Iwc Hosts A Banquet To Celebrate Cooperation With Bfi

IWC Schaffhausen and American Express have established a three-year partnership with the British Film Institute (BFI) and the BFI London Film Festival. To celebrate this event, IWC Schaffhausen hosted a star-studded red carpet dinner in London. This collaboration continues IWC’s long-standing tradition of supporting film production. This tradition is also reflected in its stable cooperation with the Tribeca Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival and Beijing International Film Festival, demonstrating IWC’s continued passion for films. pillow.

   With the ‘Comedy Outstanding Contribution Award’ ending with British comedy legends Julie Walters and Stephen Fry, the atmosphere of the whole party reached a climax. IWC CEO Georges Kern presented the Portofino Medium Automatic Watch and the Portofino Chronograph to Julie Walters and Stephen Fry respectively. Both watches are made of red gold and have a custom-made engraving on the bottom.

Emily Blunt and Peter Lindbergh

   The party opened with a cocktail party. At the cocktail party, the guests also particularly appreciated the art exhibition produced by the famous fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh in commemoration of the launch of the Portofino medium-sized watch series.

Starting The First Online Shopping Tag Heuer Officially Settled In Jingdong Mall

On September 28, 2015, TAG Heuer reached an exclusive e-commerce cooperation agreement with Jingdong Mall, the largest self-employed e-commerce platform in China, in the Jingdong Mall office new district in Yizhuang, Beijing. Announced that Tag Heuer officially entered Jingdong Mall and opened its first online flagship store in China, providing a unique 360-degree shopping experience for young online consumers.

 The venue of this event was selected in the new hall of Jingdong Mall and put into use for the first time. Jingdong’s brand-new office area is made up of three giant office buildings connected. From a distance, three high-rise buildings stand next to each other and interconnect with each other, forming a huge ‘chain’ shape. The momentum is magnificent and shocking.

 The development of TAG Heuer is becoming younger and more fashionable. Mr. Leo Poon, general manager of Dahua District, tells the media about the pioneering power of the brand, and shares the innovative ideas of this strategic cooperation with Jingdong Mall strategic partners. Mr. Leo Poon said that Tag Heuer has been looking for continuous innovation and breakthrough marketing models. This time, with the help of’s leading experience and strong system established in sales, promotion, logistics, payment, security, etc., to build brand consumers A distinctive high-quality online shopping experience.

 At present, the official flagship store of the TAG Heuer brand has been officially launched. Clicking on the page presents us with a vibrant and dynamic page design (Tiger Heuer Jingdong flagship store). Here, consumers will not only get 100% official authentic guarantee, and experience a convenient and fast shopping process, but also enjoy professional services consistent with brand stores; in addition, up to ten exclusive or special edition products will be successively Online and comes with TAG Heuer premium leather goods as a special gift.
 To celebrate the opening of the flagship store, the Tag Heuer F1 series ladies stainless steel ceramic watch G.E.M.Deng Ziqi Special Edition will land in China for the first time, and will be the first to exclusively sell 20 pieces in Jingdong from September 28 to October 7, 2015. This watch is tailor-made for Asian women. The small diameter of 32 mm is equipped with G.E.M.Deng Ziqi’s favorite pink hands and diamond hour markers. It is light and fashionable in design, with a stainless steel ceramic bracelet.

 At the end of the event, the Tag Heuer brand exchanged gifts with JD Mall executives to express their sincere and long-term blessings for this strategic cooperation.
Summary: The cooperation between TAG Heuer and Jingdong Mall has achieved another epoch-making challenge, setting a new milestone and providing a convenient and secure shopping platform for young consumers. This is not only a brave The attempt also opened up a new path for the traditional watchmaking brand’s marketing model and became a vanguard leader advancing with the times.

