Li Yifeng Conferred A New ‘feng Ge’ Cheats Tag Heya Tanabata Feng Shang Choice

It is difficult to become a fan of all people, and it is enough to captivate a person; transform love into a costume on the wrist and give it to the extraordinary he / she in his heart. TAG Heuer brand ambassador Li Yifeng incarnates as a ‘model national boyfriend’, teaches confession secrets, selects the cool Chinese New Year gift for you and your loved one, and transfers from the wrist to the heart with the unique ‘Peugeot’ Love.
  In this traditional festival, TAG Heuer wishes and wishes to the lovers in the world-2015 Qixi Festival especially recommends watches, to say love for you.
  For Him: 1887
  (Calila heritage series CALIBRE 1887 automatic chronograph)

Carrera series Carrera 1887 chronograph-Li Yifeng triple continuous shooting_1

Carrera series Carrera 1887 chronograph-Li Yifeng triple continuous shooting_2

Carrera series Carrera 1887 chronograph-Li Yifeng triple continuous shooting_3

Carrera heritage Carrera 1887 chronograph (41 mm)
  Classic watch with white dial, as if pure love between lovers. The simple and elegant watch is always accompanied by TAG Heuer brand ambassador “model national boyfriend” Li Yifeng on his wrists, and is either happy, affectionate, adorable, or uninhibited. An unforgettable moment. The succinct shape is full of texture, equipped with the new Calibre 1887 automatic mechanical movement.

  For Him: Little Panda
  (Calella Series CALIBRE 17 Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Commemorative Limited Edition)

Calera Series Calibre 17 Jack Heuer 80th Anniversary Limited Edition-Li Yifeng and ‘Little Panda’ _1

Calera Series Calibre 17 Jack Heuer 80th Anniversary Limited Edition-Li Yifeng and ‘Little Panda’ _2

Calera Collection Calibre 17 Jack Heuer 80th Anniversary Limited Edition (41mm)
  The favorite watch of TAG Heuer Ambassador Li Yifeng is also a must-have item for street photography. The very dynamic and adorable ‘Little Panda’ model is memorable. The classic large chronograph dial, the sunray grey dial is decorated with the TAG Heuer logo and a touch of vermilion. The 15th-century TAG Heuer Family Emblem engraved on the caseback symbolizes the brand’s spirit of perseverance for many years, just like the firm and persistent love of lovers.

  For Her: FORMULA 1 Automatic Ladies Watch (37mm)

FORMULA 1 Women’s Automatic Watch-Li Yifeng’s Favorite Choice

FORMULA 1 Automatic Ladies Watch White Model (37mm)

09. FORMULA 1 Automatic Ladies Watch Black Model (37mm)

  The dazzling 37mm dial white watch is just right for Li Yifeng’s beautiful, lively and bold. The sapphire crystal dial reflects the smile of the lover under the sun, and the calendar window at 6 o’clock counts the days and nights that pass by together, recording the beautiful time.
  The black watch with the perfect combination of stainless steel and ceramics is just like her different in Li Yifeng’s eyes. The ceramics that are pleasing to the eye and delicate to the touch are gentle, smooth, and tough, just like her pure but firm heart, even Li Yifeng loves it.
 About TAG Heuer
  TAG Heuer is a Swiss avant-garde watchmaker founded in 1860. ‘Avant-garde’ has been deeply integrated into our culture and philosophy. Our unique historical heritage is based on breaking boundaries and breaking conventions: with determined perseverance, we have repeatedly overcome technical constraints to create bold watch pieces with true competitive spirit and high-quality performance. The brand has achieved excellence in the history of watchmaking, especially when it comes to mechanical precision in the field of luxury chronographs.
  Considering the two factors of fast market launch and complete environmental change, the 2015 models have shown a new vitality. TAG Heuer is one of the few brands in the world with the ability to cover four different fields of watch: ‘Art and Music’, ‘Fashion Life’, ‘Sport Spirit’ and ‘Classic Heritage’ . Our various brand ambassadors and partners, including the McLaren F1 team, tennis superstar Maria Sharapova, football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, charismatic woman Carla Delevingne (Cara Delevingne), electronic music godfather David Guetta, NBA Chinese superstar Jeremy Lin, and the popular Asian singer-songwriter Deng Ziqi … all show our core values: strong spirit, subversive routine and ambition. The brand’s slogan ‘DontCrackUnderPressure (Don’t be afraid of challenge, achieve self)’ is not only a slogan, but also a mentality.