2013 Basel Show Glashütte New Products Summary

Editor-in-Chief comment on Glashütte’s booth: Glashütte’s revival is not only a political factor, but more importantly, the spirit of excellence in German work. From this year’s new products, we were surprised to find out (especially female watches) The Germans also learned to adapt while being stubborn. To sum up, the characteristics of Glashütte’s booth this year are:
1. The booth layout can be said to be as real as the Germans. There are no dazzling decorations and excessive props. Some are only parts that have been seriously polished by the Germans.
2. This year’s Glashütte watch is very conservative, but the new standard timepiece redefines aesthetic standards.
3, women’s watch can be said to break through, the new Pavonina series let everyone shine.
  [Watch House Basel Special Report] The Basel Watch Fair has begun. Watch House will bring you the latest watch information and pictures from the exhibition site. The brand’s high-definition beautiful pictures are presented first, and let’s feel the atmosphere of the scene together. Here is a summary of the new Glashütte watches this year.

   German watchmaker and craftsman Glashütte Original continues to use its artistic design tentacles to present the essence of the brand in a new way: Senator Panorama Date and Senator Panorama Date Moon Phase.
More watch details: This year’s Glashütte Original pays tribute to the brand’s traditional watchmaking skills with another great work, the PanoLunar Tourbillon watch. With a revolutionary design, this watch adds aura to the new Pano collection, which was launched last year. As the latest masterpiece of the brand’s Art & Technik series, this treasure attracts the attention of connoisseurs with its modern dial arrangement and flying tourbillon decorated with filigree.
More watch details: When you first see the new Senator Chronometer Regulator from Glashütte Original, beautiful, elegant and perfect, these three words come to mind. This watch perfectly combines the classic three-needle, one-line display with the official manual-winding movement certified by the Observatory.
More watch details: Since the first German watchmaking craftsman Glashütte Original’s Sixties series watch debuted in 2007, it has been very popular. This watch series created by Saxon craftsmen not only attracts a crowd of nostalgic trends, but the watch’s blend of elegance, retro modernity and independent and independent design is a reflection of the exciting 1960s.
More watch details: At Baselworld 2013, Germany’s top watchmaker Glashütte Original brought the latest masterpiece Senator Tourbillon. This brand new watch incorporates the flying tourbillon invented by Glashütte watchmaker Alfred Helwig in 1920 in the classic Senator design recreated by Saxon watchmakers.
More watch details: Glashütte Original has launched the new Pavonina women’s watch series to express the brand’s praise for women in all aspects. The Pavonina collection is as dazzling as the contemporary self-confident women who carry it in the brand’s mind. It has an unforgettable alluring charm.
More watch details: Follow-up reports of the Watch House Basel Watch Fair will be continuously updated in the 2013 Basel International Jewellery and Watch Fair special topic, friends who like it, please pay close attention.

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