Bvlgari Octo Four Retrograde Chronograph Models, Showing Complex Technology

Bvlgari will present the new Gérald Genta Octo Quadri-Retro Chronograph Gérald Genta series Octo four retrograde chronograph watch at the 2011 Basel Watch Fair. Gérald Genta’s famous design octagonal classic case with four retrograde functions not only presents the Gérald Genta classic, but more importantly, it shows the powerful and complex functions of the watch. Continuing the Octo double retrograde model, the combination of stainless steel and ceramic materials will once again detonate this year’s Basel watch exhibition.

Bvlgari aggressively attacks, the brand shows great strength

 At the Baselworld 2010, DR & GG (Daniel Roth & Gérald Genta), which was officially incorporated into Bvlgari’s collections, still showed great strength. The Gérald Genta series was stunning with its highly complex model, the Octo Grande Sonnerie Tourbillon Field, equipped with a large self-sounding function and a small self-sounding function, plus a tourbillon and retrograde display function. And the Daniel Roth series is not too much to let, the styling of the rose gold tourbillon is outstanding, and it is also amazing. In addition, the biggest focus is the advent of the Calgary 168, a self-made movement of the Bvlgari brand. After all, having its own unique movement technology is the goal that each brand is eager to pursue. This year, Bvlgari’s Gérald Genta will be unveiled at the Basel exhibition this month with the new Gerald Genta Octo Quadri-Retro ChronographGerald Genta series Octo four retrograde chronograph watch.

Minute retrograde, 30-minute chronograph retrograde, 12-hour chronograph retrograde, and date retrograde, four retrograde jumps show that each one performs his duties at a glance.

 The latest model still presents the classic octagonal case design of the Gérald Genta series, which is equipped with a complex Cal. GG7800 movement and presents a highly complex four retrograde display function on the dial. Including minute retrograde at 12 o’clock, date retrograde at 6 o’clock, 30 minutes retrograde display at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and 12-hour retrograde display, the pointers perform their duties in the configuration It is clear at a glance. It should be noted that the display window (8 in the figure) above the brand BVLGARI Logo is a time-jump window, and the central chronograph second hand in particular does not affect the convenience of reading time, and set the starting point to zero at six o’clock ( Note that the bezel is the starting point at 6 o’clock, marked 60, and rotated clockwise.) It is interesting to read.

 8 is the time jump window; the start position of the chronograph second hand of the general stopwatch stays at 12 o’clock. In order not to affect the readability, the starting position is changed to 6 o’clock. The position is 60, clockwise is 5, 10 …

 45mm case, stainless steel with ceramic bezel, 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock chronograph pushers, respectively control the start / stop and zero functions, and closely combined with the case’s octagonal shape, showing domineering style. The crown part is inlaid with black agate gemstones, making the entire model rigid and luxurious. The dial is crafted with ancient filigree enamel technology. After complex and precise multiple steps, including grinding the groove, painting, polishing, smoothing, repainting and polishing, the picture composition is perfect and detailed. .