Four Mainstream Colors Of Watch Matching

At the end of the year, all kinds of parties come together. Do you think how to dress yourself? I recommend starting with the four most popular colors this winter. Glamour purple makes you mature and sexy, expensive wine red makes you classic and elegant, and the quality Tibetan blue adds a bit of skill to you. Finally, a few bright and warm oranges. You will surely be the focus of all parties in winter. Of course, the newest fashion colors are indispensable for the most insane artifacts on the wrist. The following editors introduce you to the eight most fashionable wristwatches.

Mature Woman’s Choice: Mysterious Charm Purple
Recommended watch: Montblanc Star Series 107915 watch

古典 Montblanc Star watches with classic elegance, inherit the brand’s unique design for a century, and the traditional skills of Swiss watchmaking. No matter classic elements, top-level materials, professional technology and decorative details are extraordinary choices. Published 15 years ago, they have been favored by tasters. In the future, they will continue to adhere to stringent requirements to make each piece of work outstanding. This female watch from the star series is elegant and exquisite. The diameter of the 34 mm dial is especially suitable for women, and the material between steel and rose gold is particularly textured.

Choice for Mature Women: Mysterious Charm
Recommended watch: Oris Flight Series 01 581 7627 4361-07 8 20 78 watch

Real flying rookie at a real price A top flight watch: The Oris Big Crown moon phase profit and loss watch is equipped with the highest precision mechanical movement, showing a moon phase profit and loss chart, a second time zone and a calendar week display. And classic style interpretation of the watch’s characteristics: fine grain dial, circular three-dimensional bezel and the watch’s protagonist-the classic large crown, showing a high degree of elegance.

Elegant Woman’s Choice: Expensive Wine Red
 Recommended watch: Glashütte PanoMaticVenue series 90-04-02-02-04 watch

This model Glashütte maintains the simple design of the German watch. The unique eccentric design provides enough dial space for the second time zone display and large calendar display. This watch uses Glashütte’s own cal. 90-04 movement, flat hairspring, double gooseneck spinner, Incabloc suspension, and a power reserve of 42 hours.

Elegant Woman’s Choice: Expensive Wine
Recommended watch: Blancpain 8-day long-power half-time zone two-time watch

The VILLERET half-time zone 8-day power reserve watch has a diameter of 42 mm. The hour scale is drawn on the half-dome big flame-fired white enamel dial. The reference time is displayed at 12 o’clock and the half-hour time zone is at the center. The day / night indication is at 9 o’clock, the date automatically adjusted with the half time zone is displayed at 6 o’clock, and the date or time zone adjustment indication is at 4 o’clock. The guilloché pendulum is visible through the transparent sapphire case back. Available in white and red gold, both with crocodile leather straps.

Women’s Choice: Quality Tibetan Blue
Recommended watch: Omega Seamaster 231.1.44. 52.04.001 watch

The most practical function of this watch is to count the functions of two places, so this watch specially marked the three letters of GMT into eye-catching red, and also used the same relief mosaic technique as the Logo (even the series names are (It’s printed on it), which shows that this function is important for this watch. Because it is called a hippocampus, it must be a diving watch. Therefore, its small depth at 9 o’clock indicates the water-resistant depth (150 meters / 500 meters). Although this depth is entry-level in the hippocampus, But this is also enough for you to have no worries when swimming or snorkeling.

Choice of Women: Quality Tibetan Blue
Recommended watch: Rolex Greenwich II series 116710BLNR watch

The second time zone hand of this GMT dual time zone watch is designed with blue hands and a triangular arrow luminous indicator. It should be noted that the hands and hour markers of the watch are made of 18K white gold. The date display window at the 3 o’clock position of the watch. This watch uses the Rolex classic large blister magnifying glass design, so that it is very convenient to read the date, it can also be said to be a unique symbol of Rolex. Double anti-reflective small window convex lens magnifies calendar by 2.5 times. The watch is equipped with a 904L stainless steel solid link oyster strap with an oyster insurance (reliable security) buckle to prevent the buckle from being accidentally opened; the clasp is also equipped with a cleverly designed Rolex patented easy-adjustable simple chain extension system, The strap can easily be extended by about 5 mm, making it more comfortable to wear in all situations.

