Glassutti Original Summer Blues Choice

Blue is in the summer, so that the irritability is relieved, the noise is calmed down, and it is cool for the hot tropical. Love blue, mysterious and romantic, intoxicated. German romantic literary theorist Novalis has created a dreamy ‘blue flower’ in his masterpiece ‘Henrich von Overtingen’, making blue a German Romantic Spiritual color. In this summer, Glashütte originally launched an exclusive blue tone. The midnight dark blue dial of the 1960s watch was paired with the quiet lake blue of the new Ling Que watch, which easily interpreted elegant and fashionable charm.
Modern retro-60s dark blue
   In addition to the nostalgic fans, the 60s watch blended elegance, retro modernity and minimalist design. The charming midnight dark blue of the dial is surprising. So fashionable and eye-catching, it seems that in a flash, the unique scenery of the 60s is completely reproduced.
   The strong blue dial of the 1960s watch placed extremely high demands on the electroplating process. Glashütte Original owns its own dial factory in Pforzheim, the golden city 600 km from the town of Glashütte. The strong historical atmosphere of gold and fine jewellery makes the dial factory draw on the profound knowledge of dial making. In order to create the ideal and unique blue tone, the skilled master has gone through 40 procedures and precisely controlled the entire plating coloring process to ensure that the voltage is maintained at the correct level, the length of time the dial is immersed in the plating bath, and the The proper distance between the originals ensures that each Glashütte original 60s watch is of noble origin and unique.
   The stainless steel case is 39 mm in diameter. Under the arched sapphire crystal glass cover required by the extremely complicated manufacturing process, the blue dial is set against white numbers, returning to the modern interpretation of traditional craftsmanship. Turning the watch over, the arched sapphire crystal on the bottom of the watch allows you to see the movement of the watch from a wider and clearer angle. Polished stainless steel components, gooseneck fine-tuning device, 21K gold skeleton rotor and the brand’s unique 3/4 plywood with striped decoration are all at a glance. With a dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap that matches the 60’s, and the stainless steel pin buckle on the strap, the watch is easily and elegantly tied to the wrist.

Low-key dream——Pavonina
   The graceful and elegant soft shapes, elegant decoration and exquisite details add artistic charm. The new Lingque watch features a unique lake blue mother-of-pearl dial, which is also produced at its own dial factory in Pforzheim. The difficulty of the process is to paint a blue coating on the back of the mother-of-pearl sheet with a thickness of only 0.4 mm, and attach a 0.4-mm brass sheet to reinforce it. The coating from the front of the mother-of-pearl disc reveals a light lake blue, which contains brilliance and beauty. After detailed and complex carving treatments, inlaid Arabic numerals, convex round or brilliant-cut diamond hour markers, lugs set with 42 brilliant-cut diamonds, and a soft and elegant lake blue satin strap, the new spirit The Sparrow series watches show the infinite charm and diverse personality of women.

   The iconic ‘pillow’ case is inspired by the 1920s. When creating the first watch of the Spirit Sparrow series, the original designer of Glashütte improved this classic shape to make it more suitable for contemporary women. They integrated the active lugs with patented technology to make the watch fit the female wrist. . The Lingque watch has three times the standard magnetic protection, which fully protects the movement from modern mobile electronic equipment. The movement’s splint is decorated with classic Glashütte column patterns, and the polished caseback provides plenty of space for engraving personal decorations and personalized lettering.