers—Qiao Qiao Jo Siffert.
1971—Brand colors, logos, and watches appear in the film Le Mans starring Hollywood star Steve McQueen.
1971-1979-the first watch brand to cooperate with F1 team-Ferrari team.
1985 to present—Sponsored McLaren team, started the longest cooperation relationship with F1 (28 years), and became the watch brand that won the most prizes in the Monaco Grand Prix (15 times).
1992-2003-F1 official timer-accurate to 1 / 1,000 seconds.
2004-2006-Official Indy Racing League Timer-accurate to 1/10, 000 seconds.
2011-present—Working with the Monaco Automobile Club (ACM) as the official partner of the Monaco Grand Prix.

TAG Heuer: the birthplace of racing timers

 TAG Heuer has witnessed the first cooperation between racing cars and watches, and through continuous development and improvement, it has pushed racing timing to an unprecedented luxury peak.

 Through long-term cooperation with the best teams, drivers and racing cars, this Swiss watchmaking brand has unquestionably occupied the high ground of luxury sports chronographs in the world. From 1 / 10th of a second, 1 / 100th of a second, to 1 / 1,000th of a second, 5 / 10th of a second, TAG Heuer continues to challenge the limits of precise timing.

 TAG Heuer’s inextricable relationship with the Monaco Grand Prix: the Swiss watchmaker and the Monaco Automobile Club join hands to push the win-win cooperation to a new height

 From Juan Manuel Fangio to Jenson Button, every world champion driver is part of the legendary history of TAG Heuer, just as every race bears witness to the extreme precision myth of TAG Heuer. But the most prestigious of these is the Monaco Grand Prix.

 In the Swiss watchmaking kingdom, TAG Heuer’s position in the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​unparalleled. TAG Heuer-sponsored Monaco champion drivers have left any brand in history unmatched. The first TAG Heuer ambassadors who crossed the finish line include: Niki Lauda, ​​Jody Scott, Prost, Ayaton Senna, Hakkinen, Kuthard, Raikkonen , Alonso and Hamilton.

 In 2011, TAG Heuer signed a historic agreement with the Monaco Automobile Club (ACM), marking the Swiss brand as the official partner of the ACM’s most exciting event, the Monaco Grand Prix, to sponsor the watch , Chronograph and eyewear products.

 Like all previous motorsport collaborations, TAG Heuer’s investment in racing is not limited to printing brand logos on banners or sharing champagne with champion drivers. Before the start of the race, TAG Heuer will go deep into the pits and the arena, working side by side with the drivers and team employees to provide them with the most advanced and innovative products, bringing more than 150 years of professional experience and technology to the brand.

 Today, TAG Heuer is making a final sprint for this year’s Monaco Grand Prix. With this most glamorous event in motorsport, TAG Heuer will once again convey the essence of its brand to the world, showing this Swiss watch brand’s unassailable position in the F1 event.

In 2013, TAG Heuer and the Monaco Grand Prix once again joined hands: cutting-edge technology to set the benchmark for precision racing

 TAG Heuer’s latest racing series watches-Carrera Calibre 16 Monaco Grand Prix Limited Edition, Monaco Calibre 12 ACM and Monaco 24 Calibre 36-continue the legend and create greater glories.

CARRERA CALIBRE 16 Chronograph DAY-DATE-43MM Monaco Grand Prix Limited Edition

 As the unique CARRERA-the first sports chronograph designed for professional drivers and racing enthusiasts, CARRERA is undoubtedly the best interpretation of the TAG Heuer racing tradition. In 1963, Jack Heuer created the first CARRERA chronograph inspired by the arduous ‘Carrera Pan American Mexico Road Race’. It has since become the standard watch for Ferrari drivers. In 1970, every member of the Ferrari team-Jackie Ickx, Clay Regazzoni, Mario Andretti, Carlos Reutemann and Jody Scheckter-wore a Carrera gold watch engraved with their name and blood type. Since then, Carrera has crossed the finish line with every legendary TAG Heuer driver: Alan Prost, Kuthard, Raikkonen, Alonso, Hamilton, Jenson Button …