Cute Woman’s Choice: Bright Orange
Recommended watch: Radar True Series ultra-thin series 140.0957.3.010 watch

Winning the 2011 Good Design Award design prize, True Thinline is the world’s first ultra-thin ceramic watch. Despite the thickness of a normal watch, the thinnest case thickness is only 4.9mm, and the 35-gram weight does not lose the radar watch’s wear resistance. The characteristics of the True Thinline ceramic strap watch are once again ultra-thin, mainly in black and white. The ultra-thin movement is paired with a simple ceramic case and strap. Style.

Cute Woman’s Choice: Bright Orange
Recommended watch: Chanel J12 series H2126 watch

J12, just like N ° 5’s status in the perfume kingdom, has become a hallmark of Chanel watchmaking. Since J12 appeared in Basel with all-white ceramics, a wave of white ceramics has swept the entire watch industry. This J12 watch has a calendar display and dual time zone function. The dial layout is simple and stylish, and a little red second hand is dotted, which is particularly eye-catching. The watch has a 42 mm diameter dial. For girls who like large dials, it will definitely become your heart!

It Only Produces Ten Patek Philippe Rare Watches Per Year

Patek Philippe 5170, although it is the first home-made manual winding chronograph watch in the history of the brand, and Patek Philippe’s chronograph often steals the limelight, but when it comes to the continuity and rarity, it is still needed to be produced In 5959 in 2005, the annual production of this watch was only ten pieces, that is to say, no more than one hundred pieces would be in circulation around the world until now, which is really superb.

Patek Philippe PatekPhilippe5959

   Regarding chronograph watches, pp has its own set of clear boundaries. The previous 5070 and 5170 are rare, but they also have a production volume of more than a thousand. What about 5959? Since 2005, the annual production volume is only ten pieces, which means that there will not be more than one hundred pieces in circulation worldwide until now. At the time when the big watch was on the way, pp produced a chase chronograph 5959 with a diameter of only 33mm, which is undoubtedly independent of the world. It completely goes against the mass market. The brand seems to only deal with real top collectors. pp Because of his determination to manufacture his own chronograph movement, it took five years, and finally successfully developed the first two-second chronograph chronograph movement in 2005: the manually-wound chr 27-525ps, mounted on this 5959 model. Inside. Later, two more chronograph movements were developed: the self-winding ch 28-520 and the bracelet chronograph ch 29-535. Speaking of which, 5959 is the original ancestor of its own chronograph movement.

   The power of 5959 is not that it has a two-second tracking function. Anyway, the 5004 came out earlier than it, but it is thin and thin, and it vowed to challenge the limits of mechanical technology. The thickness is only 5.25mm, making it the thinnest guide wheel in history Two-second chronograph movement with a diameter of only 33mm. It is rumored that the output of 5959 is only about ten per year, and the selling price was about 2.4 million yuan, which was still in short supply. It used to be sold at Sotheby’s Spring in 2008 for $ 3.6 million, with great potential.

   5959 With reference to the style design of the 1960s, the case is a classic officer case shape, with a traditional column wheel movement and a monopusher single-button timing format. On the surface, both sub-dials use ’60’ as the timing unit. In fact, the three o’clock position is a sixty-minute totalizer, and the nine o’clock position is a small second dial. There are only two pushers on the side of the case. The rectangular button at one-and-a-half position controls the chronograph. The single button on the crown controls the ordinary chronograph. I remember two years ago, 5959 added a black-faced version. This is the most original white-faced version. The white enamel dial feels like a fairy. When looking at a real watch, let’s ignore the super-technical performance first, or think that the case diameter can be increased by a few mm. But it was not my turn to speak, and the selling price has now risen to about 440,000 Swiss francs, which means that the purchase cost will be more than 3 million yuan.

Unique Retrograde Display Bulgari Launches Coto Retro Watch

Bulgari has always been synonymous with fashion. Since the beginning of watchmaking, the brand has always presented a unique masterpiece. While inheriting the traditional classics, it has continuously integrated modern styles and characteristics to create its own. The unique style of Bulgari. Every Bulgari product-whether it is jewelry, watches, perfumes or accessories-has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it adheres to the standards of Bulgari’s traditional craftsmanship and perfectly reflects the designer’s delicateness and creativity.

  Watch real shot show:

  Elegant and unique retrograde display.

  Bvlgari watches perfectly combine elegant design with sophisticated mechanical construction. They are manufactured and tested in accordance with the strictest Swiss standards, achieving unparalleled product quality.

  Watch details real shot display:

Pure black dial with rose gold hands and time scale.

Hollow hands, elegant and beautiful.

The date display window is at six o’clock.

The crown is decorated with threads, highlighting the beauty of the details.

Seen from the side, the case is very slim and light and comfortable to use.

