Super Power, Unparalleled For Ten Years: A.Lange & Söhne Lange 31 Launches 18k White Gold Case With Grey Dial

The invention was born because of need. For watches that rely on clockwork to run, winding has always been a hassle, so automatic winding watches and quartz watches were invented. However, for watchmakers who adhere to the field of mechanical watches, whether it is manually wound or automatically wound, long-day chain watches have always been a hot topic of continuous innovation in the watch industry. After all, the desire to motivate is always deep in the human heart, just like the roar of the engine always makes the blood flow. For watchmakers, the ideal of pursuing sufficient power certainly exists, but they must not only compromise with the reality of limited space, but also have to subordinate the watch to the principles of stability and uniformity.

Since its publication in 2007, Lange’s Lange 31 is the first and only mechanical watch with a 31-day power reserve in the past ten years. No other model has ever been better.
   In 2000, Patek Philippe launched Ref.5100, a ten-day chain watch with Cal.28-20 / 220 movement. The watch industry started a competition on power storage and output. Almost every manufacturer launched seven Day and eight day chain watches. Is there a limit to power storage? When many watch fans began to think about such problems, A. Lange & Söhne launched the Lange 31 watch with a power reserve of 31 days (744 hours) in 2007. It will be the world’s longest running time on the chain. Watches, but will it also be the ultimate in the pursuit of energy storage in the watch industry?

New Lange 31 model with 18K white gold case and grey dial
   Almost ten years later, Lange’s Lange 31 is still the first and only mechanical watch with a power reserve of up to 31 days, and so far no other watch can match it. The Lange 31’s patented constant-force escapement system provides uniform torque continuously. This ingenious device is located between the main barrel and the travelling wheel train, and is extremely precise. At the SIHH 2017, Lange was the first to present the Lange 31 in a new 18K white gold and grey dial design, with a limited edition of 100 pieces.

The Lange 31 is the first and only mechanical watch with a power reserve of up to 31 days. The sapphire crystal back can be seen on the L034.1 movement, as well as the special winding with screws. Winding device.
   The Lange 31 is equipped with an 18K white gold case with a diameter of 45.9 mm and a delicate gray dial. At first glance, it is difficult to detect the power of a manual winding movement. Only the white number ’31’ at the top of the large power reserve indicator and the small words below the Lange large calendar display slightly reveal the clue, revealing that the watch can run for a full month after the movement is fully wound. Injecting a 744-hour power reserve into a mechanical watch is itself a major technical challenge, and it is even more difficult to ensure that the operation remains accurate from start to finish.

L034.1 bracelet movement on Lange 31
   Theoretically, you can create a watch with a power reserve of 365 days, as long as your barrel is large enough and the barrel is long, strong, and powerful. However, strong power and smooth and durable power output are two different things. As Pirreli puts it: ‘Light power is like the tyrannical Feng Feng. If you can’t get the engine on the road, no matter how strong the engine is, it’s just waste.’ It is difficult to make a spring that can accommodate the driving power of the 31st day, but it is more difficult to control the power and torque output by the clockwork to achieve a precise timing curve. A. Lange & Söhne produced two overlapping 25 mm diameter barrels for Lange 31, each with a barrel of 1.85 meters long, five to ten times the length of a regular watch barrel. The power of the mainspring is enough to drive the gear for a month, but how can you control this powerful beast to make 2,678,400 seconds on the 31st, every second slip is even and smooth?

The L034.1 movement in the Lange 31 watch has a mainspring length of 1.85 meters.
   A. Lange & Söhne’s solution is an ancient method known as the ‘permanent power plant’ of Remontoire. There are two keys to accurate timing of a watch. One is that the mainspring provides the power for running the wheel train and hands, and the other is that the excellent escapement can transmit and control such power smoothly and smoothly. In order to ensure that the kinetic energy transmitted from the barrel to the escapement can be kept constant at any time when the mainspring is full or the energy storage is about to run out, as early as the 15th century, the clock tower, Jobst Bürgi invented the name remontoire The ‘constant power device’ ensures that the kinetic energy transmitted from the barrel to the escapement can be kept constant at any time, whether the clockwork is full or the energy storage is about to be exhausted, to improve the accuracy of timing. Ferdinand Aldoph Lange, the ancestor of Lange, also invented his own escapement type constant power device as early as 1866. In modern times, due to the evolution of clockwork materials and production technology, this design has been gradually abandoned and forgotten because it has lost its necessity. It was not until F.P Journe published the Tourbillon Souverain tourbillon watch in 1999 that the remontoir device was used to further improve the consistency of clockwork power transmission.

