Parmigiani Travel Art For Women

Free Creation-This is the most appropriate description of each independent watch factory under PARMIGIANI. As a gift to women, this degree of freedom has more precise emotional properties, which has led to a refined and elegant women’s watch. Based on the men’s Tonda Hémisphères model, this new lady’s new watch combines exquisite texture and master craftsmanship to interpret the artistic beauty of women’s travel.

The Tonda Hémisphères Globo watch is equipped with the PF337 movement and has a complete second time zone display. It is the ultimate watch craft to pay tribute to the art of travel for women.

Fully functional second time zone display
The Tonda Hémisphères watch is equipped with a self-winding movement PF 337 independently designed and manufactured by Parmigiani. The accuracy of the second time zone is adjusted to minutes, so that it has a complete second time zone display, reflecting the brand’s unusually cherished pursuit of innovation. This perfect synchronization with local time around the world benefits from an original mechanism (patented) inside the movement. The second time zone can be adjusted independently for ‘full hours’ or ‘minutes’. The Tonda Hémisphères watch time can therefore be synchronized with destinations in multiple non-integer time zones around the world-half an hour (or more) from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The adjustments of the watch are simple and exquisite. The main crown is used to wind the movement and adjust the date and time in the main time zone. The secondary crown is located above the primary crown and is used to adjust the minutes in the second time zone.
Pay tribute to the earth
On previous Tonda Hémisphères watches, each time zone was equipped with a day and night display panel with clear white and black, and a small hand around it, indicating day and night respectively. On the Tonda Hémisphères Globo watch, the day and night display of each time zone is represented by a dome-shaped plate on which the image of the earth is transferred, half of which is bathed in sunlight and half is in the shadow. The small red triangle next to it indicates whether the time displayed is day or night. The watch also showcases an extraordinary earth, overlooking Europe at the center. The solemn earth shines in the universe of the dial, creating a poetic image.
Fresh, subtle appearance
The dial is ivory-glossy, with a pale yellow light reflected in the silver tone, which makes the delicate movement of the watch and the indicating device gentle and harmonious. Date at 9 o’clock, and dual time zone indication. The base tone of the ivory cleverly captures the light, making the bezel set with 80 diamonds (0.8416 carats) more dazzling and creating a charming temperament. This watch displays exquisite and vivid beauty everywhere, this is the exclusive timepiece designed by Parmigiani for the energetic and confident contemporary female traveler. The denim blue calfskin Hermès strap reflects this confident vitality, elegantly highlighting the modern look of the Tonda Hémisphères Globo watch.