 As a new member of the CARRERA family, this limited edition product is the TAG Heuer’s gift to the most famous, most dangerous, and most blood-drenched racing event in the history of modern racing, the Monaco Grand Prix, and has been awarded by McLaren Wheel queues are standard watches. The bezel and speedometer are engraved with red MONACO GRAND PRIX, and the sapphire crystal caseback is color-printed with the Monaco Grand Prix logo and the watch number (X / 4,000). The black rubber strap is inspired by the tires of the 1963 Formula One race and features a embossed tire pattern. The open carbon-grey dial is inlaid with human hands, and the scale is coated with luminous coating. The three timing windows of the stopwatch minute, clock and stopwatch are located at 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock. The fiery red design of the hands and keys becomes the finishing touch of the entire work, which showcases the superb craftsmanship of this classic watch and the cutting-edge Swiss technology.

MONACO CALIBRE 12 Chronograph // Monaco Motor Club 39MM Black Limited Edition

 The iconic square dial of the MONACO series appeared for the first time in the movie ‘Le Mans’ starring Steve McQueen. Today, TAG Heuer adds F1 black titanium carbide to this legendary watch, with white fluorescent light on the front of the minute and hour hands. The smoky sapphire crystal caseback is engraved with the logo of the TAG Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Partner, the Monaco Automobile Club (ACM). The 12 o’clock position of the dial is printed with the word ‘MONACO’ and the TAG Heuer logo. It is particularly dazzling on the all-black dial, while the chronograph second hand is decorated with a ray of orange, making the overall design more vivid. The design of the black leather perforated strap is inspired by the steering wheel cover of the racing car, with orange stitching, bright and atmospheric. As the first black MONACO watch since 1974, the MONACO CALIBRE 12 chronograph will undoubtedly become the sexiest symbol of chronology in history.

MONACO TWENTY FOUR CALIBRE 36 chronograph // 40.5MM black dial

 The dial has a black double window transparent design. At 12 o’clock, the oversized ’24’ is particularly conspicuous, as if to pay tribute to the world’s most famous endurance race-Le Mans 24 Hours! Inside the steel case, the Calibre 36 movement vibrates at an amazing speed of 36,000 times per hour (equivalent to a frequency of 5 Hz). Through the sapphire crystal case back, the unique rotor in the COSC-certified movement can be seen at a glance. A ‘suspension system’ is suspended in the case by 4 damping arms to provide the movement with the most reliable protection. They are responsible for collecting vibrations, protecting the movement from vibrations, and introducing them into a composite filter, which absorbs and breaks down the vibrations. The design structure of the MONACO TWENTY FOUR series is award-winning. The unique tube design and high shock-proof components are directly inspired by the design inspiration of F1 racing technology. This watch combines cutting-edge technology, rough design and the spirit of Monaco racing, while also emphasizing Steve McQueen’s unparalleled tough guy style.

The Core Of Pure Elegance Tasting 2017 Sihh Iwc Automatic Watch

With its clean design, round case and eye-catching lugs, the new Ivanhoe watch has become one of the most attractive watches in SIHH 2017. The classic style, the new timepiece with profound connotation made this series attracted much attention. Among them, there is this automatic watch of the IWC series. As one of the basic funds of this year’s brand, it is simple but not simple. Its shadow can be found in many new and complicated models of the IWC. Let’s take a look at this watch with the team in front:

   The classic three-hand watch is a timepiece designed for anyone who loves simple, stylish watches.

   Stainless steel case with a tough temperament, atmospheric and classic. After polishing, it has perfect radian, the lines are natural, smooth and very beautiful.

   The simple dial of large Arabic numerals and the elegant willow-shaped hands complement each other, showing the classic charm of the watch. A small rectangular date window at the 6 o’clock position adds a unique dimension to this watch.

