Jacques Dro Presents New Works To Celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year

Pig is at the bottom of the zodiac. 2019 is the Lunar Year of the Pig. Jaquet Droz uses a variety of arts and crafts to create four outstanding timepieces to pay tribute to the Year of the Pig.

 Today, Jaquet Droz is proud to present a limited series of watches celebrating the Chinese New Year. This series is based on the zodiac animal recurrence every twelve years as the theme, which can be described as an annual highly anticipated work. After the Year of the Dog in 2018, the Year of the Pig is the last year in the zodiac cycle. The pig is a symbolic animal in Chinese culture, marking the end of a cycle and giving it a personality color for this year of the zodiac and those born in that year.

 Pigs are believed to be loyal, diligent, and kind. They are honest and empathetic, they can trust others for a long time, and help others wholeheartedly. Integrity and integrity are also their qualities. Regardless of the circumstances of the year of the pig, those born in the year of the pig are calm and calm, even in the most difficult situations. They also have a healthy body and can enjoy the happy hours of life.

 To pay tribute to this highly symbolic animal, Jaquet Droz first created two Red Gold Petite HeureMinute watches, each limited to 28 pieces (numerusclausus). The first is a ladies’ watch with a 35 mm diameter diamond case; the second is a neutral version with a 39 mm diameter unset diamond case. Both watches use micro-painting technology, showing a pig walking slowly in front of a wheat field. Jaquet Droz, with his beloved naturalistic approach, means abundance and prosperity through mature wheat, while the little pig in front of the wheat field symbolizes peace and wisdom. A similar sight is engraved on the gold rotor on the case back.

 Another limited series is composed of two new gold engraved Petite HeureMinuteReliefPig watches, mainly using engraving technology. On the dial is a picture of a wild boar standing in front of eight oak trees. The number ‘8’ has deep symbolic meaning in Chinese culture, representing wealth and luck; ‘8’ is also of great significance to Jaquet Droz, and the brand creates classic watches around its infinitely changing aesthetic forms. GrandeSeconde. The oak symbolizes strength, longevity, perseverance and strength.

 The first watch was limited to 28 pieces and was equipped with a 43 mm red gold case. The red gold engraving on the dial contrasted with the black onyx hour and minute display. The second limited edition watch consists of 8 white gold models, which also use a pure and deep black onyx hour and minute dial, with a diamond-set case and lugs. The oscillating weight, like the first model, is embossed with a embossed boar motif and also includes a three-dimensional onyx inlay. Jaquet Droz presents a rich and varied artistic process, presents elegant and emotional masterpieces of timepieces, and reads the Year of the Pig in a unique way.