The L034.1 movement on the Lange 31 shows its constant power structure and escapement.
   After centuries of development, two types of remontoir devices have been developed, one is the so-called ‘train train’ permanent power plant (Train Remontoires), and the other is the ‘escapement’ permanent power plant (Escapement Remontoires) . Both are basically a spring or a blade, which is installed in the wheel train or escapement to adjust the power of the spring drum. F.P Journe’s Tourbillon Souverain tourbillon belongs to Train Remontoir. Its regulator uses a spring leaf design. It can accumulate energy from the barrel every second and then transfer the energy to the tourbillon escapement on average. DeWitt’s other Academia Tourbillon Constant Force is also the same, but its regulator is composed of a constant spring and a four-wheel inertia heavy metal located between the tourbillon cage and the third car.

The FPJ’s tourbillon lateral power unit belongs to Train Remontoire, and its constant reed is installed between the wheel trains
   You can say that the L034.1 Thirty-One Day Movement built on Lange 31 is not an original invention created out of nothing, but a long-standing wisdom sublimation, but this is indeed the perfect solution that genius can conceive. A. Lange & Söhne found that the design concept of the Remontoire device can be used as a perfect buffer, adjusting the power of L034.1’s incomparable dual barrel to a smooth and continuous output. Lange’s Remontoire belongs to Escapement Remontoire in design. The uniquely designed lever, gear, an approximately triangular cam, and a clockwork on the fourth wheel constitute the main part of the permanent motion device. This constant power regulator accumulates the power from the main barrel every ten seconds, and then transfers the energy to the escapement via the constant star wheel mounted on the bearing rod. Thus, the powerful power that can run continuously for up to 31 days is tamed as a force with uniform torque and amplitude, accurately counting every second.

The Permanent Power Unit of the Lange 31 belongs to the Escapement Remontoire. The above picture shows the triangular cam, the Permanent Unit spring, and the uniquely shaped levers and gears.
   Lange 31 has hours, minutes, small seconds, large date window and power storage indicator. It contains an L034.1 hand-wound movement and consists of 406 parts. It is manufactured with Lange German silver substrate, gold sleeve, blue Features such as steel screws and gooseneck trimming. To accommodate the L034.1 clockwork with a diameter of 25 mm, the case of the Lange 31 has a diameter of 46 mm and a thickness of 15.9 mm. It is the largest watch in Lange’s size (about the size of the Big Pilot watch of IWC). Although the diameter of the watch is large, Lange’s engineers carefully designed the ergonomic curvature, which is quite comfortable to wear.

Breitling Watch Successfully Rescued The Trapped Hunter

Because of its close relationship with the aviation industry, Breitling has developed a unique Breitling Emergency Watch for pilots. The watch has a built-in expandable antenna that can be activated in an emergency and sends out a distress signal at an emergency distress frequency of 121.5 MHz.
This unique feature was already used by two British helicopter pilots in the Antarctic crash in 2003. Recently, the rescue function of this emergency help watch successfully rescued a hunter trapped in the Alaska wilderness.
As the river became shallow, Mark Spencer and his hunting team’s boat were trapped in the distant Alaska Mountains Tyone River, and Mark Spencer left the hunting team for help. After his ship was trapped and sinking, he trek along remote Alaska and spent 48 hours alone.

Spencer said: ‘Breitling is the number one device I always carry. Even if I lose everything, I still own my watch. It gives me and my family peace of mind.’
Spencer was trekking on the cold Susitna River, the temperature was too low, and he almost died, then he successfully turned on the emergency positioning transmitter (ELT) on his watch. After receiving the call for help, the ambulance team pinpointed his location and rescued it by helicopter. Spencer also carried a personal positioning beacon system, but its signal showed that he was four miles away from his actual location, and the signal emitted by his watch pinpointed his location very accurately.
Thierry Prisser, president of Breitling USA, said: ‘Breitling is very happy to hear such customer satisfaction, and we hope that from now on, he will only use his watch to watch time.’

Jacques Dro Won The Grand Prize At The Geneva Watch Awards

Jaquet Droz won the grand prize at the Grand Prix d’ Horlogerie de Genève in Geneva. The ‘Innovative mechanical watch’ category brings together watches with special mechanisms that embody original or outstanding watchmaking concepts. This year, the Grand Prize was awarded to Jaquet Droz’s The Charming Bird watch.
   The watch is equipped with a chronograph bird mechanism, which the jury recognizes the outstanding characteristics and unique beauty of this masterpiece of timepieces. Jaquet Droz pays tribute to brand watchmakers, master craftsmen, technicians and close friends of Jaquet Droz brand.
   The Geneva Watch Awards was established in 2001 and awards watches every year. This year, a total of 72 pre-selected watches compete in 12 categories.
   Since Pierre Jaquet-Droz founded the brand in Chaux-de-Fonds, the bird image has always played an indispensable role in watch creation. The vivid bird image is either decoration or automatic time-keeping bird device. It accompanies the brand after nearly three centuries of training and brings endless poetic experience to brand proponents. With The Charming Bird, Jacques Dro takes you into the world of historical heritage, aesthetic feasts and innovative technologies. Between the past and the present, The Charming Bird watch is undoubtedly a classic representative of watch making, and it also expresses its loyalty to the brand’s heritage.

