With A Meteor Fast Wishing Roger Dubuis Excalibur Shooting Star, The Tourbillon Can Also Be Very Complicated

The passion and determination to break the rules have been deeply rooted in the creative genes of ROGER DUBUIS. Upholding the avant-garde spirit, firm perseverance and strong passion for superb machinery, the brand has shown its unrestrained creativity to the gorgeous and luxurious and subversive design, creating a series of innovative timepiece masterpieces.

In the annual watch and clock event SIHH, Roger Dubuis’ R & D department unscrupulously broke the established conventions, displayed extreme creativity, and revealed the brand’s latest world premiere works. For example, the women’s watch part will be represented by Excalibur Shooting Star in 2019.

Roger Dubuy continues to show his lofty ambitions with the introduction of bold and innovative timepieces in 2019. The launch of brand new works is not only more challenging than previous creations, but also frequently breaks through the boundaries of technology and aesthetics. The Excalibur Shooting Star Hollow Flying Tourbillon Meteor Diamond Watch specially designed for women is a powerful regret for the entire world of watchmaking.

The skeleton flying tourbillon meteor diamond watch, with its stylish and bright skeleton movement and the absolutely luxurious and innovative selection of materials, reflects the perfect combination of fine watchmaking skills and natural elegant style

The Meteor watch designed for the brave and outstanding women exudes the wanton feelings of all girls, exquisitely embodies Roger Dubuis ‘extraordinary ability to create miracles, possesses Roger Dubuis’ classic star hollow logo, and is equipped with the latest generation of hollow flying tutor flywheel. This is the first time Roger Dubuis has shown this complication in such a small timepiece, and it is also the outstanding result of two years of research and development by its watchmakers.

In addition to the original star-shaped hollow bridge, the watch face is also added with a few star-shaped decorations, which are filled with colored enamel, making the design concept of ‘Meteor’ leap in front of the wearer.

In addition to the bezel set with diamonds on the dial, the dial is also set with diamonds on the hour-marker ring as a time-marker. In addition, there are diamonds in the vicinity of the tourbillon frame. The creation of Roger Dubuis watches is often linked to the concept of stars. In this Excalibur Shooting Star, it is played to the fullest. The brand fills the star frame of the movement with pink or blue enamel. The three-dimensional shape allows The star-shaped frame is more realistic and moving, and Roger Dubuy’s past hollowing technology has added a white mother-of-pearl splint as a decoration. Although there is less visual effect of penetration, the illusion of mother-of-pearl Changing the light, matching star enamel and diamonds to each other, making the watch’s visual effect unabated.

The watch is equipped with a RD510SQ hand-wound movement, with 181 parts, a vibration frequency of 3 Hz, a power reserve of 60 hours, a solid back cover design, and a star logo engraved on the surface that echoes the watch’s design inspiration.

The watch is equipped with the RD510SQ skeleton flying tourbillon mechanical movement, and is engraved with the prestigious Geneva mark, marking a brand new avenue of galaxy for the field of skeleton complex functions. Inlaid with round-cut white diamonds and enamel decorative elements, and available in pink and blue. The blue model is equipped with diamond-set lugs and case, and the movement is decorated with delicate blue sunburst.

Excalibur Shooting Star Hollow Flying Tourbillon Meteor Diamond Watch

Rose gold material / RD510SQST manual winding movement / hour and minute display / sapphire crystal mirror / 36mm diameter / limited 28 pieces / reference price: 1,330,000 RMB

Excalibur Shooting Star Hollow Flying Tourbillon Meteor Diamond Watch

Rose gold material / RD510SQST manual winding movement / hour and minute display / sapphire crystal / 36mm diameter / limited to 28 pieces / reference price: 1,210,000 RMB

Wristle Refined Shine Party Swiss Mido Party Watches Recommended

Colorful festivals accompany the New Year, and various glittering and cheerful parties follow. The dancing is graceful, and the clothes and clothes stay fragrant; To radiate the unique brilliance of hands and feet among the stars, a watch with both design beauty and noble quality is your perfect choice. Mido selects the Belem Celli III women’s mini-watches and Belem Celli mini three-pin men’s watches. They use time-honored craftsmanship to interpret timeless classics, and use a low-key luxury design to decorate the enduring brilliance. With such a watch on your wrist, you are the party’s most shining star tonight.
  Slim dancing party queen
  Mido Belem Celli III Women’s Mini Watch
  She is the most eye-catching queen at the party, her eyes are flowing, she is careless and enthusiastic, she caresses her hair inadvertently, revealing the exquisite Belemcelli III women’s mini watch on her wrist. This lady’s mini watch inspired by the arcade of Milan’s Emmanuel II is a classic of the Mido Berencelli III series. On the one hand, it is delicate and attractive, on the other hand, it is restrained and gorgeous, and it has a low-key elegance and exquisite watchmaking. Craftsmanship blends into one another, penetrating and recreating the beauty of the combination of architecture and watches in a poetic way.