The Queen Of Naples Series National Tour In Hangzhou Station Reproduces The First Watch Legend In History

On October 15, 2018, Breguet held a national tour of the Queen of Naples series with the theme of ‘INEVERYWOMANISAQUEEN’ in Hangzhou. Through this exhibition, guests can not only enjoy the Breguet ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples series timepieces at close range, but also perfectly reproduce the life scene of Caroline Murat, the faithful supporter of Breguet timepieces. , Tells watch lovers and collectors the legendary story of the world’s first watch.

Breguet Naples Queen Series National Tour Hangzhou
   Queen Caroline Murat, the sibling of Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor of the First Empire of France, ordered no less than 34 timepieces from Abraham-Louis Breguet in her lifetime. These include on June 8, 1810, she ordered two unusual timepieces from Mr. Baodi. There is a record in Baodi’s historical archives: ‘A travel clock with super complicated functions, the price For 100 gold louis, plus a watch with an interrogation function that can be worn on the wrist, we will charge 5,000 francs. ‘From this, the first watch in history was born. After two and a half years, Mr. Baodi officially delivered the finished product on December 21, 1812. This masterpiece of art has created inestimable value and achievements in the history of watchmaking. The ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples series exhibited in this exhibition is inspired by this legendary masterpiece.

ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples

ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples

   This year, Breguet once again reinterpreted the masterpieces in the history of watchmaking, adding new products to its women’s watch series. This new ReinedeNaples Queen Naples Series 8908 watch is one of the important exhibits in this exhibition. It features a rose gold case with 128 brilliant-cut diamonds and a dial with Tahiti mother-of-pearl, equipped with moon phases Profit and loss display and power reserve function, the crown is inlaid with a 0.27 carat natural ruby, showing the elegant quality of women.

ReinedeNaples Queen Naples 8908
   The newly launched ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples series 8908 watch is also available in rose gold bracelet, which is elegant and poetic.

ReinedeNaples Queen Naples 8908
   The ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples 8918 watch uses a redesigned Breguet digital time scale to complement the warm luster of white Tahiti mother-of-pearl. At 6 o’clock, a pear-shaped diamond of about 0.09 carats is set to shine. The delicate goose egg-shaped case is set with 117 brilliant-cut diamonds, and the white gold bracelet is inadvertently exuded on the wrist.

ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples 8918
   ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples series 8928 mini watch is exquisite and delicate, following the design essence of the Queen of Naples series, using the classic mother-of-pearl dial, its large Roman numerals and chic case shape. The goose-shaped case and spherical lugs are set with 139 brilliant-cut diamonds, paired with a delicate gold chain strap, which is smart and chic.

ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples 8928 mini watch
   ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples Series 8939 high-end jewelry watch is equipped with a guilloché dial, following the golden section of the timepiece, ingeniously adopting mother-of-pearl lengths as the time scale. The bracelet is made of Tahitian pink Akoya pearls, which echoes the mother-of-pearl hour-markers. At 6 o’clock, the pear-shaped diamond is intricately and intricately invisible, making the dial attractive.

ReinedeNaples Queen Naples 8939 Fine Jewellery Watch
   The ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples 8958 watch uses a superb gold carving process to depict a life-like sunflower. 54 diamonds are set in the center of the dial, making the flowers glow. The bezel and crown are set with 40 brilliant-cut diamonds and 1 drop-cut diamond, respectively. This watch is equipped with a self-winding movement and a hand-engraved engraved pendulum pendulum. Through the sapphire glass bottom cover, the movement structure can be seen at a glance.

ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples 8958
   ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples Series 8999 Day and Night Display High Jewellery Watches eulogize the sun, moon, stars and day and night with a sophisticated mechanism. The bezel and case outer edge are set with 131 square diamonds, while the dial and ball lugs are decorated with pavé diamonds. The crown is also decorated with a single drop-shaped diamond. Equipped with a movement designed for the Queen of Naples collection. On the dial, in addition to indicating the hours and minutes, there is an auxiliary dial showing the day and night. The two dials are interlaced in the shape of an ‘8’, which symbolizes endlessness when it is full of beautiful meanings …

ReinedeNaples Queen of Naples series 8999 day and night display high jewelry watch