Rolex Releases New Deepsea With D-blue Oyster Perpetual Watch

Rolex pays tribute to James Cameron’s historic single-person diving record. The two-color surface changes from bright blue to deep black, in memory of Cameron’s successful arrival at the deepest part of the earth-the end of the Mariana Trench.

Blue luminous material

The innovative Chromalight display on the surface is an invention that effectively improves clear reading in dark environments. The display time of this blue light is twice that of ordinary luminous materials. With the same luminous material, the wearer can clearly read the triangular zero mark on the outer circle even when it is at the bottom of the dark sea.

Helium Exhaust Valve

  Rolex patented a safety valve in 1967, just like a watch’s miniature decompression chamber, which is essential for deep diving. After diving, professional divers must first go to the decompression chamber to inhale a mixture of helium. In the decompression chamber, helium, an extremely light and unstable gas, can penetrate every corner, even inside the watch.

Its release speed in the watch is slower than the decompression in the cabin, so the air pressure trapped inside the watch is relatively large, which may cause irreparable damage. Taking into account various factors, Rolex engineers developed a helium exhaust valve equipped with a spring. When there is a pressure difference of more than 3 to 5 bar inside and outside the watch, the valve will open to release helium, and the watch’s waterproof performance It will not be affected.


Thanks to the unique Ringlock system, the Rolex Deepsea has extraordinary ruggedness, water resistance and pressure resistance. This innovative Rolex patented case structure allows the watch to withstand strong water pressures up to 3,900 meters (12,800 feet), equivalent to about 3 tons of pressure. The system consists of three major elements: the center of gravity of the system is a nitrogen alloy stainless steel ring, which is complementary to a 5 mm thick arched sapphire glass and a grade 5 titanium alloy bottom cover.

Rolex GLIDELOCK Extension System

  The patented Glidelock extension system allows divers to easily adjust the strap without using any tools even when wearing a wetsuit, and experience a stable and comfortable watch wearing experience. The buckled sturdy toothed parts can extend the strap to 20 mm per bar by 2 mm.

Titanium bottom cover

The design of the two cases helps Rolex Deepsea withstand the tremendous pressure caused by water depth. First of all, the solid titanium case back is made of the highly rigid but flexible titanium alloy, a clever material that allows the watch to withstand the pressure of the deep sea without any damage. In addition, the water pressure itself helps the three main components of the Ringlock system to fit more closely, closing the case back more tightly with the depth of water, and creating the ability to fully seal the case.

  No other watch design can match the Rolex Deepsea. This new-generation diver’s watch is water-resistant to 3,900 meters (12,800 feet). Together with Rolex’s innovative design, it fully meets the most stringent requirements of professional divers. Rolex Deepsea sets new standards in terms of ruggedness, precision, functionality and reliability. The Rolex Deepsea is the ultimate masterpiece of the Oyster, and stands up to the challenge. Its 44mm Oyster case is equipped with a patented Ringlock system, which results in a durable and medium-sized practical watch. This pioneering spirit has continuously led Rolex to create Oyster watches, as well as submariner and sea-dweller classic diving watches developed in the 1950s and 1960s.

Chopin Launches Happy Sport Medium Automatic

For 20 years, the Chopard Happy Sport series has taken the world by storm with a modern look, bold and bright tones, and a design philosophy that has never been conservative. On the occasion of the anniversary of this classic series, Chopard launched the Happy Sport Medium Automatic with a new look, which is also the first time the series is equipped with a mechanical movement.

 Chopard co-president Caroline Scheufele created the Happy Sport series in 1993, which quickly became a model in Chopard’s work. Over the years, Chopard’s interpretation of the series has never deviated from the line of joyful humor and elegant sensuality, and this distinctive recognition has always been in classic models such as Happy Beach, La Vie en Rose, Happy Spirit and Mystery Pink.

 Now, to congratulate the ‘active diamond’ technology that enables diamonds to slide freely on a delicate dial that is only a few centimeters, Chopard has launched the Happy Sport Medium Automatic. On the basis of many years of active diamonds renowned in the world of jewelry watch design, this watch has added mechanical connotation like never before.