Little Prince Gives Blue Core, Warm Children’s Hearts, Iwc And Sotheby’s Geneva Auctioneer Together

November 23, 2016, Geneva, Switzerland-At the Sotheby’s Precious Watches auction held in Geneva, a large pilot’s calendar watch made by Swiss watchmaker IWC The special edition of The Little Prince was sold for 48,750 Swiss francs. This one-of-a-kind timepiece is the first and so far the only mechanical watch with a blue movement in the history of IWC. The proceeds of the auction will be donated in full to IWC’s long-time partner, the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation. The foundation will use the money to publish a braille version of The Little Prince for children with visual impairments. ‘Little Prince’ by the great French writer and pilot Anthony Created by Saint Exupery and later established by the same name as the Foundation, it aims to help children and adolescents growing up in difficult and harsh environments.

   The IWC large pilot annual calendar watch “Little Prince” special edition (model: IW502704) that was successfully hammered in this auction is equipped with 52850 homemade movement. The striking deep blue light is the first and so far the only mechanical watch with a blue movement in the brand’s history. It took about a year and a half to develop this technology. The biggest challenge in the manufacturing process is that the watchmaker must maintain a uniform coating thickness and use chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to present a uniform and harmonious hue.

   In addition, the watchmaker deliberately chose blue screws and rubies to decorate the blue movement to create a beautiful dark blue night sky. The 18K red gold pendulum full of flowers tells the story of a boy standing alone on the planet and staring at the starry night sky. It goes without saying that this boy is Anthony. The protagonist of the fairy tale book The Little Prince written by Saint Exupery.

IWC watches set for auction with exquisite treasures

   Saint Exupery Youth Foundation was founded by Anthony in 2005 The descendants of Saint Exupery were established to provide children and adolescents growing up in difficult circumstances to improve their lives and create the future. ‘This unique watch is not only equipped with a dazzling blue movement, but also embodies IWC’s long-established watchmaking tradition. I am particularly pleased that the brand is fortunate to use its superb watchmaking skills to make a small contribution to the charity auction and fund The Saint Exupery Youth Foundation launches more significant charitable projects, ‘said Georges Kern, CEO of IWC.

   This is the fourth charity auction between IWC and Sotheby’s Geneva Auction House to raise funds for the Saint Exupery Youth Foundation. This year’s auction proceeds plan is to turn Anthony St. Elisabeth’s ‘Little Prince’ is translated into Braille, including relief illustrations, so that visually impaired children can truly explore the world of ‘Little Prince’ for the first time.