The black high-quality belt highlights the quality of life for men.

The buckle bears the Bulgari classic logo.

The back of the case reveals the movement at a glance.

The oscillating weight has a corrugated decoration, and each part is professionally polished.

Summary: The above content was reported by the staff of the Watch House in front of the 2015 Basel timepieces carefully prepared by everyone. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, please everyone attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

  2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

Jaeger-lecoultre Cal.751 ### Of Future Chronograph

‘Chronograph’ is a major keyword in the watch industry in 2007. Many first-line brands focus on the long-term and large-scale market significance, betting on the new ‘basic’ chronograph movement as the flagship of the year. . However, for JAEGER-LECOULTRE, the task of the so-called ‘basic chronograph movement of market significance’ was completed three years ago, and even compared with many new works in 2007, it still has passed Nothing worse.

Reverso Squadra Chronograph GMT

In addition to the basic small three-handed plus date chronograph, the Cal. 751 family also has several sister models such as 752 in the world time zone, 753 in the world time zone with enlarged date and day and night display, and 754 in the big date plus GMT; this model is equipped with In 754, the polishing of the automatic plate and the splint is different from the original. In addition, this model is the only one in the 751 family with a transparent bottom cover. Stainless steel / Cal. 754 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, big date display / dual time, chronograph function / table diameter 50.5 × 35mm / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters.

In addition to beautiful specifications such as ceramic ball bearing automatic disks, double barrels, screw balances and column wheels, key technology innovations such as vertical clutches and special zeroing mechanisms are new chronograph movements released in recent years. Rare here

‘Chronograph’ is a major keyword in the watch industry in 2007. First-tier brands such as Glashütte, Seiko and IWC have bet their new chronograph movements as the mainstay of the year. JAEGER-LECOULTRE Duometre is also one of them. However, the design of the Duometre timing and travelling independent dual barrels is too unique. Compared with other brands, which focus on the long-term large-scale market significance of the ‘basic’ timing movement, Duometre is fascinating but experimental. However, for Jaeger-LeCoultre, the task of the so-called ‘basic timing movement of market significance’ was completed as early as three years ago. Before 2005, the product line of Jaeger-LeCoultre chronographs was actually very thin. Almost only the Reverso Gran’Sport Chronograph had a stand-alone situation, and its Cal. 859 movement was the only chronograph movement (except specifications Almost identical sister model Cal. 829); Cal. 859 is not only a hand-wound movement with a special display method (the timing and travel time are on the front and back sides respectively), but also square, which is not suitable for taking To develop long-term, large-scale commodity lines. This situation is actually incredible for brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, and this situation finally broke through in 2005. In 2005, Jaeger-LeCoultre released their first automatic chronograph movement in Dubai before S.I.H.H. of that year: Cal. 751 and Cal. 752 with the addition of the world time zone. The specifications of the Cal. 751 are quite beautiful. Among them, excellent designs such as vertical clutches are still rare even today. The automatic winding, 72-hour power reserve, and 25.6 × 5.6mm size make it fully expandable. Sex-that is, the condition of Cal. 751 as a basic chronograph movement. Since its launch, Cal. 751 can be said to be quite competent. There have been more than six sister models of different sizes. The models on board are from Compressor at the time of publication, Reverso Squadra in 2006, and AMVOX 2 with watch operation. Even 2007 The Compressor diving watch of the year, with a wide range of styles, completely opened the product line of Jaeger-LeCoultre chronographs, and also strengthened the foundation of their existing sports watch product lines. Compared with the tide of chronographs in 2007, Jaeger-LeCoultre may be inevitable. After all, Jaeger-LeCoultre had a passive demand for the development of chronograph movements. However, as far as matters are concerned, the design of Cal. Compared with the new work, it is still better than ever, and since then, people have to be convinced of the attitude and technical ability of Jijia.
There have been many new chronograph movements released in recent years, but the key technology innovations have not been much-like Centigraphe of FP JOURNE or Cal. 360 of TAG HEUER, of course, it is another matter; the vertical clutch is one of the more important ones. item. The principle of the chronograph is the clutch timing and travel time gear. At present, common clutch mechanisms, such as ETA 7750, mostly connect the chronograph gear to the travel time gear by translation, which is also called horizontal clutch. The disadvantage is that the timing wheel crashes into the running time wheel from the side, and it is very easy for the teeth of the two gears to mesh with each other, resulting in sneaking or delaying the timing action, and also causing wear of the teeth over time. The vertical clutch is to change the relative position between the timing and travelling wheel train from horizontal to vertical. The timing wheel is usually suspended directly above the quadruplet. When the chronograph starts, there will be a pair of clamps inserted from the left and right of the timing wheel and The gap in the Sifan workshop allowed the timing wheel to move on the Sifan car to complete the clutch action. At present, vertical clutches are used in the market. In addition to Jaeger-LeCoultre Cal. 751, there are Rolex 2000 Daytona Cal. 4130, Patek Philippe 5960P Cal. CH28-520 IRMQA24H, Chopard Chrono One Cal. LU C 10CF, and Seiko Spring. Drive’s Cal. 5R86 and so on, are almost all the choice of the moment. Maybe the vertical clutch will be like a column wheel, and it may become one of the specifications of the advanced chronograph movement. The vertical clutch solves almost all the problems of the horizontal clutch. The only drawback is that the entire mechanism requires a large space. In order to control the size of the entire movement, Cal. 751 is bound to lose weight elsewhere. The three zeroing hammers of the zeroing mechanism of a general three-eye chronograph are mostly composed of a plywood with two zeroing hammers and an independent zeroing hammer (of course, there are several levers and return bows), and two The group mechanism is located on the two sides of the substrate; Cal. 751 puts the entire zero reset mechanism on the same side of the substrate, and only uses a plywood with three zero reset hammers to complete the entire mechanism, occupying little space , The piece is simple, not only makes the zeroing action more efficient, but also reduces the chance of failure (in addition, the previous Rolex 4130, Chopard LU C 10CF, and 8R28 released by Seiko in 2008 also adopted similar mechanisms) . In addition, beautiful specifications such as ceramic ball bearing automatic disks, double barrels, screw balances, and guide wheel wheels are naturally important, so that the excellent design of Cal. 751 can be built on a solid foundation.

