Longines Jialan Series Women’s Diamond Watch

Longines Jialan Women’s Diamond Watch
Longines watches are indeed a lifetime gift for lovers! As the most beautiful love token, the Longines Jialan series diamond pair watch will beautifully and faithfully record and witness all the beautiful and pure feelings in the world. The silver-white shell not only gives people a romantic feeling, but also feels the coolness of the sea breeze and the pure whiteness of the beach through it.
The beauty of life can be described as an hourglass, a long stream of water, and endless love … The elegant Longines watch with a flying wing hourglass as its logo. Its classic design and excellent quality of the watch have always been loved by happy new people, after an authoritative wedding expert With the votes of many consumers, Longines La Grande Classique diamond pair watch was selected as the ‘best elegant and loving wedding pair watch’ at the ‘Wedding Ceremony’ hosted by a famous Chinese wedding magazine.

The Lingering Air Force Feelings Bell & Ross Flight Instrument Series Watch

I think most women don’t understand the romance of men. It is not a rose and perfume that women like. It may not be emotional in women’s eyes, and it may even be dirty. But just as many women like smooth and elegant sports cars, and many men prefer angular off-road vehicles, even if it is covered with mud, it will not affect its beauty at all. This is the romance of men. The romance of a man may be a spark that cracks in the cold steel collision, or it may be the blood that burst from the tearing of a giant monster; it may be that two men beat each other in the sunset to exhaustion and laugh, or it may be just a game Travel with friends but no purpose or direction. In short, these things may make women look puzzled, but they always make men enthusiastic.
  If ‘Titanic’ interprets the romance of women to the extreme, then ‘Pearl Harbor’ is a depiction of romance in the minds of more men-war can kill life, but it cannot kill friendship and love, ruthless The war made friendship and love even more precious. The military is undoubtedly an important carrier of men’s romance. Whether or not they have had military experience, the mind of every man will more or less have a lingering camouflage complex, and men’s longing for the Air Force On the basis of the military complex, a longing for freedom to soar in the vast sky was added.

From flight dashboard to watch

  Bell & Ross has positioned itself as a professional military watch since the brand was founded. With its professional experience in aviation, military and horological design, it adheres to clear display, excellent functions, precise guidelines and performance. The four principles of stability strive to present reliable precision watches for demanding professionals, and their tough military style is admired by many watch enthusiasts. Bell & Ross takes design inspiration from the dashboard in the cockpit of the aircraft and creatively integrates the graphic design of various types of flight instruments into the design of watches.


  Airspeed indicator (airspeed indicator) is one of the important flight instruments in the cockpit of an aircraft. Its purpose is to measure and display the speed of the aircraft relative to the surrounding air. It is of great significance to ensure safe flight and prevent stall, especially during takeoff and landing. stage. The dial’s white, green and yellow colors are used to alert different critical levels.

  Bell & Ross designers try to figure out the structure of the airspeed indicator, creating an original and clear time display-the inner circle scale of the original airspeed indicator is used to display the hour, and the tip of the sword-shaped pointer is closely along the scale Rotate, the minute and second hands share the outer scale, separate the dial of the hour hand from the dial of the second hand on the basis of the traditional junior hand, and use the white, green, and yellow on the airspeed indicator for the watch bezel. As a mark at each moment, not only the original flat shape of the airspeed indicator is highly restored, but the legibility of the watch is greatly increased.

Attitude indicator

  The attitude indicator is an indispensable and important navigation instrument in aircraft navigation. It can enable pilots to monitor the relative position of the aircraft and the horizon in real time regardless of the external visibility. With the attitude indicator, the pilot can determine the attitude of the aircraft as Left and right, and up and down.

  This watch is devoted to the original appearance of the black and white attitude meter, forming a unique visual aesthetic. The upper white part of the dial symbolizes the sky, the lower half of the dial symbolizes the land or the ocean, and a white horizon line cuts across the sky from 3 to 9 o’clock. The short pendulum-shaped hand is the hour hand, and the long hand that crosses the dial is the minute hand. Only the white part is used to indicate the time. It symbolizes the fuselage of the aircraft in the attitude indicator. With the minute hand turning slowly, it seems like a fighter soaring in the air, always spinning and flying towards the horizon forever.


  The altimeter measures the atmospheric pressure by connecting the static pressure pipe of the aircraft, and indirectly measures the information of the aircraft’s flying height. The pilot can determine the flying height of the aircraft at any time to ensure safe flight.

