Parmigiani Tonda Métro Special Edition Watch Illuminates 2016 Montreux Jazz Festival

‘At the Montreux Jazz Festival, time belongs only to artists.’ — Claude Nobs

 This summer, the stars of the 50th Montreux Jazz Festival are shining: Muse, Neil Young, Lisa Simone, Monty Alexander ( MontyAlexander, Jean-Michel Jarre, Patti Smith, Van Morrison, Quincy Jones, Lana De Artists such as Lana Del Rey and DeepPurple gathered at the 50th Montreux Jazz Festival to reproduce the strong cohesion of music. As the global partner of the ceremony, Parmigiani welcomes partners and brand friends from all over the world to share this music event.

Symbolic Anniversary Edition
 This year marks the 80th birthday of Mr. Claude Nobs, the founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival, and the festival celebrates its 50th birthday. The Montreux Jazz Festival has been a unique event in the music industry since its introduction in 1967, thanks to Mr. Claude Nobs’s attitude of inclusiveness and friendliness; over the years he has vowed to reward the world-renowned Musicians and musicians work together to create top audiovisual feasts. These precious ideas promoted by Mr. Claude Nobs have long infiltrated the festival and become the essence of the festival.
 An anniversary edition is an opportunity to showcase its glorious history, values ​​and future. For the Parmigiani brand, which is also on its 20th anniversary, it has a deeper resonance in this symbolic 2016.
50th Anniversary Poster and TONDA MÉTRO Special Edition Watch

 The 50th Montreux Jazz Festival pays tribute to its legendary history with unique poster designs. The words ‘Montreux Jazz Festival’, accented by a dark blue background with imitation vinyl surface textures, are stitched in chronological order from the posters of the previous 49th festival. This poster image created by the Cantonese artist Giovanni Rivavo reproduces the festival’s 50 years of glory, and it also reminds of the style of music that characterizes the Montreux Jazz Festival.

 At the same time, Parmigiani launched a special edition of the Tonda Métro Montreux Jazz Festival watch, which was created with the 50th anniversary of the festival; and will be given to famous artists and music stars after the concert. .

TONDA MÉTRO Special Edition Montreux Jazz Watch
 Twenty special Tonda Métro watches: ten men’s Tonda Métrograph and ten women’s Tonda Métropolitaine are specially created for the 50th anniversary of the Montreux Jazz Festival. The dial refers to the royal blue of the poster background, and reproduces the iconic concave pattern of the vinyl record with a subtle spiral carving. The brand watch factory chose to abandon the numbers on the female Métropolitain dial to emphasize the purity and smoothness of the ring effect; the stainless steel case back is also engraved with the words ‘Montreux Jazz Festival-50th Anniversary’.

Extraordinary Design, A Century-old Legendary Watch

Super classic design, loyal support of many celebrities, classics spanning the century have been leading the modern and contemporary style. Since the birth of the first Tank watch in 1917, the Tank family has inherited its bloodline. With its continuous creative passion and persistence, it has written a brilliant chapter in the history of Cartier watchmaking and even world watchmaking. On June 22, 2012, the new Tank Anglaise watch was launched globally simultaneously, creating a new legend of ‘Never Stop Tank’-the never-ending Tank watch. Famous Italian film star Monica Bellucci visiting China for the first time
Tank legend beyond the times
When the Tank watch came out, at the time of the First World War, Louis Cartier, the soul of the Cartier family, was inspired by the simple and rigid lines of the military tank that was first put on the battlefield. Legendary work. With Cartier’s bold innovation, the design concept and concept of each Tank watch always contains the pioneering spirit that transcends the times, and therefore has become a classic watch that surpasses the trend.
Launched in 1989, the Tank Américaine watch elegantly responds to the new wave of pursuit of large-scale watches, while the Tank Francaise watch launched in 1996 represents the revolutionary bracelet watch concept representing the technical, aesthetic and functional development of the Tank watch. New stage in the. Tank Anglaise watch, small jewelry model, 18K rose gold
Tank watches abide by absolute aesthetic principles, which is synonymous with extreme elegance. Cartier’s inspiration has always been at the forefront of the spirit of the times, and has constantly given Tank watches a new look. Following the great success of the Tank Américaine and Tank Francaise watches, Cartier led the third peak in its history with a brand new Tank watch, the Tank Anglaise watch. Together with the Tank Américaine and TankFrancaise watches, this watch forms a perfect Tank trilogy.
Tank Anglaise watch, large model, 18K white gold, Cartier 1904MC workshop refined
The most unique feature of Tank Anglaise is that in addition to the perfect harmony between the bracelet, the vertical lugs and the chain’s own shape, the crown is hidden in the hollow vertical lugs, exposing only the inlaid gemstones. Stand out. The new Tank Anglaise watches are available in three sizes for men and women, and come in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.
Tank Anglaise watch, medium model with high jewellery, 18K white gold, pavé diamonds