Introduction To Patek Philippe 5205g Calendar

Patek Philippe 5205G Calendar
Patek Philippe 5205G Calendar
Watch number: 5205G-010
参数 Movement parameters
Patek Philippe 324 S QA LU 24H automatic winding movement / diameter 32.6 mm / thickness 5.78 mm / number of ruby ​​bearings 34 / movement frequency 28800 times / hour / power reserve 45 hours
Watch function
Hour, minute, second time display, annual calendar, window type day, date and month display, moon phase and morning and afternoon display, 30 meters waterproof
Watch diameter 40 mm, white gold case, matte black with blue-gray two-tone dial, sapphire glass, three-pin design, baton-shaped hour markers, ‘Prince of Prince’ hour and minute hands, curved upper part of the dial Three windows are arranged, which are the week indicator at ten o’clock, the date indicator at twelve o’clock, and the month indicator at two o’clock. The small dial at six o’clock and the center of the small dial are for moon phase display. Watch with bright black alligator strap
特色 Watch Features
& Bull; Undoubtedly the highest manufacturing level of the movement, impeccable watch quality
& Bull; With the world’s most famous brand pedigree, the watch has great potential for appreciation
& Bull; The layout of the watch is simple and magnificent. The crown prince hands and window-type date display improve the legibility of the watch.
So cute, so perfect
Table review: In 1996, Patek Philippe developed the first self-winding calendar with the model number 5035, which pioneered the calendar and made Patek Philippe’s calendar the undisputed best watch in the world. The appearance of 5205G is elegant and elegant. The window type date display with instant jump is a major feature of this watch. The two-tone dial just highlights the most important part of the watch. The price of more than 300,000 yuan is very moderate. For a watch with the name of PP, I can’t think that this watch is extremely cost-effective.

From The Classic And Elegant Style Tasting The Mido Belem Celli Series ‘morning Eve’ Long Kinetic Real Diamond Ladies Watch

Architectural aesthetics is not limited to only one field. Many fields also draw inspiration from architectural aesthetics, integrate the beauty of architecture into its own field, and collide with different visual effects. There is also an inseparable relationship between the famous Swiss watch brand Mido and architecture, which can draw its charm from the building and transform it into a wrist watch. As an important and prestigious landmark, the Rennes Opera House in France has become the source of inspiration for Mido’s representative Belém Celé series. A charming timepiece. In 2018, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mido, the brand added another masterpiece to the Belem Celli series, with diamonds as pens and gorgeous mother-of-pearl as paper, depicting the elegant and feminine charm of modern women. (Watch model: M039.

From classic elegance

  Rennes Opera House is located in Brittany, France. The overall architecture is cylindrical, and the smooth arcs reflect the timeless charm of classic architecture. The Berencel series cleverly uses its curved design and rounded lines to pay tribute to this world-renowned building.

   The 33 mm diameter case is made of stainless steel, and the sides are polished with a polishing process, showing a warm and delicate color. The bezel is plated with a layer of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), which can make the surface of the bezel appear rose gold in color, on the other hand, it can also enhance the hardness and robustness of the watch.

   The crown on the side is also plated with PVD and engraved with the ‘MIDO’ English logo, giving the watch its exclusive brand charm. The periphery of the crown is made of non-slip texture to prevent slippery hands during operation, making debugging easier.

   The dial is designed with concentric circles, the inner dial is matched with luxurious pearl mother-of-pearl, and the outer grain is surrounded by a white grained scale outer dial, which is full of layering. The mother-of-pearl can reflect the beautiful and colorful iridescence under the light. It contrasts with the diamond timescales of 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock. It is gorgeous and touching, and has an unstoppable charm and attractiveness for women. .

    At 6 o’clock, there is a round calendar display window, and the outer circle of the window is gold-plated, which looks elegant and beautiful.

   The lugs are slightly curved and blend into the case, showing a certain degree of curvature, which can make the watch fit the wrist more.

   The gold bracelet is restrained and elegant, and the gold-plated and stainless steel parts are arranged alternately with each other and blend with the case, showing the overall aesthetic characteristics. The bracelet is equipped with a double folding clasp for easy wearing.

   The movement is equipped with the Mido Caliber80 movement, which can store up to 80 hours of kinetic energy, catering to the pursuit of long-term power today, accompanied by the day and night. The back of the case is designed with a transparent back so that we can clearly see the overall appearance of the movement. The automatic oscillating weight carved with Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo draws a beautiful arc on the movement.

Summary: Based on historical masterpieces, with exquisite design and soft curves as the shape, as well as excellent watchmaking craftsmanship, Mido’s new Belem Celi series ‘Morning Eve’ female watch exudes the elegant charm of exclusive women. . ‘Morning Eve’ watch, willing to accompany your ‘Morning Eve’. Reference price: ¥ 8200 (Wu Fengqi, the home of the picture / text watch)