Double window type big date

Cal. 753 and 754 are equipped with a big date at twelve o’clock. The big date mechanism is a ring marked with 31 digits and a swash plate marked with 4 digits. Yes, the difference in height between the two numbers is quite obvious, so a double window type window is used.

24-hour dual time

Cal. 753 and 754 both canceled the small seconds at six o’clock, 753 changed to the day and night display, and 754 was the second time of the 24-hour clock; in order to simplify the zero reset mechanism, the 751 family put small seconds at six Point so that the two chronograph dials and the chronograph seconds hand can be aligned.

Caliber 751 / automatic winding mode / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / width 25.6mm / thickness 5.6mm / number of stones 41 / number of parts 272 / vibration frequency 28,800vph / vertical clutch chronograph function / ceramic ball Bearing automatic disc, double barrel, screw balance

Vertical clutch

The vertical clutch is to change the relative position between the timing and travelling wheel train from horizontal to vertical. The timing wheel is usually suspended directly above the quadruplet. When the chronograph starts, there will be a pair of clamps inserted from the left and right into the timing wheel and In the gap of the fan workshop, the timing wheel was connected to the four cars to complete the clutch action.
With Cal. 751 current model JAEGER-LECOULTRE Master Compressor / AMVOX

Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph

Titanium, stainless steel / Cal. 752 automatic movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / world time zone, chronograph function / diameter 46.3mm / sapphire crystal / waterproof 100 meters.

AMVOX 2 Chronograph

Titanium / Cal. 751B self-winding movement / hour, minute, date display / table-type push-button chronograph function / table diameter 44mm / sapphire crystal / waterproof 50 meters.

Master Compressor Diving Lady Chronograph

Stainless steel / Cal. 751D self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / bezel set with 16 diamonds totaling 0.15 carats / diameter 38mm / sapphire crystal / waterproof 300 meters.

Lange Is A Flowing Building, With A Thick Accumulation Of Thin Hair In Yangyun An’an

It takes time to achieve good things, and it will be more cherished when you recover.

—- Mr. Ye
Late at night, December 1, 2017

// The story must start with Yang Yunan, the afternoon of December 1, 2017 …

   As soon as I entered the house, the king of camphor tree in Yangyun Anzhen reached me. Where did they come from?
   Correct! It is the old camphor tree with the red scarf, the largest town house with a red scarf. Afterwards, I learned that this tree was probably planted at the time of Qin Shihuang. It is 2.32 meters in diameter, 12 meters high and weighs 70 tons! !!

   Not only am I surprised by the beauty of the trees, but I also know that the hardest to move is the big trees in the mountains. For each additional ton, the transportation difficulty is N times.

