2016 Longines China Equestrian Tour Dalian Station Gracefully Ends, Elegant Goddess Lin Zhiling Shines And Unveils Bincheng New Store

On July 31st, the “Longines China Tour” 2016 Dalian event ended gracefully at the yacht terminal in Donggang District, Dalian. The Dutch player Vincent Wemulenz won the highly-regarded Longines Grand Prix on the horse racing ‘Bacato’. The famous Swiss watchmaker Longines has been the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch for the third consecutive year. As the first domestic Equestrian Federation two-star or higher event held in a number of major cities in the form of a tour in China, the 2016 Longines China Equestrian Tour in Dalian Station gracefully ended, and the finals will start in Guangzhou. Longines’ elegant image ambassador Ms. Lin Zhiling also came to the scene to witness the exciting competition. At the same time, on July 30, Longines and the goddess of elegance unveiled a new Longines store in the century-old city of Dalian.

Long Chin’s elegant image ambassador Lin Zhiling, together with Longines China Sales Director Mr. Xie Qi (second from right), Ms. Wu Dan, General Manager of Dalian Century City Co., Ltd. (first from left) and Chairman of Dalian Jinhua Watch & Jewellery Co., Ltd. Liu Zhongyang (first from right) ), Unveiled the store of Longines Dalian Jinhua Watch 100 Years City

Longines China Tour arrives in Ben Thanh to share elegant equestrian time

   From July 29th to 31st, the 2016 Longines China Equestrian Touring Tournament unveiled its first race at the marina in Donggang District, Dalian. The event attracted equestrian enthusiasts from all over the country. Ms. Lin Zhiling, the elegant ambassador of Longines, also attended the Marseille scene to witness the exciting competition. In the end, in the highly anticipated ‘Longines Grand Prix’, the famous Dutchman Vincent Vermulen drove the horse racing ‘Bacato’, won the championship and received a Longines classic timepiece.

Dutch player Vincent Wemulenze wins championship on ‘Bacato’

   Since 2014, Longines has been a long-term strategic partner with the Chinese Equestrian Association, and has presented the Longines China Equestrian Tournament for the third consecutive year. As the first domestic Equestrian Federation two-star or above event held in a number of major cities in the form of a tour, the 2016 Longines China Equestrian Tour has a total of four stops in Shanghai, Beijing and Dalian, Liaoning. The finals will be Fierce competition in Guangzhou.

Longines Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling visits the 2016 Longines China Equestrian Tour in Dalian

   Longines has been associated with equestrian sports for more than a century. In 1878, Longines produced a chronograph stopwatch that was enough to be recorded in history, which was popular with jockeys and equestrian lovers. In 1912, Longines became the official timekeeper of international equestrian events for the first time, and since 2013 it has become the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of Longines Global Equestrian Championship. Today, Longines has been widely involved in equestrian events such as flat horse racing, obstacle course and endurance racing.

Longines elegantly settles in Centennial City
Longines Jinhua Watches Centennial City Store Delivers Exquisite Timepiece Space

   Longines Bincheng New Store is located in the century-old city of Dalian, in the most prosperous Qingniwa Bridge business district. As a century-old landmark building in Dalian, with its excellent geographical location and innovative operating concepts, Century City was named one of the eight largest buildings in Dalian and one of the ten largest buildings in Liaoning Province, which fits Longin’s rigorous location. Claim. The new store adheres to Longines’s simple and elegant design style, with the brand’s iconic dark blue tone, carefully interpreting the brand’s unremitting pursuit of ‘elegance, tradition and superior performance’ for more than 180 years. The store includes masterpieces with different styles such as elegance, watchmaking tradition, sports, equestrianism, and classic engraving. The elaborate VIP exclusive service area will also bring customers a comfortable and elegant shopping experience.

Longines elegant ambassador Lin Zhiling presents Daichao Wiener watches

   On the opening day of the new store, Longines’ elegant ambassador Lin Zhiling wore a Detroit Wiener series watch, and shared her love for this timepiece: ‘I personally like the Longines DeChlovena series very much. The inspiration for the watch: Italian sweet life-‘DolceVita’. Its shape combines geometric lines and soft curves in all directions. It is designed for ladies who like to wear gorgeous jewelry-like watches, and also conveys the brand’s consistency. Philosophy: elegant attitude, true personality, conveying to the new era women an elegant attitude to enjoy life. ‘
   The Longines Daichao Wiener collection is an outstanding heritage of the brand’s elegant tradition. Since its launch, the series has achieved widespread success around the world. Inspired by the sweet Italian life-‘DolceVita’, the Daichao Wiener series blooms on the wrists of women who are keen to enjoy a comfortable life. Longines combines geometric lines with soft curves. The outline of the rectangular case is lengthened and given a curve. Some models are set with diamonds to add modern elegance and femininity.

[Watch description]
Longines Dai Chuo Wei Na series stainless steel diamond watch
Watch number: L5.512.0.71.6
New products are not priced
LonginesDolceVita watches have been composing hymns praising the sweet life since their introduction. Inspired by softer lines, this watch uses a stainless steel case with diamonds on the 23×37 mm case. The silver “flinqué” dial is decorated with Roman numerals, is equipped with a quartz movement, the blue steel hands point to the hours and minutes, and the stainless steel bracelet.

   Longines Longines was founded in Somia, Switzerland in 1832. The brand upholds a long tradition of exquisite craftsmanship. Its relentless pursuit of tradition, elegance and superior performance has achieved the brand’s pure watchmaking expertise. Longines has a wealth of experience and tradition of glory as the official timekeeper of the World Championships and a partner of the International Sports Federation. The brand has long supported the elegant equestrian sports, and has established a beautiful and close relationship with it. Longines is a well-known brand of the Swatch Group, a leading global watch manufacturer. Known for creating exquisite timepieces, the brand, which is marked by a flying wing hourglass, is now available in more than 150 countries around the world.