Follow The Taste Of Celebrities And Choose The Right Watch For Your Lover

Chinese New Year’s Eve, one of the traditional Valentine’s Days, is coming. It is a good choice to send a delicate watch to your lovers. But do you find it difficult to start with many watch brands? Let’s take a look at the celebrities will choose which watch to give his or her lover for reference.

 Jay-Z and Beyonce are the couples in the entertainment industry who are keen to give each other expensive gifts

 Just as Jay-Z celebrated his 43rd birthday, Beyonce bought the most expensive Hublot ‘Big Bang 5 Million Dollars’ as a birthday gift for her husband!

 Received this valuable full-diamond watch, Jay-Z said ‘very excited’, because it is still a huge surprise for him who loves collecting watches. This ‘Big Bang $ 5 million’ was unveiled at Basel last year and is the most expensive watch at the show. With 1,282 square diamonds weighing more than 100 carats, it took 14 months of full-time work from experts to find, cut and inlay. It is a world’s first timeless and exquisite work.

 Hublot ‘Big Bang 5 Million Dollar’ Watch

 Jay-Z and Beyonce are the richest couples in the entertainment industry and are passionate about giving each other expensive gifts. The gifts they exchanged with each other also included a sapphire ring of 500,000 dollars, a gold rocking horse with a total price of 1.5 million, a luxury car of 2 million dollars, and a private island of 20 million …

 Monroe and her Rolex to Kennedy were engraved with ‘Jack, Marilyn will always love you. May 29, 1962’

 After the birthday celebrations at Madison Square on May 19, 1962 to celebrate the birthday of President J.F. Kennedy, scandals about Marilyn Monroe and President Kennedy became widespread. At the birthday celebration, Marilyn Monroe sang the famous ‘Happy Birthday’ to J.F. President Kennedy.

 Kennedy’s only public photo with Monroe

 Monroe also gave John F. Kennedy a gold Rolex watch as a birthday gift. The watch was engraved with ‘Jack, Marilyn will always love you. May 29, 1962’, and there was a song in the case labeled ‘On You Sincerely begging for birthday ‘.

 At the time, Monroe gave the watch to Kennedy’s assistant Kenneth O’Donnell and entrusted him with the watch. But when Kennedy saw the watch, he asked O’Donnell to take it away.

 Brad Pitt bought a $ 390,000 Patek Philippe questionnaire for fiancee Julie as their wedding gift.

 According to information from the Sun website, insiders revealed: ‘After meeting Pete Philippe at the Basel Watch Fair with the Stern family, he decided to give Julie a Patek Philippe as a very unique gift, because people who own it They are very few. It is like a piece of art, all made by hand. The minute repeater tells the time according to the time of Big Ben. ‘

 Pete’s custom watch is made of gold with a white mother-of-pearl dial and took two months to make.