Celebrating The 100th Anniversary Of The Raf Breitling Launches Four Limited Aviation Watches

In 2018, the Royal Air Force (RAF) ushered in its centennial anniversary. As an official partner, Breitling has specially designed and launched four limited edition aviation watches.

   The first is the Navitimer1B01Chronograph46RAF100 watch, which is limited to 25 pieces and sells for 7,750 pounds (equivalent to about 68,000 yuan). The watch numbered ‘1’ will be sold through auction, and all proceeds will be donated to RAF100Appeal.

Navitimer1B01Chronograph46RAF100 watch

   The second model is the AvengerIIGMTRAF100, which is limited to 100 pieces and sells for 3,750 pounds (about 33,000 yuan).

AvengerIIGMTRAF100 watch

   The third model is the Aerospace EvoRAF100 watch, with a limited edition of 100 pieces, priced at 3,650 pounds (equivalent to about 32,000 yuan).

AerospaceEvoRAF100 watch

   The fourth model is the ColtSkyracerRAF100 watch, with a limited edition of 100 pieces, priced at 1,800 pounds (equivalent to about 16,000 yuan).

ColtSkyracerRAF100 watch

   Breitling will donate part of the proceeds from four watches to RAF100Appeal, a joint venture between the Royal Air Force and the Royal Air Force Charity Fund, the Royal Air Force Association, the Royal Air Force Trust and the Royal Air Force Museum. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Audemars Piguet Appoints Sachin Tendulkar As Ambassador For The Latest Series

Audemars Piguet has the honor to launch a series of brand ambassadors. They are: Tennis Djokovic, legendary driver Michael Schumacher and the world’s best footballer Messi. The spokesperson made the video. To tell about a glorious career and the most important moments in life. In the future, Audemars Piguet intends to produce the same video for Indian cricket player Sachin Tedulka and hopes that he will also become the latest brand ambassador for Audemars Piguet because Audemars Piguet considers him to be the greatest cricket of this century. One of the athletes.

 As early as 1983, when India won the World Cup, he admitted that he did not know many rules of the game, but such a victory ignited his passionate cricket dream. In his father’s close guidance, he realized that Sachin has no shortcuts to success. In his way of victory: every record can become the first hitter in the history of cricket! This has spanned 100 centuries, and his competitive score within a day of playing cricket for the first time was double hundred. In 2011, after his debut, 22 years and 6 attempts, he fulfilled his many years of dreams, and India won the World Cup in front of its own crowd. It is no wonder that Sachin Tedulka embodies Audemars Piguet’s philosophy ‘to break the rules, you must master it first.’