  This watch recreates the altimeter graphic design while subtly embedding the watch’s functions into it. The dial adjusts the scale of the original altimeter 0 ~ 9 to a scale of 0 ~ 12, and changes the window at 3 o’clock to a large calendar window. The font restores the original font of the altimeter in a very clear and easy to read. It has a unique aesthetic sense of technology and instrumentation. .

Turn andslipindicator

  Turn coordination slip (Turnandslipindicator) is a navigation instrument in the cockpit of the aircraft, as an auxiliary instrument of the attitude indicator, when the aircraft is flying, the turn coordination table can indicate the proper turn rate, can also show whether the turn of the aircraft is a coordinated turn (CoordinatedTurn).

  This watch uses a turntable display system. Use the disc instead of the pointer to display the time. First of all, it is necessary to avoid the accuracy of power reserve and travel time due to the weight of the disc. While using ultra-light materials, the disc also needs to have sufficient strength. It is necessary to be accurate to the micron level, and these details everywhere show the powerful innovation and profound watchmaking process of the Bell & Ross brand. In addition to the technical difficulty, the unique flat shape of this watch is also a highlight.

Heading Indicator

  Heading indicator (Headingindicator) is a navigation instrument used by pilots to measure the change of heading angle when a plane turns. Its principle is a highly rotating gyro. No matter the aircraft’s heading changes, the gyro’s axiality remains the same. The magnetic orientation of the aircraft nose.

  The most striking feature of this watch is the yellow airplane outline printed on the dial. While loyal to the heading indicator itself, it also gives the watch a cool look. The time display also uses a turntable display system. The outermost circle still retains the WES (west, east, and south) three-directional marks on the heading indicator, replacing N (north) with a yellow triangle. As the hour hand; the middle dial is used to indicate the minute, and it is read on the yellow scale at 12 o’clock; the yellow hand in the center of the disc is the second hand, which corresponds to the scale on the bezel.

Vertical speed table (Verticalspeedindicator)

  The vertical speed indicator (or vertical speed indicator) is a navigation instrument used by pilots to understand how fast the aircraft changes in altitude. The pilot not only needs to know the magnitude of the lifting speed when maneuvering, but also observe the lifting speed when flying in level. Whether the pointer of the watch deviates from 0 to keep level flight.

  The black dial is equipped with white scales and numbers. The hour hand is inconspicuous black, which only highlights the white minute hand. The numbers also use the same font as the lifting speed table, which improves the reduction of the vertical rate table from the details. At 9 o’clock, the power reserve indicator is used instead of the barometer. You can always observe the remaining power of the watch. The yellow power reserve indicator is more vivid and bright against the black surface and the white time scale. A small window at 3 o’clock is used to display the date.

  All six watches use automatic mechanical movements, each of which is limited to 999 pieces in the world. All are included in the BR01FLIGHTINSTRUMENTSBOX limited gift box specially made by Bell & Ross. At present, the domestic price of the gift box is 280,000 yuan, and the global limit 99 are the top choices for aviation enthusiasts and watch collectors.

Summary: As time goes by, although the war has left us, it does not erase the feelings of men’s military. For men, the army is not only a cruel tool for war, it carries many people’s childhood simple dreams, and it is also a precious memory that many people are willing to relive in their lifetime. I believe that people who like military watches also have the same tough guy temperament as military watches themselves-but they are more modified and can withstand the storm. (Photo / text watch home Xie Xin)

Jacques Unveiled A New Specialty Store In Fangdeng Plaza (September 14th Official Website News)

500 square meters of area, brand new faces, innovative concepts to be promoted to various countries, Jaeger-LeCoultre, the world’s leading watchmaker, has launched a new decoration style for its boutiques, and uses Paris as The center of its global watchmaking business.

   Jaeger-LeCoultre has more than 1,000 movements, many watchmaking inventions and many world records in the field of miniaturization technology and precision. It is a famous Swiss watch manufacturer founded by Antoine LeCoultre Since then, it has become a model of fine watchmaking.

   In 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre further expanded its global scale and continues to share its passion for watchmaking globally. In the world’s international luxury capital, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 46 stores have become the best meeting place for watchmaking enthusiasts.

   As the 180th anniversary of the establishment of the watch factory is approaching, Jaeger-LeCoultre decided to expand the space of this boutique located at 7 Fangdeng Square in Paris to make it the brand’s new flagship store to highlight its brand. improve dramatically.
   The new store’s decoration has been redesigned, understated and luxurious, intimate and peaceful, elegant and time-honored, designed to create an extraordinary experience for brand loyal fans, collectors and fine watch lovers.
   This is not just a specialty store, it is also a wonderful place to highlight the charm of the brand and bring a new experience to connoisseurs of fine watches.