  The Belem Celli III women’s mini watch is carefully equipped with the ETA advanced automatic mechanical movement. The power reserve of more than 38 hours provides you with enough energy savings for party parties. The unique gingival pattern in the center of the black dial is filled with a retro and timeless atmosphere, which complements the silver Roman numerals, giving women a unique intellectual style. The hour, minute, and second hands are cut with diamond bevels to create the ultimate elegance in three dimensions. At three o’clock, a small date window is set, and subtle detail settings converge on the small 25 mm dial. Like her dancing, her slim figure is infinitely wonderful. The highly polished stainless steel case shows a smooth and rounded curve contour, and the delicate and beautiful recessed crown makes the watch more delicate. With a stainless steel strap, it shines brightly between the fiber wrist and lightness to accompany your dance steps. Walk around and make you the most charming star at the party.

  The symbol of wise and delicate elegance
  Mido Belem Celli Small Three-Hand Men’s Watch
  Rennes Opera House is famous for its harmonious and elegant circular building structure. This ancient theater with neoclassical shapes, harmonious lines and rounded curves has become a landmark in the history of human architecture. The Mido Berencelli series perfectly restores the style of this classic building with inspirational design, paying tribute to art and elegance.

  Mido Berencelli series small three-pin men’s watch with automatic mechanical movement, has a perfectly curved stainless steel case, wrapped in a silver dial with a diameter of 38 mm, a sun light pattern unique to the center of the dial, colorful lights at the party Quietly shining. The blue retro Roman numeral scale gives the wearer a calm and elegant temperament, and the small bezel design at the 6 o’clock position of the dial is so delicate and agile. Just like him, he is humorous and wise. The small second hand meets the diamond bevel-cut hands in the flow of time, inadvertently encountering this smart elegance. The perfect arc of the stainless steel strap and the silver case complement each other, adding a different kind of casualness and eye-catching. The date is displayed at 3 o’clock, and the double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror makes reading time easier, and accurately grasp the time after the carnival.

Technical Information
Mido Belem Celli III Women’s Mini Watch

Movement ETA2671 automatic movement, diameter 17.20mm, thickness 4.8mm, 25 diamonds, carved movement decorated with blue screws, automatic oscillating engraving Geneva ripple and MIDO logo, hour, minute and date display. Tested at three different locations to verify accuracy, over 38 hours of power reserve
Case 316L stainless steel, dial diameter 25 mm, three-part, double-sided anti-glare hemispherical sapphire mirror, transparent back showing a carefully crafted movement, engraved with serial number, waterproof depth 50 meters
Strap 316L stainless steel strap with folding clasp
Dial Black dial with unique gum pattern decoration, Roman numerals, date window at 3 o’clock
Hands Beveled and Polished Diamonds

Mido Belem Celli Small Three-Hand Men’s Watch

Movement ETA2825-2 mechanical movement, diameter 26mm, thickness 6.60mm, 25 diamonds. The carefully crafted movement is decorated with screws, the automatic rotor is engraved with the Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo, and the hours, minutes and dates are displayed. Tested for accuracy at three different positions with a power reserve of more than 38 hours
Case 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold plated, case diameter 38mm, 3 parts, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, transparent back cover with beautifully decorated movement, engraved serial number, 50 meters waterproof
Strap 316L stainless steel strap with folding clasp
Dial The silver dial is decorated with sunray patterns in the center, blue Roman numerals, small seconds at 6 o’clock, and the date window at 3 o’clock
Hands Beveled and Polished Diamonds

Jaquet Droz Jacques Dró – How Can You Miss The Charming Charm Between Your Wrists After A Long Journey

The summer heat is fading. The most beautiful shallow autumn season of the year suddenly disappears like rain and rain, and with the refreshing fragrance comes to us. This is the most poetic early autumn. This is the most suitable season for travel, combined with the Eleven Golden Holiday, I believe that many people have prepared a journey to cleanse the mind, fade the busyness and fatigue of weekday work, and march towards poetry and the distance. However, the journey is long, and how can you just care about the destination scenery and miss the style of your wrist, so that JaquetDroz will turn the boring and long journey into a poetic and outstanding one. Enjoyment.

