Modern Lange’s Virgin Jump Brief Analysis Of Lange’s Richard Lange Jump Second Watch

Shortly after the beginning of SIHH at the beginning of the year, I have described in detail some new changes in Lange this year, and this Lange Richard Lange Jumping Seconds is one of the most impressive personal watches. why? It is more complicated and fun than the basic model, but it has personality and characteristics than the real complicated watch. For this reason, it has become a Lange watch that has attracted much attention this year. The precious is always scarce. Its limited edition is only 100, which means that a considerable number of fans will not be able to own it. There are models of other materials, this watch model 252.025.

    As the title says, this is the virgin jump of a modern Lange watch. According to records, the founder of the Lange invented the structure of the jumping seconds as early as 1867, and has made it for decades. Although Hyundai Lange began to recover in 1994, this long-standing function and technology has never appeared again. In fact, in the entire industry, jumping seconds watches have only shown signs of re-emergence in recent years. In particular, this is its virgin jump.

Lange Richard Lange Jumping Seconds
    Like most Lange watches, this watch is simple in appearance, elegant in appearance and clear in time. It continues the Richard Lange series’ iconic design of three hours, minutes and seconds. The three sub-dials are stacked on top of each other in order. This series has always represented extraordinary achievements. Each watch is unique. Jumping Seconds watches are unique and dignified.

Watch side

    The unique quality of Lange watches is also reflected in all the watches sold by the brand, all made of precious metals, special watches, will also be made of precious metals in precious metals-platinum. The case of the Jumping Seconds watch is platinum, which is a high-purity precious metal. The symbol Pt950 represents 95% platinum. Because platinum is relatively flexible, its preciousness needs to be carefully guarded.


    Through the side, you can clearly see the two different treatments of the case. The bezel, the side of the bottom cover and the lugs are polished to show a bright and smooth metal texture, while the middle case is brushed with satin. , Reflecting a durable effect.

Black alligator strap

    For a long time, because Lange watches are full of German elegance, most brand watches use crocodile leather straps with precious metal cases. This watch is no exception. The black crocodile leather strap is flexible and comfortable, and it is also a very precious kind of leather. Because many crocodiles belong to internationally protected species, such crocodile leather straps need to pass through. Certification can be put on the market.

Moderate watch thickness

    Easy to wear is an important attribute of the watch. The thickness of the Lange Jumping Seconds is 10.6 millimeters, which is the thickness of a regular Dress Watch.


    Look closely at the dial of the watch. In order to make the specially designed jumping seconds clear, Lange adjusted the customary layout of Richard Lange. The jumping seconds hand is located in the dial with the largest space at 12 o’clock. Clock dial with minute and minute hands at 4 o’clock. It is interesting that an inverted triangle area is designed at the intersection of the clock dial and the minute dial. This is a reminder area for remaining power reserves. When the remaining power reserve is less than 10 hours, the area will turn red.

Back-through movement

    The mysterious movement is the most important part of the mechanical charm. Different people look at different angles and feel different aesthetic feelings. The Lange movement is amazing with its fine polishing and outstanding layering. Through the transparent bottom cover, the Lange L094.1 manual winding movement has an unobstructed view. Stripe polishing, mirror-polished escapement wheel splints and diamonds, blue steel screws, gold sleeves, polished gear shaft tips, hand-carved The balance wheel splint, gooseneck trimming and so on, it has too many interesting features, waiting for you to explore.

The beauty of delicate details

    In addition to these features seen on the surface, this watch has two hidden features of Lange patents, namely stop seconds and zeroing. These two steps are synchronized during the process of pulling out the crown. Its significance lies in that the time adjustment is accurate to the second. This magical function is cleverly implemented through Lange’s patented structure.

In summary: Although many watch friends do n’t even know what a second is, the second watch is already a long way to go. Lange has a unique approach. At the same time, it has added a lot of Lange’s unique technical achievements. , Becoming one of the most exquisite jumping seconds watches on the market. When you are unexpected, it brings you endless fun.