   Even if transplanted well, the second problem is to survive in different climates and different soils. But even a green garden expert has a survival rate of just over half.
   After going back, I was even more amazed by the lost and recovered story behind me!

& gt; & gt; & gt; Record-breaking migration of ancient houses and old trees & lt; & lt; & lt;

   Fifteen years ago, when ancient villages and trees in Fuzhou, Jiangxi were in danger due to the construction of a reservoir, Jiangxi entrepreneur Mr. Mada Dong initiated a bold plan with the construction team of Anjing to integrate more than 30 Ming and Qing ancient houses with A camphor tree was relocated to Shanghai.

   For 10 years, Mr. Ma and his team continued to communicate with the government before being able to sort out and rebuild the blue brick and stone components of the ancient residential house in Minhang, Shanghai.

   More difficult than building a building out of thin air is demolition. One brick and one tile is classified and restored, which shows its complicated workload.

   Every old stone brick was dismantled and rebuilt by experienced carpenters.

   In the end, Kerry Hill, an international front-line architect, personally created a peaceful and elegant space in a city.

   Today, this ancient tree stands and flourishes, just like every tree here, giving new vitality to the ancient house.
  ▲ If it wasn’t for Mr. Ma and Mr. An’s insistence, this 1500-year-old Cinnamomum camphor tree would be buried under the reservoir.

10 years!
The scene at this time is especially suitable for the phrase ‘Zhuangzi’
‘Beauty in a long time’
Idea: It takes a long time to achieve good things, and it takes a long time to work.
   Each An An has an extraordinary story, just like every Lange is soaked in history. The epic migration and reconstruction story behind Yang Yun has aroused many resonances of Lange who also experienced the road of revival.

// The evening of December 1, 2017 …

   Lange borrowed light and shadow to show the ancient house of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Yangyun, showing the German watchmaking tradition.
   When everyone is still in the beautiful scene, at that moment,
   The fourth generation of Lange who just drove to Hexi earlier this year came to mind.

& gt; & gt; & gt; Walter Lange & lt; & lt; & lt;

He is the bridge to Lange’s past, his never stop,
Only then did Langer rise from post-World War II.
Let Lange become a representative of the world’s top watches.
& gt; & gt; & gt; Lange’s lost and recovered legend & lt; & lt; & lt;
   Lange was founded in 1845 and has been immersed in the shadow of the Second World War for the artillery and the Cold War for more than 40 years.

   During World War II, the main Langer factory was directly destroyed by a shell, and all materials and production machinery were destroyed.

   After the end of World War II, since Glashütte was located in East Germany, seven watch factories including Grange in the town of Glashütte were merged into ‘Glashütte People’s Watch Factory’ by the authorities, and Lange was forced to nationalize the Communist regime.

   In the Lange factory in early 1990, the descendants of Lange relied on strong perseverance to rebuild the watch factory.

   After many hardships, Walter Lange finally held a press conference in Dresden Palace in 1994 to show the world the first batch of watch watches reborn by the brand.
Today, December 1, 2017,
The blue series was released in Shanghai
Is the best response to 1994,
It is also the best tribute to this kind old man.

LANGE 1 DAYMATIC (left) and LANGE 1 (right)

   In the last article, Lange Aesthetics wrote about the watch king in my heart (color dust | an era when I paid for the value of the face, and I had the opportunity to talk about the connotation). At that time, I was looking at the pictures and speaking, and tonight, I presented them in my hands.

HANDWERSKUNST, limited to 20 pieces worldwide.

   The embossed and ‘Tremblage’ decorative carvings outline the ancient and mysterious incarnation of the moon.
   The last manifestation of Yang Yun’an An originated from the dedication of one person, resulting from the time and labor of countless people, just like Lange’s existence, from the persistence of one person, and from the silent efforts of the Lange team from generation to generation.
Meicheng in a long time

Tables are mobile buildings

Years give the camphor tree king in Yangyun Anyu a rich texture
Give Lange a restrained and heavy historical mark
Each one hides complete information about the past, the present, and the future

DATOGRAPHE UP / DOWN in Yangyun Andai Modern Suite

LANGE 1 and Yangyun’s ancient facade

1815 UP / DOWN is the year of the birth of the founder of Lange

Mr. Ye’s company reminder:

   AMAMYANGYUN is Coming Soon .. It’s not open yet, so I will write a post feel after I try it.
Picture / text Contributing author of the Watch House Mr. Ye Pinliuchen