Birds or flamboyant or gentle crying sounds
——Jacques Dro’s charming bird of time
For a trip, you don’t need to care about the destination, you just need to care about the charming scenery on your wrist and the mood of watching the scenery. Jacques de Lo’s charming bird of time, the surface decoration is inspired by traditional paper-cutting techniques, combined with exquisite carving and micro-painting techniques, decorated with delicate mother-of-pearl, showing the traditional Swiss rural landscape pattern of Jacques de Lo, hand-carved The underside of the dial of the mother-of-pearl mother-of-pearl is meticulously crafted with stunning craftsmanship, and the breathtaking wristwatch scenery created by the amazing rich details is enough to indulge in it.
At the same time, the rotation of the hands is accompanied by the chanting of the birds, and the birds on the round dial want to stay and fly, which may be the ultimate enjoyment that Jacques Dro watch art can bring to us. In the charming bird of time is equipped with two different Swiss patented mechanisms, three miniature sapphire crystal tubes, and the birds’ tweets are generated by the compression of air instead of vibration. The first crystal tube pumps air, stores it in the second crystal tube, and then pushes the air into the third crystal tube to adjust the melody according to the volume of air and the speed of the piston movement. Birds or publicity, or gentle crying sounds follow along the way.

Charming Bird of Time
White mother-of-pearl engraved and painted dial. Onyx dial.
18K red gold case and three-dimensional bezel.
Manually wound chronograph bird automatic doll movement, button trigger mechanism. Sapphire crystal whistle system.
Automatic mechanical movement with hour and minute display.
Power reserve is about 38 hours.
47 mm in diameter.
Limited edition of 8 pieces.

Flower blossoms
——Jacques Droe Elegant 8-Flower Rhyme
The most beautiful time is on the road. Jacques de Rouge’s elegant 8-Flower Rhyme will fill your long journey with the fragrance of a magnificent grand performance.
The two overlapping dials, with their rounded curves, are dazzling. It expresses simplicity and generosity: the rounded design and the slightly protruding lower dial made of mother-of-pearl are excellent proof. Extraordinary creativity condenses on the subtle upper dial. Just press the button at 2 o’clock, and the lotus will bloom slowly: the six gold petals hand-polished and frosted bloom proudly, revealing the water-drop-shaped, cut-out ruby, and the gold petals contrast with each other. Afterwards the petals closed gently, carefully guarding its hidden secrets about Jacques Dro’s exclusive jewelry craftsmanship.

Elegance 8-Flower Rhyme
White mother-of-pearl dial.
18K red gold case set with 114 diamonds (1.40 carats).
‘Flower bloom’ automatic doll movement. The button touches the device. 18K red gold petals. Water drop shaped ruby.
Automatic mechanical movement with hour and minute display.
Power reserve is about 38 hours.
35 mm diameter.
Limited edition of 8 pieces.
See the majestic mountains and the majesty of the king of beasts on your wrist
——Jacques Droy painted the tiger hour and minute dial
Tired of the urban steel jungle, longing for a free trip in the natural mountains, maybe looking forward to that charming style, but on this long journey, you might as well appreciate the wonderful micro-painting process of Jacques Dro On your wrist, promise you a majestic jungle, where the king of beasts strolls, as if visiting your territory. How can this intriguing picture not be full of desire for exploration.
On the dial of this micro-painted tiger hour and minute dial watch, the brand uses the best fire enamel technology and delicate enamel painting technology. Every trace of the enamel micro-painting master needs to be extremely accurate. The posture is delicately portrayed, as if just walking out of the jungle, the picture on the dial is shining, under the delicate strokes, it is drawn, as if you have enjoyed the natural wildness of the destination in advance.

Micro painted tiger hour dial
Petite Heure Minute Tiger
Ivory Grand Feu Enamel Dial
18K Red Gold Case
Self-winding movement
68 hours power reserve
43 mm diameter