Langue Reappears The Style Of The Past, Helping The German Watch Industry To Revive The Glory

Although the Swiss brand is the hegemon of the fine watchmaking industry, it is by no means the same. The German brands represented by A. Lange & Shne also occupy a pivotal position! Less than four years after the reunification of Germany, the entrepreneur Günter Blümlein realized his great blueprint, which restored the ‘Lange’ name to its former glory, and took this opportunity to revitalize the traditional German watchmaking industry. And the fine watchmaking industry has also benefited from the contention of a hundred schools of thought and is developing vigorously.

Saxon spirit blooms again
 In 1845, Ferdinand Adolph Lang founded the Lange brand in the mountain town of Glasshtte in Saxony, Germany, which is also the cradle of German fine watchmaking. After World War II, Lange was confiscated by the East German government, and the brand disappeared for a time. After the reunification of Germany, the Lange family descendants re-registered the Lange brand. Gnter Blmlein was in charge of two Swiss brands Jaeger-LeCoultre and IWC (both joined Richemont Group) when he started the brand revival plan. He actively cooperated with Walter Lange, the great-grandson of the Lange brand founder, and finally put the revival into practice. The rebirth of this brand has almost national significance.
 As a result, since 1994, A. Lange Shne (Lange) has become a new model of mechanical watchmaking, advocating accurate time, and paying special attention to the movement decoration process, delicate workmanship, strict requirements, even in high-end Watch industry is also rare. All the movements are made of blue steel screws, the handwheels are decorated with hand-engraved patterns, and all the bottom plates are made of white copper. The A. Lange Shne (Lange) brand is so meticulous in meticulous care of every detail that makes the movement stand out from the crowd.
Ferdinando Adolf Lange-founder of German precision watchmaking
 Watch collectors first fell in love with this classic-style rebirth brand. However, the original models were somewhat restrained in design. But after the initial test cry, the A. Lange Shne (Lange) watch factory in Saxon flourished and successfully promoted the brand revival initiated by Gnter Blmlein. Even after Gnter Blmlein’s sudden death on October 1, 2001, he still adhered to his set goals and achieved great results. Today, the brand’s new watch classic is still the same, but the personality is more prominent, interpreting haute horlogerie in its own unique way.

Mechanical technology shows visual and auditory art
 The brand’s Richard Lange Tourbillon Pour le Mrite watch launched this year is proof. This tourbillon watch is equipped with an innovative event dial that will fully reveal the new spirit blowing across the Glashütte hills. The new tourbillon on the watch resembles a well-conceived governor. Three delicate discs on the dial are used to display the hours, minutes and seconds. The watch is equipped with a tower gear transmission, inspired by a pocket watch created by Johann Heinrich in 1807. This tourbillon also contains a set of movable dial mechanism, which is innovative and unique, which is surprising. The round hour counter is partially hollowed out and superimposed on the tourbillon window, making the tourbillon mechanism like a beauty half-covered, ashamed when it comes out. However, when the hands moved to the 12 o’clock position, this part of the dial disappeared in an instant, revealing the perfect tourbillon frame and mechanism. And when the hand moves to the 6 o’clock position, the dial will jump back into place.

 Another extraordinary model is the new Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time. This is undoubtedly the only mechanical watch in the world that has both a digital display and a beeping time function. This boutique timepiece draws inspiration from the Lange Zeitwerk watch launched two years ago, and once launched, it has become a blockbuster with its extraordinary design. In the large window, this watch displays the hours and minutes in the form of a digital bounce, and the small seconds are displayed through the chronograph dial below the dial. At the same time, it features a chime to tell the clock, a treble to tell the clock, and a bass to tell the hour. On both sides of the small-second display panel, you can clearly watch the hammer hit two spring gongs, sounding the hours and minutes.
 Lange’s resurgence also represents the revival of Germany’s traditional fine watchmaking industry, which is the embodiment of Germany’s re-development after reunification. With the revival of the traditional German fine watchmaking industry and the rebirth of the spirit of the German watchmaking industry, the world’s watchmaking industry will have a healthier development, and more watches will be born.