   The round case with striking lugs returns to the classic style of the 1980s, becoming a unique selling point for Da Vinci watches in the IWC watch collection. With its removable lugs, the watch is also suitable for thinner wrists. This ergonomic watch is designed so that even women can wear it.

   The dense bottom case effectively protects the safe operation of IWC 35111 movement. With a power reserve of approximately 42 hours, this watch adds a dimension.

   Over the years, the new basic models have the magic charm of simplicity but not simplicity, and this is also true of this Da Vinci automatic watch. The mature classic has a pure elegance core.
   For more information on the latest SIHH 2017 events, please stay tuned to watch home 2017 Geneva Fine Watch Salon live feature:

Astronomical Complexity: One Of Our Most Proud Professional Fields

Since its inception, it has been longer than the astronomical display function. Audemars Piguet set up a workshop for this purpose, fully specializing in the two difficult and complex functions of the calendar and time equation. The production of the perpetual calendar has always been one of Audemars Piguet’s strong points.
   This is a superb skill handed down from generation to generation, and so far, only a few of the most experienced watchmakers who can truly master it are the morning stars. Due to its extreme precision and complexity, this mechanical device memory is made in a modular form. Although it is based on a general calendar system, it can automatically distinguish between 30 and 31 days of the month and February 29, which recurs every four years. No manual adjustment is required before 2100, which is an exception to non-leap years in calendar calculations.
   It is also modular in design, and the time equation is a relatively recent complication in the long term of Audemars Piguet, because it did not debut until 2000. The design concept of the time equation requires absolute technical mastery, as this mechanism not only allows the watch wearer to glance at the gap between legal time and solar time with a glance, but also grasps sunrise and sunset Time and moments in the middle of the day.
   Whether it is a perpetual calendar or time equation, it is independently completed by the same watchmaker, and usually requires weeks of patience and investment. First, the master must assemble more than one hundred parts that make up the module, mount the assembled module on the movement, then calibrate, complete the final process and install the case.

Affectionate For The Warm Winter Amy Long Meets You For A Wonderful Christmas

On the streets in December, there is a strong Christmas atmosphere everywhere. The huge Christmas tree has already been placed outside the door of the large shopping mall. Beautiful Christmas decorations and twinkling lights are gathered on the tree. The gorgeous display of the shop window has a warm white Christmas picture. Santa Claus giving gifts, laughter of relatives and friends, enjoying a Western-style turkey dinner, are these happy moments full of expectations?

 When the snowflakes are falling, time is flowing, every love and blessing needs to be passed on. When this grand carnival party is coming, Amy Long brings the brand’s classic series of Lehman series two-time watch, to offer you love and wishes for this Christmas.

 The elegant watch inherits the classic ‘wing of time’ design. This is the unique brand DNA of Amy Long. The lugs are round and easy-going, smooth and factual. The delicate record pattern dial is chic and elegant, and the gold studded hands reveal a distinguished style. The designer’s craftsmanship exudes a dazzling light. The watch is made of stainless steel case and tungsten steel bezel, and the brown leather watch is sewn with brown silk thread, which shows elegance. Multi-function configurations including hour, moon phase and power reserve are added. Among them, when the power reserve is manually wound, the energy disk will rotate with it, increasing the fun of mechanical handling. The meticulousness and dedication of the two-time watch of the Lehman series show the brand’s unique artistic charm.
The Lehman series two-time watch is endowed with artistic and romantic colors by the famous Swiss watch brand Emilon. No matter where you are with your friends and loved ones, when you put this watch on your wrist, you will definitely feel that deep feeling.

 With the advent of Christmas in 2015, share this joy with those you cherish most with the help of such a wonderful holiday. Let the love and blessings of the Amy Long Laimou two-time watch make up the warmth of Christmas. Turn the beautiful and affectionate touch into eternity and engraved in my heart.